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  4. While theoretically Ex(tended)FAT canhandle files up to 128 Petabytes, it's possible that the Mac version of FreeBSD is limiting the amount that can be transferred. Noit being a Mac person (well not since they switched to Intel CPUs and the Marklaar engine under the desktop) I can't give a specific answer By the way, necro-posting is a very bad idea - start a new thread of your own if you have issues rather than a 'me too' on a thread that has been dead for years
  5. Top right corner - click on your user name and go to 'account settings'
  6. However I still meet the error on version 1.63.0 (macOS). When I modify the properties and click the 'OK' button, BitComet give me a 'tip' says 'The file to be downloaded is larger than 4GB, please modify your destination location to NTFS disk drive!'. My disk is exFAT format, btw. Otherwise, sometimes I didn't meet the tip even if the file is almost 6GB, and the file can be downloaded as expect, which is strange.
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  8. How to you edit your Email address as my previous provider no longer supports Email so have changed to a Gmail account,but can't find an edit site. Cheers Pipsone
  9. I was using an older version when the problem began then upgraded to the latest. My downloads reach a significant portion usually 99. something, the download rate is in the MBps range but there is absolutely no progress. There is noting in the logs and the statistics don't have anything useful. I also tried a manual hash check first to check for corruption. Nothing works. I just erased all old tasks and kept only unfinished. I have my antivirus turned off. You can see in my taskman screen that Bitcomet is using 0.1% disk and it is writing nothing.
  10. Hi their, my jargon may not be great but here goes. A friend of mine set me up years ago, i use peerblock at the moment and i use yifyddl.movies to get my films as thats the only thing i download. I use bitcomet to download them. Going back to before my problem started, i would select a film from yifyddl and then a popup would appear for me to open the file using bitcomet. Then it would open in bitcomet with the name of the film I.E. star wars yify then it would download into a subfolder on my desktop called film downloads. Everything was fine until december 2019 when a error appeared saying torrent file failed to download, please try again. Since then it never worked. So my friend suggested to reset my laptop to factory settings. So i did that and got peerblock and bitcomt back going but now after i select the film of yifyddl and then go to bitcomet instead of the file name ( film name) it just comes up with yify fileand will not download at all? Hope this makes sense to someone. Oh and i cant seem to setup a subfolder with the selection options given. I seem to think this is the problem as even when i use piratebay or any onther torrent site the same problem occurs. Please can anyone help
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  12. It's still a huge number - as you said yourself, clearing the files fixes the problem. Did you try reducing the amount and see what happens then?
  13. No. You misunderstood the case. It is not the uploading. It is torrent exchange -> torrent collection and torrent share, I had more than 310000 items in torrent share and torrent collection. It became hang every 10 seconds. I clear everything in torrent share and torrent collection, and the problem is gone. I think there was some problem in the torrent share and torrent collection. You may change it to background threading so that it does not block the UI.
  14. I would seriously consider stopping a lot of files. In fact I'm surprised to can manage any transfers - the amount of sheer processor power and bandwidth needed would be horrendous. My 'rule' here is, unless it's a file that I'm personally seeding, I automatically stop all uploads when I have a 4:1 ratio
  15. Unfortunetely it hang again after several minutes. Closed it and restart. Version 1.63
  16. 310,000 torrent files . Upload speed - not the case. swap file - not the case anti-virus - Not sure. Seemed not the case. Installed Tecent computer management software. but closed Tecent computer management software when I ran Bitcomet. Disk space - Not the case. There is enough disk space. I tried to restart Bitcomet and seemed to be better. It did not hang for about 10 minutes. Will see how long it lasts.
  17. Do you mean you have 310,000 torrent files or 310KB shared files? I sincerely hope it's the latter LOL Hanging - there could be a number of reasons - you're upload speed is too close to your maximum set by your ISP and there is insufficient bandwidth for receiving staions to 'handshake' you may need to increase your swapfile capacity your anti-virus may be scanning the files (I download to a separate hard drive and only scan when opening a file (the destination drive is excludedfrom automatic scanning) you may have insufficient space on your drive for any temp files needed
  18. HTML5 😥 Windows xp 32 bits? 😩 Por favor lo agradecería mucho ......................................................... Could someone provide me with HTML5 for Win XP 32-bits? Please, I would very much appreciate it.
  19. bitcomet UI hangs frequently(about 10 seconds). I do not clear the torrent collection so that I can search for something other shared. so I have about 310k torrent in torrent collection and torrent share. Is it the root cause of hang?
  20. Went back and installed 1.63 and had no issues no pop ups. Reinstalled 1.64 did the same file that was clean in 1.63 and pop ups returned
  21. Yeah, it's a mystery. I've already reinstalled it, too. No problems with data, too. That is always the first thing we think of. Would it work if I tried to make a new account? Maybe mine has a problem? Cheers Rick
  22. The A/V and firewall shouldn't have any effect on the log-in (only on data transfer in the case of the firewall and possible deletions in things like keygens for the A/V) so the only thing left is your log-in procedures. The log-in only affects the 'scoring' (which is just a bit of fun really - points don't get you any beer). While it is remotely possible that you have corruption somewhere that is blocking it, you could try a clean re-install but I doubt that would be the issue - it's still more likely to be a problem with the data on your end (a misplaced upper case letter for a lower, entering a zero for an upper case letter O or vice versa),
  23. Thanks for your answer. No go. I left it trying since yesterday, and it did not login. I'm sure my login data is right. I even turned off my AVG anti virus and the Windows 10 firewall. Still nothing. And that is happening since middle December.
  24. Something may have corrupted in the upgrade. Did you try a clean re-install?
  25. Since upgrading to 1.64 2 days ago Every time a file finished I get a pop up stating "Video Snapshot has stopped working" Any Ideas why or how to fix?
  26. It seems to happen now and again (that the registration server goes down), however, it's usually back up and running inside a couple of working days. At the moment it is working - cgeck your login and password (your registration e-mail will also allow you to log in as an alternative to your registered 'user name') Apart from thet - check for typoes (incorrect capitals, etc)
  27. For a long while now - since about last November - I've been unable to sign in. And using the same connections I've always used. Is there a problem at their servers?
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