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  3. Version 1.62 is better than 1.61, but the page showing connected peers and their progress does not work. Sometimes at the beginning it reports correct data, but after a while it disappears or gets stuck on random data.
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  5. Hola,saludos y como os dareis cuenta de mi inexperiencia,alguien podia indicarme como inicio la descarga de peliculas y musica por favor,paso a paso,gracias.
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  7. It would not be possible to be both a virus and a non trusted application. Without knowing the exact detection I can't provide any accurate information but I can tell you that this is indeed a false positive. I suspect you are using the term virus as a slang word to mean malware which is not correct. A virus has to have the ability to self-replicate. Bitcomet is not and to the best of my knowledge has never been infected with any viruses. The software does exactly what it claims to do this has been verified more times than I can count. Each time a new version is released some of the antivirus products will not recognize the new version and if you have the highest security settings it will not whitelist the product until they get lots of complaints or the publisher pays them money. Since bitcomet is free there is no money to pay them. My advice would be to avoid Symantec products.
  8. Do Las Vegas churches accept gambling chips? This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas , but there are more Catholic churches than casinos. Not surprisingly, some worshipers at Sunday services will give casino chips rather than cash when the basket is passed. Since they get chips from many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the offerings. The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in. This is done by the chip monks.
  9. Which part of 'do not spam' are you having a problem with?
  10. Hey, I really like your contribution with such a great collective approach, I loved reading them, l would really appreciate it if you add me in your collection to lend me a thumbs up also and keep up the good work though. besides, I'll be reading them whether it would be yes or no 🙂 <link deleted> Thank you
  11. It's a false positive - you would need to contact Symantec on this issue As for Windows Defender, you shouldn't have two A/V apps running at the same time (I've checked here with Adaware disabled and Defender doesn't even hiccup) Btw - asking the same thing over and over is not going to change the answer
  12. Why is Norton 360 Anti-Virus and Windows Defender stating BitComet.exe installation is a Virus a Non-Trusted Application? Norton 360 Anti-Virus and Windows Defender removes BitComet from my PC every time, I try to install it. Before installing BitComet.exe. I disable Norton 360 Anti-Virus and Windows Defender. After installation is complete. BitComet works Great! Until I enable Norton. Once I enable Norton. Norton automatically detects BitComet as a Virus and removes BitComet from my PC. I used BitComet since 1998 and never once had this issue. I've used Norton 360 for many years and never once ran into this issue until now. Anyone has an answer what the issue is why I can't install BitComet on my Windows 10? Thanks!
  13. You could try setting an 'exclusion' on the bitcomet foldder in C:\Program Files and see if that helps. As for Defender, that doesn't happen with me (but I run the 'fast ring' beta versions of W 10). It may or may not be relevant, but I've come across other apps with failure that were installed on a 'hacked' version of W 10 (the KMS file is the culprit)
  14. Thank you 'Rhubarb' for replying to my post. My PC operation system is Windows 10. I have Norton 360 up to-date and installed. You mentioned to close all running programs? I had no programs running when I tried to install BitComet. In fact, I disabled Norton Anti-virus and Firewall before attempting to install. I also, have a VPN installed.....Step by step what I did, First, I disabled Norton Anti-virus and Firewall. Then I attempted to install BitComet Client. With Norton Disabled, Windows Defender popped up refusing to run BitComet.exe. Windows Defender stated BitComet.exe was a Virus refused to install. So, I went into the system and disabled Windows Defender. I then opened Google Chrome/ BitComet/Download website. Once I typed in Google Search bar, BitComent. Google warning pops-up telling me Strange activity has been detected with some type of error message Atchea warning. I never had this much trouble trying to install BitComet. I'm a Major Level score of 15,600, 3 stars and 3 Moons. I've been using BitComet since 1998. These issues hasn't started until I started using Windows 10....End result....Yes, I installed BitComet. As soon as I enabled Norton. Norton automatically considered BitComet not trusted, claimed it is a Virus and completely removed BitComet. I have "qBittorrent Client" installed with no issues. Norton claims qBittorrent is OK. But , not BitComet. I think Norton added BitComet to it's Block list.
  15. You need to set up port forwarding as follows: Set your computer for a fixed IP number, then set up a post number to that IP Port forwarding not on a fixed IP will give that error
  16. You are getting 'false positives' - the recommendation for installing ANY new app is to stop ALL running programs. Despite what some people thimk, this INCLUDES turning off the A/V dusing an instal (it will have been checked during the download). It's possible that the bundled app (it changes from version to version) is what triggers the A/V. I can assure you that there is no virus or trojan in BC - The 'warnings' are another matter entirely. It's possible that you have something on your computer that is causing that, but without the actual details (or seeing it myself) I can't help there. All ( can say is that it doesn't occur with Adaware A/v, nor with Defender on my computer)
  17. I have a Two questions, (1): Is BitComet NO-MORE? ( I created TWO Help & Support Question Posts on this Forum. I received 13 views but, not ONE Reply) Brings me to wonder if anyone is using BitComet anymore or Lack of Forum members offering help & advice. Not a single reply received in 48 hours is not a good sign. Is there anyone out there that can reply with help & support? If so? Here's my questions and issues I'm having,,,,,, (2): I can't seem to install BitComet Client on my PC. I'm using Windows 10. Norton 360 Anti-virus and Windows defender is preventing me from Installing BitComet. I disabled Norton and disabled Windows Defender. I installed BitComet. When I Enable Norton Anti-Virus. Norton automatically, states BitComet is a Virus and is removed. Both Norton & Windows Defender claims BitComet is a Virus and removes BitComet. I also, receive warning messages on my PC stating something about Acthata Google detected warnings of Strange activities has been detected on my ISP/PC. I have a VPN installed on my PC. Is there another Torrent Client other then BitComet I can install?
  18. False positives on any A/V program are actually quite common. The fact that you haven't had one in a long time is pure luck and nothing more. Kaspersky seems to be most prone to this happening (it tends to be over-aggressive, but not to the same extent as Norton). However, the standard instructions on installing any new (or updated) app is to turn off ALL running programs and that actually includes the A/V. Scan it on download is enough, but turn it OFF before installing anything. Apart from it blocking some apps, A/V operation during install has been known to corrupt programs.
  19. yes in my case it always delete update.exe, but with 1.60-1.61 builds all other files are fine, but before that and after it even won't allow to install, this started i think from 1.50 build, i use KIS more than 10 years and it never done this in 1.40+ builds
  20. I need help? I'm lost. BitComet will not work. (Port blocked) It's Either Norton stopping me or it's Xfinity ISP stopping me from using BitComet. I tried to create a Port Forwarding thru my Xfinity modem. I get IP error when attempting.
  21. I'm a Major, Level 3 Moons & 3 Stars, Score 13512. Started using Bitcomet in 1998. I think I have the oldest yahoo email on earth. Only requires 4 Dot Password lol Ever since, I started using Windows 10. I can't get Bitcomet to work. Something is blocking betcomet in Windows 10. Port Blocked.
  22. How do you fix Port Blocked? I think NORTON antivirus or my ISP is blocking bit-comet from working.
  23. What happens with Kaspersky is that it objects to (usua;lly) one of the bundled apps. It is well-known for false positives.
  24. but not in evry build just some, for example builds 1.60,1.61 install fine without disabling KIS 2020, also there's some new setting in 1.62, but i need editable tabs and will use 1.60 build, it's working fine
  25. That's not a bug in BC - it's a false positive from Kaspersky (not an uncommon happening with other apps)
  26. it is same with new 1.62 as well, but 1.60 and earlied builds working fine, 1.62 you have have to disable KIS in order to install, it delets exe as adware
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  28. That's actually happened to me a couple of times!!... Although it was my index finger and thumb to a pair of tweezers, believe it or not!... LOL!!
  29. The majority of us just bookmark our favourite sites in our browser and just access them from there... saves time, effort and bandwidth.
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