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  4. Welp very muchas gracias man sorry If I wasn't drag,have a nice day.
  5. It's a computer - strange things always happen It will do a hash check and then start to fetch any missing parts - it won't start over again unless there are corrupted files
  6. I had someones that were at 50percent do I have to download them from zero or they will mantain the progress?
  7. I think I don't have other option than do this,can I do somethint to prevent this happens again? The .bak files don't seem very much efficient so I don't know what can I do honestly.
  8. That's the one - sort by type and all the ones with a comet are the .torrent files They shoul start in the download folder but it will ask if you want to start as thereare incomplete files (or words to that effect). Click 'allow' and it may do a hash check but then it will start seeding again
  9. Look in torrents folder and double click the .torrent files
  10. If the files are still on the hard drive, you may have to go to the app data folder (it's a hidden folder in C:\Users\<name>) and restart the torrents there.
  11. Ok,what now? I did delete the old .xlm file and renamed the .xlm.bak to .xlm only but the files still are dissappeared .(Pls don't mind that I respond you after almost half year but I didn't see the notification of resoponse in my email xD)
  12. Hello how are ya? Honestly I'm not quite good I opened my comet today and It said that there was an error when loading the tasks and I had to do something with a .bxt file I think but the problem is that I don¡t know where to find that file and what should next I do when I find it. My tasks are deleated but in the 'history' folder they still there. Help me pls.
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  16. Rhubarb, Actually I've noticed this to be quite a disturbing trend among the younger generation at the moment, to uncheck/deselect the miniscule sized tiny files such as the "downloaded from 'X' torrent site" text files etc. from all the torrents they download... even though they're usually only at most, a matter of just a few 'bytes' in size, or with 'other' small files, only just a few kilobytes in size. Not exactly files that are going to use up a large amount of harddrive space. And yet the most common answer I get when asking why they bother doing this, is... "So they don't 'clu
  17. Move it out to another ocation and try playing the video. If it fails, move it back. However it's not a file extension that I can recollect coming across - it could be a corrupted part of a download
  18. Hello, I am new to torrenting and I noticed a hidden .piece file that was 16mb in the folder I downloaded. Will deleting it cause any issues with my video?
  19. Nothing you can do - just hope for someone with a fast upload who has all of the file
  20. Earlier
  21. I’m new. Obs I’m sure😆 wandering how to speed things up. Was running aroun 220 now down to 3 thank you in advance
  22. Unfortunately you can't as the program needs to be 'active' to add trackers, etc and that means it will pop up
  23. There is currently a Bitcomet android app in google play store. Use to link with the PC version to monitor progress.
  24. It won't happen - we've asked for a Linux version for years and that hasn't happened either. Download on Windows or Mac and transfer it to a card - then use the card on the Android (or just link the Android to the computerand transfer it)
  25. Please make BitComet android app movable to SD card. By setting the android:installLocation attribute in the manifest.
  26. I have looked over all the FAQ, the WIKI and setting pages twice now and for the life of me I cannot figure out how you disable the program prompt when adding a new task and for it to automaticly start downloading, no fuss, no annoying useless prompting?
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