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  2. cassie

    Upload Stops after download is complete?!

    Hi, Sometimes this will happen, regardless of your optimum settings. Perhaps there are no peers who have the same download speed as the upload speed that you "offer". Sometimes, it will happen through no fault of yours...you're doing the best that you can. All that you can do is leave it running, hope that someone will join the swarm that you're part of and want to interchange bits with you. Oh, but don't worry about leaving it active for a long period of time (it won't hurt you, in any way)... it's how a torrent manages to "survive" time, itself. :)
  3. Last week
  4. Hello. The upload stops after download is complete - bitcomet V. 1.54 I believe I have made the best adjustments possible to allow the maximum upload, specially when there is no download going on, but none of the files upload after they finish downloaded and these are files that have lots of peers. Thank you.
  5. Rhubarb

    Save Option?

    Set hidden files to 'view', go to C:\Users\<user name>\Roaming\Bitcomet and they're all in there
  6. Earlier
  7. I have a question, BitComet will install I2P plugin at some future version? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I2P https://geti2p.net/en/docs/applications/bittorrent I think it would be a great addition to BitComet 😎
  8. Rhubarb

    Big Welcome!!

    Hi right back
  9. Rhubarb

    can't download file with bitcomet

    Please do NOT post links for files
  10. Rhubarb

    Bit Comet ultra accelerator

    Please don't post links to torrent sites. Also, we can't recommend any third party app
  11. akuchaos

    level info pane

    after update to 1.54, my info pane show blank
  12. hindsite

    Save Option?

    So you just downloaded that new version of Fruity Loops from your favorite torrent site, and go to open it and your system crashes. Of course you lose your prized collection of 8,369 movies, games, apps, and songs. All downloaded with Bit Comet, and in your mind, priceless. Just think if their were a way for your torrent collection, or list, or shared torrents to be recovered from the cloud by signing into Bit Comet, that would be such a valuable option. I know most people would have a backup of their important files, but I think it would be nice to have a way to pull up all files that were associated with B/C. Just a thought... Be safe and always SEED!! Hindsite
  13. hindsite

    Big Welcome!!

    Just wanted to say Hi from the Rockies! ⛷️ Be safe and always SEED!!! Hindsite😎
  14. HI! I would like to know if it is wise to use Bit Comet ultra accelerator in windows 10 to increase the download speed? Secondly HOW should it be used? Please HELP. THANKS. Check this page - <link deleted>
  15. Try on this site to download that file with bitcommet, site is <link removed> Thanks.
  16. Rhubarb

    bitcomet not responding

    That can happen occasionally due to something interrupting it. In general, if you just leave it for a while it will settle down and then continue running.
  17. Hello, im having problems with bitcomet, sometimes it simply stop responding and blocks the internet while bitcomet is not responding...
  18. nameoffools

    Level resetted

    I updated BitComet today, was worried first but thought why not havent updated for a long time, then after that I open the program and see that I´m level 1 again (I was level 18) Register date : 2014-01-29 , nameoffools Problem: after update to 1.54 my level resetted back to level 1
  19. Rizvi

    "Comet ID not exists"

    It happened to me a few days ago but I got it working just by removing all the ports BitComet opened in my modem in NAT section and then I was able to login without any problem.
  20. hiretablets


    new here as well...
  21. cassie

    "Comet ID not exists"

    Eso mismo ha ocurrido a algunos usuarios. Si no había alguna razón importante para actualizar a la versión 1.53, intenta volver a la 1.52 y ver si tu rango vuelve a donde estaba antes. The same thing has happened to other users. If there wasn't any compelling reason to upgrade to version 1.53, try to revert to v. 1.52 and see if your rank goes back to where it was before.
  22. bibli30

    "Comet ID not exists"

    membro dal 2007 e con update a 1.53 ha resettato tutti i credit, ora sono recluta! Grrrrrrr
  23. Rhubarb

    Yahoo and memories

    We usually referred to it as 'yahell' LOL
  24. Rhubarb

    Cant seem to upload

    It's possible that you are being throttled - it's equally possible that nobody wants to download (happens with some of my files - it shows zero peers and a collection of seeds but nothing happens). Other files work
  25. Rhubarb

    "Comet ID not exists"

    Guys, PLEASE listen carefully: We KNOW there's a fault on the server None of the forum staff have access and we can't DO anything about it The server crew are voluntary, unpaid and do it in their spare time - they will look into it WHEN they get the time do do so Repeated demands here won't make it happen any faster. In the short term, let the app run for a couple of hours and try to sign in again (it works for me - if not the first time, then later) Apart from anything else, the ONLY thing affected is the points score (and those won't even buy you a sniff of a beer)
  26. dilai21526

    "Comet ID not exists"

    same problem here. First time since I have used bitcomet, please fix it asap. thank you.
  27. dragon66dem

    "Comet ID not exists"

    well I did the update to 1.54 and it fixed it for 1 day now back to the same thing have tried everything but no fix so please fix this issue for all asap thank you
  28. DJMick86

    Cant seem to upload

    Sorry for dela been in hospital. Yes have trackers and people are finding it but it wont seed out. Even finished torrents don't seem to be seeding. have checked all settings and turned off all that stop afta quota etc . could a isp be blocking this. files that are downloading seem to seed ok.
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