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  2. Something may have corrupted in the upgrade. Did you try a clean re-install?
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  4. Since upgrading to 1.64 2 days ago Every time a file finished I get a pop up stating "Video Snapshot has stopped working" Any Ideas why or how to fix?
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  6. It seems to happen now and again (that the registration server goes down), however, it's usually back up and running inside a couple of working days. At the moment it is working - cgeck your login and password (your registration e-mail will also allow you to log in as an alternative to your registered 'user name') Apart from thet - check for typoes (incorrect capitals, etc)
  7. For a long while now - since about last November - I've been unable to sign in. And using the same connections I've always used. Is there a problem at their servers?
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  11. Cheers Rhubarb ... I will learn how to use 7zip and follow your advice.
  12. With almost every update to BitComet, we get a short flurry of posts complaining about a virus or trojan. There isn't one! If there was one, the forum would be swamped with complaints - that doesn't happen and we only get a handful of people claiming that it is 'infected' However, perhaps this will help explain why it happens (from the installation notes on another app) "This release's binary is packed with an executable/dll compression tool to reduce his size (for an easy and quick upload/download). Unfortunately, some of these compression programs have a bad reputation in the security software industry, mainly because almost 99% of trojans/worms/etc. are packed with similar tools (or variants of these), and this self-unpack behavior is taken by some antivirus apps as an alarm signal. Basically, this means that any trusted program packed with one of these tools can be erroneously detected as a virus, something known as a "FALSE POSITIVE"." The 'cure' is simple - once the program has been downloaded (and any respectable A/V app would have scanned it on the download), TURN OFF THE A/V BEFORE INSTALLING and turn it back on after installation is completed. If there had been anything nasty in the file, the A/V would have caught it during the download.
  13. That is a split set of an archived file, which needs to be opened using an archive app such as winrar. 7zip is free (and it looks as if it was used for that set). You install the app and open the first file in the series and then extract the original (it will combine the parts automatically)
  14. Can download via torrent the movie '1917' but it's in a new format which doesn't seem to open/play with VLC video player. It comprises a whole series of files in numbered order with the first being: 1917.7z.001 How is this file type to be played?
  15. First of all, you asked for advice in helping to uninstall the app. You were given advice which you chose to ignore. You complained about a non-existent 'styep by step uninstall manual' bundled with the app and started complaining when it was pointed ot that none existed anywhere in the known universe You moaned about being advised on using thired party apps to uninstall - then posted a link to a third party uninsttall procedure Obviously you are only here to complain and want a refund and there is no point in providing you with a platform to vent your dislike of a free app.
  16. lol , i was so sure i would wake up the next day and see a mac tech support guy and he be like .. " dude i know u got this mac like a week ago. u obviusly dont know what ur doing and need the tips ,, so if id want to uninstall it, id do: 1 .... 2.... 3... and hey sorrry but we dont get much mac guys here .. and sorry the app didnt apeal to you . instead u gang up on me trying to pick a fight cuz i kinda scrached ur ego XD . u guys suck ,,,, god bless youtube !
  17. You seem to have a problem understanding what was said. What I did say was, that in all the years I've worked with computers that I never saw an " all publishers usually have a detailed step by step procedure " which you claimed - and as 'support' for that you posted a link to a website? That's hardly publishers' step by step instructions - it's more that 'third party' approach you derided. As I said - all we can do here is offer advice which you can accept or reject - the choice is yours. Just don't go round claiming that you have seen things which no-one else has.
  18. I, too, have used MacIntosh in the past (even the extremely old Mac Classic) and have never seen "step-by-step" procedures for uninstalling a program from the computer. I'm glad to see that you've seen them, so as not to get confused doing something that In all of the years that Macs have been around (and even, as demonstrated in the video that you so kindly provided everyone with), they have been known to be able to simply grab the application in question and drop it into the waste bin, in order to uninstall practically anything.That has always been Apple's GUI Golden Rule... 'keep all the technical stuff out of view, in order to make the computer as visually user-friendly as possible'. And, as mentioned to you before, Mac users are the rare minority, whilst the Windows users make up more than 99%, so it stands to reason that the majority of help will be offered with those machines in mind. So your quest was definitely not dimissed and an altruistic response was given. Did you expect everyone here to know all of the intricate details of all of the Operating Systems that exist? Do you, as a "mac os guy", know everything about them yourself? Now, who's sitting high and mighty on their high horse?
  19. yes they do give you a detailed step by step to remove their app off your mac ,but you wouldn't know that cuz ur too busy being like "ooh look at me pc wonder boy ".and dismiss other peoples claims .. I would send you screen shots because i used them before . but ill send you this link of a guy explaining it , so you can get off your high chair and start helping people . so is there anyone who actually knows what they talking about and actually willing to help ? i know i sound annoying .. so this is the last time i'm posting here ,, either i get real help , or screw this i'm out ...
  20. I've never in all my years using computers (going way back to 20 MB hard drives and 5 1/4" floppies) ever seen a 'detailed step by step procedure' for uninstalling (and I have used Macs but that was a lot of years back and was before they switched to Intel CPUs and hacked Free BSD as the OS). We're volunteers here - we'4re not devs, nor are we paid - all we can do is offer advice, which you can take or leave, the choice is yours, but, for what it's worth, most 'uninstall' procedures are never 100% efficient and do leave traces behind - hence the third party apps, but, as I said, it's your choice whether or not to use that.
  21. the publisher must have offer a lagit way to remove their aplication off the system , this is a mac version in the end . all publishers usually have a detailed step by step procedure which if done correctly removes all the data installed on the hard drive. ok i get that you want to help , but you didnt help me yo .. and its like the simplest question ever ,, " how is bitcomet uninstalled on mac os ? " if u guys dont have the answer, then thats an even bigger problem . installing another app to uninstall another app just dont make sense , we dont need a third party app to do these things the developer has us covered ... so , help ?
  22. Unfortunately there are very few Mac people here. All I can say is that in Windows, it's very easy to remove (either by the windows default settings or by using Revo uninstaller). I have heard that there is an app similar to Revo for the Mac (Macbooster) but I can't verify that myself
  23. i need to uninstall this app and i cant find a way ... you people should be clear about these things ,,, why should i need to go through all these forms,, and ask questions begging you guys to remove your software off my pc .... i cant find an uninstall on the top dock where it should be .. cant find it in the app file .. i ran the installer again hoping an uninstall button would apear like any other app . but noo .. you guys want this stuck on my pc for life right !?,. please help me fix this guys . i run mac os mojave . when i downloaded this it didnt work . something about ports and firewalls and such . so i switched to bittorent web and it works fine ... just so you guys know why im deleting it in the first place .
  24. This issue has been acknowledged by the developer and fixed in the latest build. [1.64 beta2 - 20200110] @Rhubarb How to add [SOLVED] to the OP title? It's not possible to edit after 30 minutes.
  25. Actually Adaware does NOT flag it, but the general rule for installing a new (or upgraded) app is, and always has been, STOP ALL RUNNING APPLICATIONS. If you choose to ignore this, then you can have problems (some installations get flagged because they alter registry values which makes the A/V think there is a Trojan when, in fact, there isn't one). You simply restart the A/V after the install completes Scan during download and after installation is fine.
  26. I think you're underestimating the impact of this. The installer is being listed by some as Trojans/Viruses and by more reputable AV's as Adware. Either way, the average person won't risk installing something that has so many red flags. I suggest you review any recent changes to the installer (e.g. installer Pay-Per-Install campaigns) and ensure that these are built in a sensible way that doesn't trigger Antivirus detection engines. If this were purely a false positive, then a lot more similar software installers would trigger AV engines, but it's not. The onus is on the owners/developers of the software, not the user to either change the installer or to contact the AV providers to convince them that there is a false positive. Ignoring this or blaming the user is a quick route to obscurity.
  27. [Synopsis] As BitComet downloads, it produces disk read activity at the same speed as download speed at that time. [Setup] BitCometBeta 20191225 [Steps to reproduce] 1. Set upload speed limit to a very low value such as 10KiB/s; 2. Download a popular torrent with BitComet; 3. Observe disk activity with any monitoring tool, such as perfmon or HWiNFO; 4. Repeat the above steps with qBitorrrent and uTorrent 2.2.1. [Actual behaviour] As BitComet downloads, it produces disk read activity at the same speed as download speed at that time. As shown in the perfmon screenshot below, the red line(Disk Read Bytes/sec) is almost overlapping with the yellow line(Disk Write Bytes/sec) [Expected behaviour] BitComet should not produce disk read activity at the same speed as download speed. The disk I/O rate graph should look like this: (qBittorrent Notice that the the red line(Disk Read Bytes/sec) stays near the bottom. Or this: (uTorrent 2.2.1) Notice that the the red line(Disk Read Bytes/sec) stays near the bottom. [Uneducated guesses] uTorrent has an advanced option named diskio.smart_hash enabling piece hash calculation from cache before a finished piece is written to disk, thus avoiding re-reading the same piece back from the disk. I wonder if it's related or not? If BitComet does not possess a similar feature it would most probably cause the above described behaviour. Thank in advance!
  28. When you right click on any icon on the top bar, a drop down menu appears - scroll to 'OpenDir', click and make sure the tick mark is showing. If there is no tick mark, it is de-selected.
  29. Thanks for your response. I know that right-clicking will make Open Directory possible, but I still don't understand where the button across the top went.
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