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  2. Hello guys! My BitComet proccess is using 1042 MiB of my RAM in my Task Manager. Is this normal? Thanks
  3. Hello, Why the h*** isn't there an option to select a path where to instal Bitcomet?!? You take time to add all that junk but not the basic function where to instal it
  4. My current computer run Bitcomet 2/24 but it does not seems to be upgradeable to Windows 11. I tried to run Bitcomet in Wine on Ubuntu 20 and it seems to be working fine. It would be great if Bitcomet can get some sort of formal support from the company.
  5. Last week
  6. I actually said to use a fixed LAN IP number AND set the port to match that
  7. Re: no one sharing the files... On torrents that the site says 4000+ are sharing the file I would expect something (But still get no tracker response) . But I agree it appears for some reason I am not getting tracker info. But, on a low seed torrent I have been trying to get (<20) with 1 LT-Seed (very slow speed) I replaced the tracker list in the torrent with you list above and DID get some tracker responses and was able to finish it in a few seconds. Hurrah! (had gotten to 90% on that 1 LT seed after 3 days of connection) The next time I download one of those "new popular" torrents I will try swapping out the torrent list in the torrent and see if that fixes the problem. I would not think it has been the Listening port, as I have been using BC for 10 years? with out a listen port. When I first started using BC I had a listen port, moved to a new location and did not and spent quite a bit of time occasionaly over the years trying to tweak firewalls and routers to open one but never could. However just saw your responce on another topic about the "not using DHCP" and when I checked I am, so thats probably my problem. I will work on changing that.
  8. For the Forum - you had to register to post For the appp - go here (but you could have found it in the 'help' file):
  9. That sounds like no-one is actually sharing the files or you aren't getting the tracker info. I have mine set to automatically update trackers, using this auto list (BC 1.8) However, the problem could be the listening port: set your computer to a fixed ip number and set the router to forward to that IP a block of ports (Any block over 10,000 will do - I use a block of 10) and set the port number in BC to fall within that block. Also make sure that BC isn't blocked by the firewall
  10. Earlier
  11. I have been using BC for Years, and other than not being able to open a listen port, I have never had any trouble. But starting about 6-8 months ago (Maybe after updating to a new version of BC but cant be remember for sure, I only do updates about once a year or so.) I noticed that I could only connect to long term seeds. However since usually I am only getting popular torrents (1K+ seeds), there are usually lots of LT-seeds, so it was not really a problem. But when I am trying to get less popular seeds, (50-200 seeds) sometimes there are no LT-Seeds and sometimes after a few days trying 1 might come online and I can get it, but usually I am out of luck. and if its an older torrent with <20 seeds forget it. All the trackers say either "Tracker No Response, or DNS Resolve Failed. Even on "new popular" torrents with 5000+ seeds listed on the torrent sites Any ideas? Win 8.1 laptop, with McAFee firewall/virus program.
  12. OK! solucionado desactivando para la instalación el antivirus Saludos!!
  13. Hola a todos, tengo problemas para instalar la actualización 1.81 (está instalada la .... ya sea descargando el archivo de instalación (ejecutado normal o como adminstrador) o instalando cuando salta el aviso de nueva versión. Obtengo en ambos casos el aviso : "imposible ejecutar el archivo en carpeta temporal. instalacion interrumpida. Error 5: acceso denegado Nunca me había pasado... Saludos!
  14. Hola a todos, como ya comenté dejé "system.enable_disk_boost_service" de true a false. no logré arreglar nada ....ahora tengo otro problema y abro hilo Gracias a todos! saludos!
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  17. We have to wait for someone to feed the hamster
  18. I also haven't been able to log in for 2 days. I installed v 1.80, which seems to me improved over v 1.79. Even if I can't log in it seems that the functionality is not compromised. Too bad for the score, but I don't drink beer anyway. The only mistake is the recognition of my role as my Id (I'm Svereign, score 581.812, Rank 6, as of September 28th). I look forward to the restoration of the connection and thank you always for all your work.
  19. Yes - you do have the same problem (as well as posting in a thread that isn't relevant) and the same answer applies. THE SERVER IS DOWN
  20. i have the same problem, and i can't see snapshots
  21. Your problem is totally unconnected to the OP in the thread - but the server is down - that has been pointed out elsewhere
  22. my bitcomet ID sign in just stopped working 2 days ago and today I updated to version 1.80 but it still doesnt sign in ? the donloads and uploads are still working but no ID ? any ideas why thats happening ? I havent changed any settings.
  23. Check the router again. It's possible that BT did an online 'upgrade'. Also, make sure that you are NOT using DHCP between router and computer - in network setup, properties, set the computer to have a fixed ip (in the lines of 192,168,0,### and manually set the gateway and the DNS servers. In the router set ports to a range of values (10 is usually enough) linked to the IP address you gave the computer
  24. Hello, today I tried to update BitComet to 1.80 and it said Can't install BitComet virus detected. This also removed BitComet client from my PC. I am using it since 2008 and worked perfect until now.
  25. Hi everyone I have been trying to find a solution to this problem but have been unsuccessful and it's getting really frustrating now. My pc hasn't changed, nor has my bt smart hub 2 router, but yesterday bitcomet said the listen port is blocked. I have tried lots of different suggestions but to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  26. First of all, this is NOT a bug in the clent Second, the server is down and no points can be gained - this does NOT affect downloading speeds - just the ranking system
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