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  2. Hello changed operating system to Win 10 and installed bitcomet 1.71 I'm not able to start the program when windows start. The box "start when windows start" is checked.... I saw the program In task manager-> start I see the program and it is enable.... I tries also to place it in autorun folder (shell:startup) but anyway it doesn't start I'm the administrator of the pc (the only user).... What can I do? Thanks in advance
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  4. Probando por primera vez el programa, a ver qué tal es. ¡Un saludo para todos! :)
  5. Bit Comet doesn't have anything to do with playback - that's done by the media player. You may have a driver problem - have you tried going to the website of the audio chip maker (not the computer maker but Realtek or whoever) and look for updated W 10 drivers? You could also try a different media pl;ayer - I use VLC for preference but there are others available. Being an external device, you may need to check for updated USB drivers and also make sure that the is no clash with another USB connection (mouse, joystick, external drive, etc). One thought - is your modem, connected via USB? That could also interfere
  6. I've been using this software for some time now. However, a problem has been associated with it from the start--at least, from the start of me using it. I use windows 10 and have the audio coming from an external device, which requires its own driver (an ASIO driver optimised, I would assume, for the hardware). The problem is, whenever I open bitcomet, whether I start any task in it or not, the audio cuts out. Then, I have to disconnect and reconnect the device. Sometimes, restarting the windows audio service does the trick. Nonetheless, this fix doesn't work forever. If bitcomet is still running, it won't take long for the audio to stop again. So I would disconnect and reconnect again. And so on and so on. That is, until I get a BSOD indicating an error in the driver and have to restart the computer. I sincerely don't know how an audio process would be clashing with bitcomet. And yes, it is likely a problem with bitcomet rather than a problem with the driver. I say this because I tried other alternatives, and, when I use those alternatives, it doesn't happen, I don't have audio issues.
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  9. You do know this thread is four years old and refers to a far older version - don't you? Did you try what was suggested in the earlier posts?
  10. Please use English (or Spanish, German or French). I think you're asking how to handle more torrents - check in options > advanced
  11. Hi, i have just the same problem. I can download and move, highlight etc. every torrent but one just hangs whole app. Can't delete it, can't download it. How to manage with it without deleting other torrents. Probably i should delete file which saves actual download list, but tell me what it's the file and where is it ?
  12. No, There are 121 comments... and also when I open any torrent it shows same error page............
  13. Witam jestem nowy pozdrawiam wszystkich Mam pytanie czy mozna i jak mozna aby bitcomet pobieral wiecej niz 10 zaznaczonych pozycji
  14. It's possible that it isn't showing any because no-one has commented
  15. Not Showing comments in the comments tab section...........
  16. PLEASE stop asking - we did hear you the first three or four times and you were answered
  17. You do know that if you 'X' out, the tray icon goes invisible - don't you? As for 'dfark mode' - it could well be a very long time before that happens. The devs do all the work in their spare time and cosmetic touches are waaaay down on the priority list. 'Letting the community do it' isn't as simple as it may seem - all code has to be checked and then patched in and tested (and re-patched to fix bugs, tested again and again). That takes up a lot of time
  18. That's just mean... 😞 But what about when we do heavy work? I downloaded and reuploaded a lot of torrents, and it took me all night. You can easily get headaches just from few minutes of exposure, and I stayed up all night with it in front of me. I'm not trying to be mean either. But I suggest this: Let the community help. We can create a Theme for you, and you just add the option to import it. It's a free project is it not? Put a sticky announcement about accepting community themes for it, that will be added in X release. But after consulting with the devs of course. 👍❤️
  19. Hello! I would like that as well, please! Dark Mode and the option to remove the Tray icon... Np, we can wait patiently. As long as this IS going to happen. ❤️ But 3 years...... 😭 At least let the community do it, and you just add support for importing Themes? Why can't we help each other?
  20. Hello! I would like that as well, please! Dark Mode and the option to remove the Tray icon... Np, we can wait patiently. As long as this IS going to happen. ❤️
  21. Open a command prompt, go to the download folder and type in Dir > folder.txt. That will list all files and folders (but not the contents of the folders). There's no way to do that in windows
  22. l have 2000 torrents for example l want to export all torrent names and all torretn sizes to a list
  23. I don't understand quite what you are looking for, but if you right click on a working torrent and select 'open directory' you will see a list of all files. Alternatively, right click on the bottom menu bar and select 'files'. That tab will show both the files and their size along qwith other information
  24. 1-How can l copy all file names and sizes ? 2-how can l look at all total file size?
  25. I don't use MPCStar myself but this post may explain what is happening
  26. I initially thought my video's sound file was corrupted. I tried multiple videos, ones that had played previously without any issues and they all sounded like they had corrupted audio files. The sound was like someone had recorded over parts of it with garbage. So I played the same files in another player and they all sounded just fine. I repeated this over and over always same result. Also when I tried to download the latest version of mpcstar 6.8 Norton security would not allow me to open it saying "this file is an Insight Network Threat (threat name WS.Reputation.1). There are many indications this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe." Has anyone ever had either of these issues before?? Now I am having problems opening an older version of MPCStar 6.0 that passed Norton Security check as a safe file, but every time I tried to open it (I uninstalled the MPCStar files I had installed, they weren't working anyways), my screen locked up and this "windows Dialogue" window would open, but I could not get it so I could see it.
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