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  4. Do NOT double post (besides which this thread is 5 years opld and the original problem was nothing to do with your issue)
  5. Check in the bottom right of the task bar. It is probably still running although it's not on screen.
  6. During downloading a task into PC, after some time my Bitcomet exit.
  7. Are you sure that happened in the past 24 hours as the current version is 1.79? Having said that, have you done a disk clean/defrag recently? I'd recommend Puran Utilities (it's free) Also, there are no guarantees as to smooth operations on a beta OS. That is one of the joys of beta testing - you are never sure what will be problematic, so support is not normally available (MS did warn you). Probems incurred are supposed to be reported back to MS
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  9. Hi, I'm facing freezing issues while downloading a particular torrent file. This started happening after the latest update Kindly requesting to look into this. PC Specs : Ryzen 6 3600XT, 16GB 3200 MHz RAM, Galax RTX 2060 Super, Windows 11 Beta
  10. First of all, you do realise that you posted to a thread that is six YEARS old? It's always better to start a fresh thread as the problems (and solutions) from 6 years ago are normally no longer relevant. However, there does seem to be a delay on auto-logging at the start of the app. The 'cure' is to try manually starting it rather than letting it keep auto-connecting. I think this is more a problem at the server end rather than the app itself. Having said that, are you sure that your log-in details are correct?
  11. Can't get into my comet get into my old one but not new one
  12. I don't know what you mean - sorry. As I said, if you want to download from a web page, then you set it up in Options > Integration which will allow you to download from the site via Bitcomet
  13. i don't use login more desktop xxx.ddns.com:8080/gui ?
  14. I'm not sure what you mean. If it's if Bitcomet can be used to download from a website, go to Options > Integration and set it there for your browser (Chrome and Direfox need an extension but the links are there. IE has its own setup.
  15. I am simply pointing out that your settings are ridiculously low - there's no point in continuing this thread
  16. There are a lot of possible causes - check this website for possible repairs You could also try to google for 'runtime error 216' for other suggestions
  17. I have tried to install the latest Bitcomet software 15-20 times since I got a new WIndows 10 laptop 3 days ago ... either nothing appears to happen, or I get that there is a runtime error 216 at 0040844A. I have disabled firewall and virus scan in McAfee (which otherwise would delete the software all together, saying it has a virus). Any suggestions?
  18. They are? Or are you focusing on wrong setting. Please read my previous post carefully. Replace speeds that I wrote there with X, Y, W, Z ... AND FOCUS ON A FACT THAT DOWNLOAD ARE NOT PAUSED. PLEASE. You are focusing on wrong thing!!!!
  19. Will you please listen carefully YOUR DOWNLOAD SETTINGS ARE RIDICULOUSLY LOW
  20. It should work as follows: if i have it set to 150KB/s for first parameter (total speed) and 10kB/s for slowest task limit. I have 10 concurrent tasks allowed. I have 12 tasks started, 10 of them running: Tasks: running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 0KB/S (because there are no full copies of the file or it is stuck in "connecting" state because there are no peers at all) not running, queued not running, queued not running, queued not running, queued After 5 minutes it should stop task number 10 and start task number 11. It says that in the tooltip.
  21. Can you please IGNORE speed settings? I can set them to whatever values because for that feature they don't matter. IT says in that tooltip that it will stop task if speed of that task is BELOW that speed. It does not stop that task. Ergo: that feature DOES NOT WORK. IT SAYS IT WILL PAUSE that task to make room for another. It says that in the tooltip.
  22. All anyonwe can do is to advise you and the advice is to stop running at ridiculously low speeds As you seem bent on totally ignoring that advice, there is no point in continuing And as a fyi - what is happening is NOT a bug
  23. It says in the tooltip that it will pause slowest task. So either this feature does not work or that tooltip message is wrong.
  24. You don't quite seem to understand. YOU altered default settings and you also have restricted downloads to a maximum of 10. That is down to you and NOT the program.
  25. It's working exactly as it's supposed to - you are restricted by your own settings from downloading any more than 10 torrents no matter how many you have queued for autostart. It will not pause any of the files running even if there is no movement from the seeder so long as they remain active
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