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  2. So for years I have been using Bitcomet and with no issues. Lately when I download a torrent I don't get any peers or seeds on the summary tab unless I connect to a VPN. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is there a setting in Bitcomet that I have to change to open the download up to peers or is this something to do with my ISP? Tx in advance.
  3. My router has miniupnpd 2.2.0-4. When I start BitComet 1.77 I can see in the router UI that the relevant UPnP redirects are added. However, when I check the new firewall rules on the router, I see the source is set to, when it should be I was able to find the cause of the problem. If you look at the request: POST /ctl/IPConn HTTP/1.1 Accept: */* CONTENT-TYPE: text/xml;charset="utf-8" HOST: SOAPACTION: "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:WANIPConnection:1#AddPortMapping" Content-Length: 628 Cache-Control: no-cache <?xml ve
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  7. Can anybody help that the screenshot function is no longer working even if i have updated the Bitcomet version. In the screenshot area, a red Cross showing in black background.
  8. Can anybody help that the screenshot function is no longer working even if i have updated the Bitcomet version. In the screenshot area, a X is showing in black background.
  9. You would need to know what ports are open on the router and also have one opened for your intranet IP address (the VPN isn't an issue here) Basically, there is no way you can operate without actually changing the settings on the hotel router - and I don't think they would permit that And, please do not attach a 'me too' post especially when the original problem is totally different (and was 3 years ago)
  10. If I disable my firewalls and the listening port is still blocked, would it be proof that it is the router or provider (I am in a hotel) blocking the port? If that is the case, is there any way to use a VPN (I use cloudfare) to get around this issue?
  11. As you may surmise, my tech skills are not that great and a lot of things on the forums confuse me. How to set a high port number for example... Please help!
  12. I have just switched from utorrents to bitcomet and would like to know how I can make bitcomet share the torrents I previously downloaded on utorrents. I have set my torrent download directory to the same I used before, but I dont know if bitcomet will share these torrents or if I have to give bitcomet permission to share them. Or something.... I would appreciate simple, click by click instructions on how to get bitcomet to share these torrents so my ratio can heal itself....
  13. 3 years isn't 'late to party' - it's necroposting. Your problem is nothing to do with the original - if you have an issue you should always start a new thread. However, you have identified the probably culprit in the VPN and that is, unfortunately, way beyond the control of anyone here
  14. Late to party on this thread, but I also have the same problem. I can upload when I am downloading a file, but once I have downloaded the entire file, my uploading automatically stops. Its quite frustrating as I like to seed for as long as possible. One theory that it could be the VPN that I use. I use ProtonVPN. I don't think ProtonVPN is compatible with Peer2peer software. But I don't want to switch because it has taken a lot of messing about to get a decent cracked VPN to work properly, without shelling out the $$$$..
  15. Please make it possible to use SQL Server for bitcomet databases. And make it don't read whole database before showing DHT torrents/Torrent Share/Torrents collection (add limit to choose how many to show). Maybe also add indexing for some mysql database data if indexing is not used.
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  17. check that your router is set to tcp/udp ports that match the computer (it's best to use a fixed IP number for this)
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  19. it's a new installation of bitcomet with a new installation of windows too and i did deactivate the firewall, noting, still don't want to connect to the server
  20. Try a clean install (use the demo version of Revo uninstaller) after saving the Bitcomet files in appdata) and make surew that the windows firewall isn't blocking the app
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  22. i can't connect to my account, it's always saying server connection ( connection au serveur ) in french and it's like that for like 9 month and i always keep retrying and he never connect to the server
  23. Version 1.77. BUG: Now torrent collection is cleaned up with each restart (not saved). Feature request: Please make it possible to automatically share all torrents that are in (Torrent Share, Torrent Collection, DHT Torrents with metadata). And I think that DHT Torrents with downloaded metadata should be moved to Torrent Collection automatically.
  24. Can you use the 'square' icon at the top right?

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  26. We can not open BitComet to full page, even though it is working at background, no shortcuts work...
  27. Hello everyone, I have been using BitComet for around 13 years but didn't know that this forum existed.
  28. It's similar to defragmenting a hard drive - 'gaps' in memory are cleared by moving it down
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