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  3. Hello to you, too! Welcome to the forums! 🙂
  4. It may be a hidden file. In drive properties, select to show hidden files. Then go to \Users\<yourname>\appdata and it may be either in Local or Roaming
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  6. Hello....im trying to transfer all bookmarks and saved login/password to my new computer. In Mozilla website said that need to transfer 2 files name logins.json and key3.db...But till now i still cannot found file logins.json in cometbird app folder...there is only file named key3.db... Can anyone help me with this matter? thanks in advance....
  7. Hello all....hope u guys have a nice day...
  8. Check that you are showing an open port and DHT connected - two green icons at bottom right. If the port isn't open you will need to set that via the router and bitcomet
  9. You need a fixed intranet IP (that's the internal network, usually 192.168.###.1 for the router). Set your IP innetwork properties to the same block but with a different final number ),1 is normally the router). In the router settings, allocate a port number and set that to the IP number of the computer. Open Bitcomet and set the port number to match the one you just set up in the router (you can, if you like, set up a block of ports - like 12345 - 12356) but whatever port is open on the router MUST be matched by the port number in Bitcomet
  10. My client can not sign in. All it does is show the signing in in the bottom left corner. Any ideas or help will be appreciated.
  11. При опит да сваля някои торенти те въобще не тръгват... имат солидно количество сийдъри, така че не това е проблема... някой наясно ако може да ми обясни какви стъпки да предприема.. Благодаря предварително :)
  12. I download version BitComet v. 1.55 (zip) but I couldn't install it. So how can I install it? Thanks, Fernando
  13. Same issue here. My Verizon-provided D-Link 2700B DSL router sucks (drops DSL often and WiFi sporadic at best). Replaced it w/ Westell 327W (sadly, also stamped "Verizon") But it's a NOS and the WiFi is many times better. No torrents will download through the Westell. I reinstalled BitComet and -young ones shield your eyes- even tried Bitlord w/same result. Finally got to the Modem/Router and my old one works fine. I'm Cometing along just fine now but want the Westell. Tried resetting Westell no help. Do I need a fixed IP address? ned
  14. Try changing the useragentstring in your browser it helps make you anonymous from your carrier. This is the site that EasyTeather support site sends you to : Visit www.useragentstring.com or wiht.link/wmuseragent .Go to E.T. support site for more help. Good Luck
  15. Different downloads have different trackers - it's not possible to have separate columns for all your downloads. I still don't see your point though - the 'trackers' tab will show for each individual download if that's the selected one. Click on the next one and you will see the status for that one and so on
  16. You may have a corrupt download. Did you try going to the folder and copy/paste thje file elsewhere and see if it opens there? I did notice you are using BC 1.35 - the current version is 1.55 (probably has no bearing but just thought I'd point that out)
  17. this tell only about one torrent, i want to see status about all torrents. Only at "status tracker" tell me "Tracker response error: Torrent not registered" And i need to download a new one.
  18. Downloaded a video (PBS Video) from Pirate Bay - 1 seed 5 peers took 3 days. The title in Bit Comet does not play it has no MP4 at the end of it and i tried to rename it but it says it is open in Bitcomet and therefore u cannot rename it - If you look at the properties u can see the correct format with the MP4 on the end of the file in the Torrent Content but if you copy that and past it into documents on the PC it shows only like 28kb not the 1.13 gigabyte. So the question is can you make this file payable or not and how to do it. Thanks gigabytes of the download.
  19. If you right click on the menu bar in the lower window you can add a 'trackers' tab which will tell you if the tracker connects and, if so, how many seeds/peers it has listed. That's about all the 'status' you'd need really
  20. That's not a BitComet error. Presuming you're using Windows, I'd uninstall mcrypt as that doesn't install properly most times. mcrypt is often installed along with xampp or apache. Che ck for anything that you recently installed to see what nay have importewd it
  21. I have a notice blocking my screen: "Internal Server Error Call to undefined function mcrypt_module_open ()" What does this mean and how do I get this thing off my screen?? My torrents are downloading, but I can't see them because of this hunk of junk filling my screen!! PLEASE HELP!! And I mean soonest!! I've never seen one of these before...
  22. Can you add column "Tracker status"?😊
  23. Hi, I often download multiple smaller torrents at once. Some of them have a lot of seeds/peers but some of them are not. Sometimes slow torrents are stuck at 90% and they block queue. There are other torrents that could be downloading then until there is more torrents Please add following feature in settings: If torrent did not receive any valid data for the last X minutes (Configurable) then (user selectable): a) move torrent to the bottom of the queue b) move torrent Y positions down (something like: let me check if next few torrents are faster if yes download them and retry this one). c) pause torrent (optionally: pause after Z times a) and or b) ) d) start next torrent (bypassing number of tasks in the queue??)?? Thank you.
  24. It will still go for the missing parts first - irrespective of the number of seeders.
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