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  4. I'd like to be able to use regular expressions in the search field and in the torrent exchange blocklist.
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  6. Hi Rhubarb, Yes, you are right. When I changed my browser from Chrome to Firefox, I didn't have an error message again. Thank you
  7. It's quite possible that the website is blocked by your ISP - I'd suggest using a VPN to access it. Firefox has several free (but limited) ones available in 'add-ons'
  8. Hi, Can you explain which settings in browser that I need to check / change? So far, I only turned off windows firewall but an error message still persists. Regards,
  9. '403' is a web error message saying you are not permitted to visit that particular site. Check here for details. You obviously did log on to the forum (or you wouldn't be here to ask) The settings will be in your browser
  10. Hi Rhubarb, Thank you for reply. Why should I log into forum?? How do I check my setting? Regards,
  11. Check that you are actuaklky logged into the forum (it sometimes works better if you access it from the menu bar in BC and not directly). Also check on your settings for search
  12. Hi, Why an error message appears after I was clicking "Search" button? Regards,
  13. Thanks Benben. Was having trouble installing with the link that was on the site's main page. Used your trick and it worked like a charm. Though the original post's problem might have been solved, your quote unquote necro posting saved me a lot of headache. Maybe relax a little from time to time, Rhubarb.
  14. I've seen it do some strange things but never a reset. Did you do a fresh install and maybe a different e-mail/password??
  15. hi first time asking here, for some reason all my score level rating has reset why?
  16. Hola a todo! Hoy, nunca antes, me ha saltado una notificación del BitComet ..... "Andrew sent a picture" con las opciones que se pueden observar el la captura....¿esto es normal? ¿que función del Bitcomet usa para esto? (si es posible no tenía ni idea) Saludos!!
  17. Hola a todos! pues eso mismo....el Avast me bloquea conexiones en el BitComet "conexión infectada por Botnet:Blacklist" ¿¿..?? Gracias de antemano por las respuestas 🙂
  18. There actually isn't a problem - background running apps eat up memory
  19. Actually this problem was covered in a pinned post way back at the start of the year
  20. Check that your anti-virus isn't flagging it due to the bundled apps. It's a known issue
  21. Update. The main site and the update from the options under the program itself bring it into this error. But if I download it from the main site under the zip/older versions and the exe for 1.82 its fine? But again I have never ever had this issue and yes its on my c drive but the folder where I download my stuff is under another HDD on the pc (cause its a bigger size)
  22. Tired to update to the newest version and I keep getting hit with error 5 access is denied. Never have I ever had this issue before??
  23. I think I see where the confusion may be. in uTorrent - I have an RSS Feed pointed to https://tracker.revolutiontt.me/announce.php?passkey="Key". This check in to the site and anything I have marked to download will automatically start downloading. Does this need to be setup in the RSS Feed or Tracker Torents?
  24. Go to 'Test' and add the feed from wherever you have stored it
  25. Sorry for the total dumbness here. I am at Options - RSS I do not see anywhere to add the RSS Feed. The "Edit" is grayed out.
  26. Look closer - at the bottom there is a space where you can enable RSS, set the feed and include or exclude keywords. You have to fill those in yourself
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