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  3. All I can suggest is for you to set a fixed ip number on the LAN and make sure that the port used is open both in the firewall and the router (that port forwarding is on for thatport and LAN ip number) That's hopw I haveit set up hwere with no problems. Any time I have had a problem it's been down to an incorrect port setting (usually caused by a W10 beta upgrade)
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  5. yes, i have two green lights on such torrent and trackers are shown. utorrrent 3.5.5. starts download almost immediately, while bitcomet doesn't. however, all torrents, except the one which i am trying to get now, have been downloaded after several hours of waiting.
  6. Hi, I may have solved my own problem. Apparently UAC virtualization was disabled. I enabled it, closed bitcomet, and when I reopened it, it opened properly.
  7. Today I've been using bitcomet without a problem but suddenly find that when I click on the icon the page doesn't maximize. Bitcomet is still open, I can add new torrents and I still get the notification when a task is finished, but I can't see, for example, the torrent history or how far along any of the tasks are. Please help.
  8. It's not unknown for a torrent tracker to show seeds on the webpage, but no seeders in the client - it all depends on the site updating. Having said that, however, have you two 'green lights' showing? Also, is your trackerist (in advanced) showing trackers?
  9. 1.58 stable, win 7 x64 - no seeders and torrents are not downloading, while torrent tracker site shows active seeders on all torrents.
  10. You can't - sorry. It does need port forwarding to be set up and that needs router access
  11. Hello everyone! 👋 I'm new here. Anyway, just wanted to show face 🤪
  12. how would i do so without access to my colleges router?
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  14. Check thatyour firewall isn't blocking it. Do you have two green 'lioghts' at the bottom right?
  15. You need to set up a manual IP LAN and then set a port in the router using that address Example: set address to in network settings set a port in Bitcomet open router in browser and match that port numberwith the one you'vechosen, both for TCP and UDP
  16. Some of the people uses some faster browser to speed up the trading and cryptocurrency process.I have also tried to check from the <deleted> about the faster browser which can be helpful for the reliable connection.This is also helpful for the firefox user applications for the trading purpose.
  17. downloaded bitcomet 1.58 for windows 8 and I try to send torrents to it and it loads but nothing on bit comet is running. ive had bit co0met on windows 7 before nand never had an issue
  18. or a way to set it up the static ip address for windows 10+ cant seem to do it with the post that was posted 13 years ago
  19. hello i was wondering if any of you knew a way to find a open port without accessing the router im currently at college theres no password for the router to get the internet but the port is blocked is there anyway to find the right port?
  20. hallo my name is andre i am blind and kan not see i use BitComet 1.29 on windows 7 i wood like to no for the new BitComet will you ad keybord support as BitComet1.29 dit have keybort support all throo the program in the new BitCometdont have keybord support as i wood like you to ad keybord support o as i wood like to tel you in BitComet 1.29say wen you go to see ho far the torent is it dont say in the new BitComet jaws for windows dont say all the menus and not far r you in downlode of torent as jaws dit say all the wot is on screeme like menus and how far is the torent wot you downlode in 1.29 so if you kan ad all wot you had that wood b grate to the new BitComet plees and plees see that i kan instal the new BitComet from the keybord hope you kan ad keybord support for that too plees so i kan instal it from the keybord just no i kan not rite wele hope you kan help from andre
  21. I am an old fool!! I had heard about Hotmail going the journey so I changed my password and meant to change my email address but forgot. I'm logged in now and happy. I have a container with sites and passwords and there I found it when I was looking for something else. Thanks, Ray
  22. there is a good course from lynda about acrobat 9 pro essential , if it is available for anyone please upload in the forum
  23. Hola, Rafa, ¿Es posible que no tengas suficiente espacio libre en tu disco duro? ¿Te aparece algún mensaje avisándote de que no lo puedes descargar? Hello, Rafa, Is it possible that you don't have enough space in your hard drive? Are you getting any warning/message stating that you can't download it?
  24. ¡Hola, Rafa, y bienvenido a los foros! 😊
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