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  4. check that port forwarding is set up from your router - it's best to use a fixed IP on the computer before allocating ports
  5. I am having the yellow light listen port blocked issue. I currently run WIndows 10pro and have norton security suite. I have created a new rule in Norton but I still cannot open the listen port. Any ideas? I am not a techie person so any help would be great.
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  7. It;s a 'false positive'. (McAfee is known for this in other apps). Turn off the a/v off for the download and install and then turn it back on. The app is clean, provided you download it directly from source
  8. I am a LONG-TIME user of Bit Comet and don't recall having ever run into this issue before. At some point in the past 24 hours McAfee detected SOMETHING in the software and disabled my ability to run the software. I uninstalled it. I just went to download it within the past few minutes and WHILE DOWNLOADING McAfee detect a "virus" and aborts and deletes download. Is this a known issue?
  9. Download history (in Windows) is in a hidden file - C:\Users\<Username>\Appdata\Roaming\Bitcomet
  10. bcrypt.dll is a microsoft file. If you google for it, there are lots of hits for downloading/repairing. You should also keep in mind that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft
  11. https://www.bitcomet.com/en/downloading v1.57.0 [Windows][MacOS]2019.5.8
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  13. i am ready to kill! - I had w7 with bitcomet and it brought up a list of movies, I downloaded them and a minute later I was viewing the movte; now it is a nightmare since it won't download or let me play movies; in addition, i want bitcomet and somehow end up with BITTORRENT!!!!! Then there is bitking (totally worthless!) does nothing but buffer forever. i got imac and sold the Dell XPS because everyone said apple was much better than the W10 nightmare! Am i not doing things in a less complicated way; or am I losing my mind? I would really like to know what i have to do to download movies from pirate bay; I used it for years with no problems! thanks in advance.
  14. where is my download history, I will go crazy, I downloaded yesterday a file of 64 GB and today is my computer had a problem so at the demarage I can not find what should I do?
  15. Hi, Currently, I can't see if anyone mentioned this already in the forum, but even today's Bitcomet is still unable to set a tag to multiple selected tasks... I try to select 30 tasks and choose a tag, but Bitcomet gives a tag to the first selected and no more. That makes me tag all tasks one by one. That's easy to fix, isn't it?
  16. I think we broke the system :P
  17. I installed Bitcomet 1.57 on my computer. It is running Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3. When ever it try to launch the program it gives Bitcomet.exe - Unable to Locate Component " This application has failed to start because bcrypt.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem". I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Bitcomet 1.57 and it still gives the same error.
  18. Hello, nice to meet everyone. I am anna. This is the first time I visited the forum. Look forward to your help
  19. Tghat error code is normally associated with MS updates. Check this website for more info
  20. Even if it was possible there are problems: The cost (paid to the ISP for data transfers) would be very high The storage space would be limited It would be something completely different (from the existing app) requiring complete new code. Atpresent it's available on Windows and Mac- but not on Android or Linux (and that's not likely to change)
  21. MPCStar cant play any video, i get the following error and a black screen with audio only: createdevice failed error code 80070057
  22. I love this program alot. But, today I got no computers. I try to post a verygood idea. Are Bitcomet try to make a very good app for us? We loved. 🤗
  23. We have no access to registered e-mail addreses. All you can do is to re-register. Fair enough, you'll lose 'ranking' and points but they're just 'for fun' really as the only thing the scoring gives is a gradual increasein long-term seeds. However, as even a beginner with no ranking can access 41 long term seeders, that's not really a problem (I neversee more than a dozen or so on any download)
  24. I lost my old email address and can not login with just the user name any help?
  25. Would this not be better asked from Canon? BitComet has nothing to do with priinting (or even joined up writing)
  26. I have been encountering with some problem while printing because my <link removed> popping up every time and after that, I cannot print anything. Please help me to fix the problem so that I can work with it.
  27. Please do NOT post links to other apps or websites
  28. It's in the small box (bottom left) with your score and ranking (it's just a bit of fun really)
  29. I don't really know the Azureus torrent app you mention, but I've been using LimeTorrents a lot recently, it's very helpful in finding music, video and other stuff. Check <link deleted> if you need more information.
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