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  4. "Delete task only" and "Delete task and downloaded files" are the only options for me. v. 1.67 I would like the functionality to delete the "piece_part.bc!" automatically as in earlier versions. (v.1.57 and earlier)
  5. Thank you for your response. How can I see which port is used by the VPN? Where is it exaclty in the router panel? (my Surfshark VPN isn´t installed into the router, it is by software in each device)
  6. Why not try downloading the torrent shared on BC and other client and then see the difference for yourself. Please don't tell me you don't have to because you know so. In case you missed the link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FCBPCM5PPCY6TNH3UELAWP36O7D3IRXO&dn=%5BHi10%5D_Hataraku_Maou-sama%21_%5BBD_1080p%5D_%5BDual_Audio%5D&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fanisaishuu.de%3A2710%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.istole.it%3A80%2Fannounce&xl=2357080564
  7. You brought up magnet links - but, for hopefully the very last time: IT IS NOT A BUG You are getting corrupt packets - that's nothing to DO with Bit Comet and all to do with the transfer from the other stations to you. I had a similar occurence earlier this week - we had a momentary power glitch and, when the computer restarted, an incoming packet was incomplete, so it restarted it - I then showed a download of 25.6 GB for a 25.4 GB file - the break in reception was the cause of the damaged packets. The point is that I knew why it happened only because BCshowed it
  8. It is not what I believe. I'm presenting you the fact which you turned a blind eye and chose to ignore I am content with app and I like it and want to use it. That is the main reason I'm here trying to get across a BUG that I identified to the developers. Unless we have a third man here, this won't go anywhere. Now what does it have to do with magnet files huh?. I just wanted to share the torrent info one way or the other. So I shared the magnet link. It could have been anything. magnet link, hash info,.torrent link or a link to the .torrent
  9. Obviously you are going to believe what you want to believe. The fact that your own screen dump is showing rejected packets 'has' to be a bug in the software beggars belief. If you aren't happy with the app, please feel free to use another one (that doesn't tell you when packets are being rejected) I don't have problems with using magnet files (I do prefer to avoid them as I can't be sure of the trackers, but that's a different matter )
  10. Dude. Really. Other clients don't drop data from web seeds ffs. Are you really the BC tech supp? Why do you think you are SO RIGHTEOUS Why do you not bother verifying with BC and other client to actually see if what I am saying might be true
  11. Actually it IS simple math - 50 MB file with 25 MB rejected packets = 75 MB downloaded. It's nothing to do with the speed or run time but all to do with the accuracy of the data
  12. I'm really sorry if my previous comments were rude. All I'm saying is you may be right. But you may also be wrong. If possible, can you just try the magnet link I shared on other bittorrent clients and then on BC. In bitcomet, the torrent never gets completed as it keeps dropping pieces. Other client I tried was Qbittorent which don't have issue with downloading Look its simple math. Avg Download Speed x Task Run Time = Downloaded Size Now with other clients, there is no loss of data. You wouldn't know the difference without trying. Now please don't tell me, other clients might be reporting their Avg.Download Speed and Task Run time incorrectly. 😞
  13. I'm not fixated on anything - I called it a 'web problem' because that's exactly what it is. BitComet reports the number of 'lost' bytes due to packet loss/corruption. I've been running packet software for years - both on Ham Radio and ARPNET (from before the WWW came into being) and what you are describing is simply that - CORRUPT PACKETS It is NOT a Bit Comet error - if there is any error in the app it's because it is showing the number of discarded bytes and that is NOT a problem or a bug. If you look at your screen dump from earlier you will see that it says that the hash check failed and a megabyte was dropped - that is a corrupt packet. If half your packets fail then you can expect it to show double the size of the actual file Now whether or not any other app reports or doesn't report 'lost' bytes is immaterial - Bit Comet DOES and that is by design and not a 'bug'
  14. That's right. It is the task remove window. In version 1.58 BC added two features to this window. "Delete unfinished download files only" and "Delete all downloaded files". Since that update, what you are asking for stopped working, which is, deleting the task doesn't delete the "piece_part.bc!" file. I just pointed out this line in the changelog as this feature addition might have caused the bug you are facing. Like you said, the release was on September when you started facing the issue.
  15. Why are you so fixated on it being a "web problem". Please see for yourself before coming to a conclusion. I'm giving you as much as details I can and you don't even bother checking. Try for yourself with other clients and then with BC. I'm not looking for an explanation Be it as it may, route it to the Dev team.
  16. It's possible the VPN is using a different port from the ones you have set. Open the router control panel and add whatever port is being used for the VPN. You may also have to add it to the firewall.
  17. Who says they do it? BC REPORTS the rejected packets - other apps may or may not do that. It is plainly and simply a web issue (that has been known since the very early days even before the Web that packets can (and do) get corrupted en route. What you are complaining about is something that happens all the time - and BC is simply telling you that it happened.
  18. Last week
  19. What is task remove window ? if I right-click on task and select delete, it gives me two options: "Delete task only" and "Delete task and downloaded files"
  20. You are right. Deleting task deletes the piece_part.bc file in version 1.57 but it doesnt in 1.58. https://www.bitcomet.com/en/changelog "GUI Improved: add 2 new options in task remove window: delete unfinished download files only, delete all downloaded files" Looks like this above change might have caused the issue
  21. The "piece_part.bc!" is created per torrent. It is a separate file that gets created next to downloaded file(s) into the same folder. ".bc" is an extension that can be added to the unfinished file. (that's ok and it's automatically removed when download complete) Ok, I see why the confusion - I've been talking about .bc not deleted, but that's just me being lazy and writing .bc instead of piece_part.bc! I wrote it out fully as "piece_part.bc!" in the first post where I had the question about it, but the next post Rhubarb wrote it ".bc" so I thought it's ok to call it that. The file I've been talking about is "piece_part.bc!" EDIT: I did extensive testing and you are right - it seems that "piece_part.bc!" is created only when I deselect some of the downloaded files. But since there is often something like "downloaded from***.txt" then I deselect them since it's mostly just clutter. The reason why the files that are downloaded into the main download folder do not have this "piece_part.bc!" attached, is that only the single files don't create their own folder and I don't have to deselect anything when downloads are single files. But if there are more than one files in download, there is always a folder created and since I almost always find something to disable, it leaves the impression that only the downloads that create their own folders have "piece_part.bc!" (At least that part is clear now) And now to the problem - If I delete task, it should also delete this "piece_part.bc!" since it's useless without the task. And deleting task used to delete it, but not since last year's September.
  22. It's okay - I just deleted version 1.5 and got version 1.68 - problem solved! Thanks for the replies that I KNEW were incoming hahahaha
  23. Correct me if I'm wrong. My understanding is that there is a "piece_part.bc!" file for each torrent. Or is it ".bc!" files for each files in that torrent. Because, .bc! extension is added by default to unfinished files. Maybe we are refering to two different things here. On a side note, try disabling the option "Add .bc! file extension to unfinished file". This option is present under "Tasks". Not sure if its anyway related. But please check your future downloads if you are still seeing "piece_part.bc!" file for single file torrents and whole torrent downloads. I'm using the latest version of BC and the "piece_part.bc" gets created only on selective file downloads.
  24. Exatly like this. The other things, however - no matter if I download multiple files or just a single file (not selective one, but the whole download is just one file), the .bc is always created. Earlier versions of Bitcomet (before 1.58 or maybe a few versions earlier) used to delete .bc from anywhere, now it only deletes it from main download folder, not from subfolders. I know the .bc does not consume much space, but if I eventually put all my downloaded files into folders by category, then with every file there comes this .bc and it's very annoying to deleti it every time manually. Without deleting they would pile up.
  25. Dear Admin

    Sorry to bother you

    I would really appreciate if you could take a look at this thread

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  26. If it is not a bug in BC, then why are other clients downloading the data without wastage. The is not a "web problem" @The UnUsual Suspect Requesting your support on this to route it to dev. Please find the magnet link and steps to reproduce.
  27. Hey I'm no tech savvy compared to you guys 🙂. Sorry if its tldr; and too basic. I thought I could shed some light on what you are seeing based on my knowledge. If I understood you correctly, when you download a torrent that downloads its file in the main folder directly, you don't see piece_part.bc corresponding to the downloaded file after deleting the task in BC. But when you download a torrent and if the torrent creates a subfolder, then after deleting the task, you still see the piece_part.bc file in the subfolder. FIrst, let's figure out what the piece_part.bc file is. We know torrent files store information in pieces. And downloading is done piece-wise instead of file wise. So it is possible for a single piece to have more than 1 files. How? Lets take files A and B in a torrent stored contiguously, so its possible that the end of file A and start of file B are in a common piece. These pieces are boundary pieces. The boundary piece data is stored in piece_part.bc file. Does all the boundary piece downloads are stored in piece_part.bc you might ask. No it's not. Only non-contiguous boundary pieces are stored. Lets take the example below where a torrent has below 6 files stored in that order in the .torrent file. A B C (D) E F If you were to download selectively by skipping File D, the files A to C are contiguous and E to F are contiguous. So the boundary pieces of CD and DE are stored in piece_part.bc Since torrent downloads "in" pieces, its not possible to just download the end of File C without the start of D(boundary piece). But you don't want the file D. So BC deletes the file D from disk but instead keeps the boundary piece information. This is done to make sure when a peer requests the boundary piece from you, they get the whole part of the piece and also avoid redownloading of this piece if you change your mind to download the file D. Now that we know what information is stored in piece_part.bc. Let's get a couple of things right. piece_part.bc file contains boundary piece information and is only generated when you download "selective files". So this means when you are downloading a whole torrent or torrent with only 1 file, piece_part.bc doesn't get created. Coming back to your question. BC doesn't create folder when you download a torrent with single file, because it gets downloaded directly to the main folder. It creates a subfolder when there are more than 1 file/folder in the torrent you are downloading. In your observation, the piece_part.bc file is deleted when download is done in main folder. But I think you downloaded a single file torrent and the piece_part.bc was never created. When there is a sub folder and only if you perform a "selective files' download, piece_part.bc is created. Now I'm not sure if it used to delete piece_part.bc file before. But I would really leave the piece_part.bc file alone as it doesn't consume much space and its just a data file. Hope this helps.
  28. Hi guys, Brand new PC - I've got Bitcomet 1.5 stable release. I've used it already to get something, but now every time I get a magnet download or torrent download & start it, I get the "Failed to save task list! (C:\Programs\Bitcomet\downloads.xml). It starts off in the 'downloading' section but if I click 'Start' I get that message. If I exit Bitcomet, I get that message. How do I fix this, please?! Cheers
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