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  4. Rhubarb

    Convert Download Links to Torrent

    You could try setting 'Integration' in options to use your browser. However, unless the site that you are downloading from supports 'restart from point of break' that will not help. Making a .torrent file is for uploading and, unless there is a file with the same hash, you won't get anything.
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum, I hope you can help me with this problem. I want to download a file on my PC but it is big in size and the slow internet speed makes it worse. Only if I could download files using Torrents. The file is not available on the torrent sites, but if I could convert the download links to torrent links and then download it using torrent client? I have used Burnbit before, but it does not work anymore. Anything else I can use instead ? Thanks
  6. I think I found the condition to have my issue. When there is something in the search box and have new torrents windows, that is the condition I would likely freeze the program.
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  8. Rhubarb

    Christopher Robin

    Would this be why the movie 'Christopher Robin has been banned in China? 😂
  9. jetjock

    Adding new torrent search Sites.

    Hi Suspect, That's exactly what I did when I added my Sites. I opened two windows side by side with the original file (renamed & saved) in one and another copy that I made changes to, in the other. After each change I would test to see if it worked before making the next change. All is working fine now. Thanks! -- jetjock
  10. The UnUsual Suspect

    Adding new torrent search Sites.

    Rather than over writing the file it would be best to First rename the file to something unique so that it's not destroyed. Or better yet make a copy of the file using a new name then you can overwrite the original file. This way you can easily undo the changes should you end up changing the file in such a way that causes unexpected changes to bitcomet. I realize it's too late for you to see the original file now that you've already overwritten it, but for others who are trying to customize the appearance of their bitcomet please remember to make any changes easily reversible.
  11. Welcome but PLEASE post in English or Spanish only. ( 歡迎,但請發布英文或西班牙文。 )
  12. 大家好 我是新成員 請大家多多指教 感恩
  13. If parameter like path is provided, I can automate some postprocessing job done to the finished files. It would be great if bitcomet can expose some paramters.
  14. I'll be honest and say that I can't see any use for most of those options
  15. I also want to know does bitcomet has any parameter exposed like in qbittorrent
  16. Pick any downloaded file, right click and lok in 'properties'. That will show where the download folder is. However, the parameter BitComet options is looking for isn't where the downloaded file is (the program knows that) but the path to the A/V .exe file
  17. I mean the path to the file just finished downloading in bitcomet. I need to reference it in the parameter.
  18. You need to kmnow the path to your antivirus program and set that in the options However, if you are downloading apps with keygens and/or 'cracks' the a/v will probably wipe them out
  19. Hi, when setting virus scan parameters, I do not find how to reference to the current folder, files just finished in bicomet. They are not in the wiki.
  20. "Exit" at tab or "X" at the window corner would not work for me as the program is stuck at some thing. I could only exit the program with "Exit BitComet" by right clicking the BitComet program at the windows task bar below the screen. Even with that "Exit BitComet", the program would have trouble exiting as the notification area icon on at bottom right on the window task bar would be turned to grey colour and not shutting down forever. I would then have no choice but to restart my computer to run BitComet again.
  21. anrdaemon

    Proxy settings for Bitcomet

    I've found a rather strange proxy behavior. Every time I restart BitComet, I'm unable to download torrents, it can sit idle for hours, retrying without a success, until I edit my proxy settings. Just changing them back and forth immediately spring the program to life. The proxy I'm using is SOCKS5 (fully socks5h compatible). BitComet settings are Proxy type: Socks5 Proxy server: domain name of the proxy server Proxy port: 1080 Adding or removing "socks=" prefix to the server name does not change the behavior.
  22. It's a problem I haven't come across myself but I do have the downloads folder whitelisted in the anti-virus (it had a nasty habit of deleting some parts of a download if it thought they were 'suspicious') Are you exiting the program from the menu (the 'Exit' button or using the 'X'. The X doesn't actually close it - it just runs in the background
  23. I am experiencing similar failures after trying to close down BC. The client will not close properly and afterwards becomes unresponsive and will not open after reboot. Uninstalling and re-installing seems to work but the problem just comes back again when a new torrent is downloaded or when closing the client.
  24. cassie

    Big Welcome!!

    Hello and welcome! 😊
  25. cassie

    hi guys

    Hello and welcome! :)
  26. Hi I am using Win 7 BitComet version 1.51 64bit BitComet would start fine and run fine, but it seems after couple of new torrent tasks I have added, the BitComet window would stop responding and the computer would produce the sound of an unclosed window. You know when you add a new torrent to BitComet, you must finish that new task window before you can use BitComet again otherwise you cannot click on BitComet main application window and the computer produces an unclosed window sound. That's what mattered to me except I have no unclosed window showing on BitComet. The application itself is running fine (uploading and downloading as usual) but I cannot control the application such as adding new tasks or press anything within the application window. I would have to use the WIndows taskbar and right click on the BitComet Icon to suspense, resume or exit. Those are the only controls I could have when I am struck. This had happened to me couple of times now. I suspect there is a transparent window from BitComet, probably of a new torrent task, that is not showing up on screen. I would also suspect it is when I had multiple new task windows on BitComet, this bug would come up. I use BitComet the same way as I did in used previous versions of BitComet and this has never been a problem to new until version 1.51 Edit: spelling
  27. fbPatrick_Mok

    Two BUGs in version 1.48, 1.49 and 1.51

    Not sure if this related to OP's first bug. I think when I was using earlier version of 1.4X (cannot remember the exact version and I suspect it was earlier than version 1.47), my complete tasks at was once completed at 100% would change to 99% no matter if I had hash checked myself. The files are themselves are good (I can view those media fine and they would show up in media player as completed and no part missing ) but BitComet just refuse to complete those 99% tasks. This is still happening to me to those old 99% tasks in version 1.51 but new tasks are not affected by this. And yes I have double checked the files I had downloaded onto my computer against the task's files list that I had self-selected in BitComet. I believed this started to happen around the time when a BitComet bug would automatically select all files within a task to download all, regardless if the user had un-selected some of the files at the beginning of a new task. This bug got fixed but the 99% bug to those affected tasks didn't. Edit: Just looked further down at the forum. The auto select bug was from version 1.42 so my 99% bug started to happen around that version.
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