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  3. BitComet v1.74 My OS:Windows 10 Glitch: BitComet IS running in the background but is not openable or accessible I have 7 torrents downloading as of now. BitComet 64-bit is running in the background (Task manager). I know that the movies are downloading in the background(since my WiFi speed is lowered and my laptop's heating), however I am unable to open BitComet. It isn't in the Hidden icons section, and it doesn't show up in the Alt+tab screen, and is neither in my taskbar. I have downloaded a wrong movie and I wanna pause it and delete it, but since I can't open BitTorrent I can'
  4. Ngay từ ngày đầu thành lập NHÀ TIẾN PHÁT, với sứ mệnh “Vì giá trị của mỗi chúng ta”. Chúng tôi luôn xác định: “Mang lại sự an yên cho Quý khách hàng, kiến tạo không gian sống, sự thoải mái, tiện nghi”. Bởi chúng tôi tâm niệm rằng: Khách hàng chính là người quyết định sự tồn tại, tương lai và phát triển của Công ty. Vì vậy toàn thể cán bộ công nhân viên của Công ty đều luôn tâm niệm và không ngừng cố gắng làm việc theo phương châm “trách nhiệm, tận tâm nâng tầm giá trị”. Doanh nghiệp Nhà Tiến Phát là đơn vị tiên phong, dẫn đầu trong phân khúc nhà giá rẻ với đầy đủ tiện ích
  5. after click the magnet link, the files wont / takes very very long time to appear in the box for me to select and deselect suddenly
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  7. Windows servers are mssing some parts that are used in Windows 10 Bit Comet is NOT designed to run on a server Sorry about that but that's how it is (there are a lot of other 'domestic' apps that won't work either as a server is not desined to operate as a workstation per se) You could try what I do here and multi-boot (I run Windows 7, 10 Dev version and Gentoo Linux - I just select which one I want at the time using GRUB (and BC doesn't run on Linux either)
  8. I was looking thru internet and this post made me disappointed to the level, that I registered to commend. Now I don't know what API's bitcomet needs, but saying that windows server does not have it, it is jut laziness from developers part. Windows server 2008 R2, 2012 and 2019 can easily be used as a workstation. (Provided it is not server CORE version with no GUI) if you know what you are doing. The biggest difference that you need to install dot net framework from server manager instead of just downloading an msi. I am using windows server 2019 as a gaming rig with no issues,
  9. It's possible that either there is no-one seeding or that your ISP has throttled your access. The app itself is working fine here I take it you have two green lights at the bottom right (and that you have configured ports anmd static IP on your router)
  10. Build on Win10. I open new torrents from magnet links, they stay listed as magnet:.... and soon get a red X next to them. They stayed like that overnight, this morning I rebooted Windows and they began to work, but it happened again a few hours later. Rebooted a second time and they are still stuck. I added a new one just now, same thing. So I thought I'd try the torrent instead of the magnet link as I hadn't closed the download page yet. It told me I already had that task, so I deleted it, opened the torrent file, and it's working. So it may be that the problem is only wi
  11. it's all fun til someone caint download😫
  12. thought these sites were supposed to be "easy" i'm having a helluva time trying to download, HELP
  13. The scene is like the this: I click a magnet link in the web page to download some video, then the "Create new BitTorrent task" dialog pops up, showing "(Waiting for torrent metadata downloading)". The metadata loads somewhat slow, so I switch to the "Snapshots" tab to check the snapshots beforehand. The size of the snapshot image is too large (approximately 600x340 px) to fit in the box (737x577 px overall on my desktop) and scrollbars show up. To see the whole image, I drag to enlarge the whole dialog box. Just while I'm viewing the pictures one by one by clicking t
  14. Greetings and other felicitous salutations
  15. Most of us just ignore that part and use our own preferred sites
  16. Torrent Sites Folder The Pirate bay - Works Torrent Room - Dead Torrent Bar - Dead Demonoid - tries to load casino page Kaspersky says it is software criminals can use Sumo Torrent - times out no one home BTMon - times out no one home
  17. Possible fixes Disable anti-virus for installation (and start it again after install completed) Install 'as administrator' Try 1.75
  18. It hiccups now and again - just keep retrying (the auto-retry doesn't always work)
  19. I can't log in bitcomet since this morning. Is there something wrong with the database or server?
  20. Always been satisfied of MpcStar but the Version 6.9 doesn't seem to be hable to play subtitles anymore, even if sometimes it flash a second and disapear faster as it appear. Does anybody knows how to fix that please?
  21. Hola, de momento he cambiado el valor "system.enable_disk_boost_service" de true a false. En espera.. Saludos! Hi! For now, I've changed the value of "system.enable_disk_boost_service" from True to False. I await... Regards!
  22. Use a VPN - we don't permit 'suggestions' to sites here
  23. I need some good torrent sites from which I can download some healthy torrents. Please sugget me some. I can't access these blocked sites anymore.
  24. Read about favorite TV artists biography, wiki, career, family, relationship, net worth, awards, and achievements, etc.., here https://starktimes.com
  25. Welcome aboard - but you have to supply your own beer
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