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  4. in latest build bublisher tab is uneditable is this new change or just bug, 1.60 working fine: it was always like that in the past as well, till 1.60 build you could change both publisher name and publisher url if you want in torrent task, in latest 1.61 build it isn't possible anymore
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  7. Others Torrent clients are implemented a option to discovery peers at the same LAN and share the parts are finish to the same lan torrent clients. BitComet developers Perhaps implement a Local Peer Discovery functionality too. "Enable Local Peer Discovery allows µTorrent to attempt to discover local peers via multicast. If a peer is considered local, transfer rates with the peer will not be limited unless Limit local peer bandwidth is also enabled."
  8. This web page : http://wiki.bitcomet.com/Using_eMule_plugin appears to have broken images. Can you please restore them. It makes it much easier to understand . Also in the Bitcomet client Windows version under the menu "All Downloads" appears an entry as "Uncompleted". Please note that this word does not exist and it would be much better to appear as "Incomplete".
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  10. Alright, my bad. I just thought it'd be useful. Apologies!
  11. Maxwhite - if you had read this thread you would have seen that we do NOT permit links to any other sites
  12. Nope, unless you use a VPN to hide your activities, nothing is private.
  13. A free VPN claims to provide you VPN features without any charges. But, for me, free VPNs are a big no. Most often than not, free VPNs are associated with selling your data to third parties in exchange for monetary returns. Other than that, free VPNs come with data caps and won’t let you consume too much bandwidth. Due to these reasons, I do not recommend users to use free VPNs and rather opt for a paid but affordable <link removed>, so you can actually secure your torrenting activities!
  14. OK - first of all you ahould be aware that support for Windows 7 will end in a matter of weeks and it will be left open to any hacks/bugs/whatever after the new year. Your best bet is to set up a fixed size pagefile, preferably on another drive (any fast drive will work). Make it 1.5 times your RAM for both min and max values. The fixed size stops it fragmenting. Chack in Task Managerfor any background running apps (it could surprise you what can be there). Also, do a 'clean-up' on you rdives - google for an app called 'puran' that will do all the checks you need (it's free)
  15. I use Windows 7 and the total paging file size for all drivers: 32684 MB. I have one harddrive that Windows manages the paging size of it. All of my many other hard drive is set to None in paging size. What should I do to optimise paging? Should I allow Windows 7 to page on my SSD main drive, would that help? Too many junks, as in too many other programs running at the same time? No, I don't have other intense programs running with no virtual OS or other server running. I just use Google Chrome and JDownloader as the same time as Bitcomet with no active anti-virus running.
  16. PAGEFILE is one of many potential causes but IMO, it's also likely you're NOT enjoying the fruits of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING on your 12 core processor. In other words I believe you potentially have FAR TO MANY junk and non-relevant programs running on the 12 core device. It would explain MUCH about your issues.
  17. What size is your pagefile? You may think that, with 32 GB, you don't need it, but you actually do, especially when multi-tasking. I have 24 GB here (that's the max on my i7) but I also have a 32 GB pagefile (I multi-boot and have Linux on one SSD and W 10 on another) - swapfiles for both are on the other drive to stop disk 'thrashing' when accessed (pagefile.sys on the Linux drive and the Linux swapfile partition on the W 10 drive)
  18. Not seeing this issue on a 4th Gen laptop i7 with 32 gig of non-ECC ram with many tons of other stuff running, in fact it's my primary computer through which i maintain connection via AnyDesk to 4 other remote computers ( all of which run a CPU/MEMORY intensive task called FOLDIT ) which is a protein folding game that i've and others have been playing for well over 10 years. It requires 3 threads to play one client of Foldit or you WILL SEE massive issues.
  19. Hi My computer has 32 Gb of ECC DDR3 Ram with a Xeon E5 12 Core CPU and a SSD main drive . The ram remains an issue as Bitcomet slowly but then suddenly jumps to use up all my Ram. After that, it would take me like 8 hours just to stop all the activate tasks from running in BitComet, making existing the program extremely painful. Once after the program does stop all tasks and exist, the RAM usage would drop a bit and then jumps but up again. Please fix the ram issue in the next update. For now 1) is there a way to limit the Ram usage of BitComet and 2) is there way to set all Bitcomet options to default as I would like to see that if it helps the program as I have been using BitComet for years now? PS: 1.60 did improve from 1.59 in the GUI lag for me. It is still not perfect as it remains slow and the program goes white screen when I have many tasks active.
  20. HI I have been using bitcomet for years. Recently after shutting down the computer and returning to bitcomet to continue downloading, all of the download history goes missing. It is not in the download folder or appdata or anywhere. So I tried redownloading the torrent and there notify that the task already exist, however I cant find it in my computer path as well. Any idea what happened, how to resolve this? Thank you
  21. I'm not a Mac user, but can you turn off the A/V detection during the install? It sounds as if that's the cause of the block
  22. Hi guys, Im using BitComet for several years and just found out about installing new version 1.59. Recently i accidentially deleted previous version 1.58 and could not install new version 1.59 on macbook since it said "“Installer” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information." what should I do?? please helppp :_( I have no idea about this and I cant live without comettttt p.s. I have tried to find the previous topics related about this one but i couldn't. if anyone could help, i do appreciate! Thank you in advance
  23. Check that you have ALL the files from the .torrent. Quite often a small portion of the main file is incorporated in the .nfo or .txt files
  24. always lap and not stable, the file is not completed download and cannot play unfortunenary the bitcomit show status complete,WHY!!!!!?? what is this software maybe change another one dont want to support bitcomet
  25. How can I recover task history when install new windows and have to install new bitcomet?
  26. Hello and welcome. 😊
  27. We all were, at one point... Hello, right back! 😊
  28. Hi this is sai saanvi and i am a business analyst. Happy to join in this community
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