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  4. Buenas y bienvenida. Te sugiero que vayas aquí--> Español (Spanish Members) , donde seguramente te podrás informar mucho mejor. Hello and welcome. I suggest that you head here--> Español (Spanish Members) , where you'll probably be able to become informed much better.
  5. You do know that if you hit the 'X' in the top right corner (NOT the 'Exit' on the menu bar) it goes into invisible mode (it's still running but you don't see it). In fact the only time you should see it is if you're adding a torrent (or clicking on 'Forum' to get here)
  6. Hello, I love your software and the power it gives me. However, is there a Dark Theme that can be loaded? The bright white feature is a bit of a turn-off.
  7. status where? If it's regarding the website, it shows you have posted 8 times and your stataus is 'seeder' If it's regarding the app, a bit more detail please
  8. It happens once in a while (it's not getting the information from the database) and usually corrects itself by the following day
  9. soy nueba y no se como ba esto I'm new and I don't know how this works.
  10. seem to have lost previous status can you help Thanks
  11. for manu years i am a registerd user now i get exp. infinity 100% what dus that mean?
  12. Earlier
  13. To whom it may concern, the above-mentioned problem is now fixed in BitComet version 1.65.0 ! Finally, I'm so happy 😀 Thanks to all the developers of this lovely app. Keep up the good work 👍
  14. Why Snapshots must to be in slideshow "format" and how to return the old view, please?
  15. Thank you for inviting me to the forum. I've been using BC for some time now and have questions. We'll deal with them later. In the mean time, it's nice to talk.
  16. I'm having the same issue. It did work not long ago and suddenly no more access to the VSP...😞
  17. BREAKING NEWS ... John Travolta was hospitalized for suspected COVID-19, he had chills they were multiplying and he was losing control, but doctors now confirm that it was only Saturday Night Fever, and they assure everyone that he is Staying Alive.
  18. Opewn 'collections', right click on 'title' and the options column will open. Make sure that 'published date' is ticked
  19. I have been using bitcomet for 10 years and had no problems. A few days ago the published date column in collections just disappeared and I can't get it back. The column is there in history but not in collections. Help please.
  20. i have revert back to mpcstar version 5.0 and everything is fine Thank you
  21. Gruss Gott Marta und wilkommen
  22. Hello, Marta, and welcome to the forums! 😊
  23. We need a way to specify a Universal Max download rate for all downloading torrents, that can be overridden by Task Specific Max Download rate. Currently You can specify Task Specific Settings by right clicking properties for a torrent, then going to the Task Properties, Advanced tab, Enable Task Specific Settings and then specify a Max download speed. This is very useful for rationing bandwidth to prevent popular torrents from utilizing all available bandwidth, while torrents that are not as popular, which you would like to download as quickly as possible before the sharer goes offline, are deprived of bandwidth. This feature should be placed in Tools/Options/Task menu. Without this Universal Max download rate for all downloading torrents, you need to go in and specify a Max download rate for each and every torrent that you want to throttle down, in order to conserve bandwidth for a torrent that you need to give priority to. With a Universal Max download rate, you would only need to change the specific max download rate on the few torrents that you want to allocate extra bandwidth to, not all the ones that you don't want to have extra bandwidth.
  24. Always scan downloaded files. However, some files may be archived using an algorithm that some A/V apps may block. In cases like that, you may need to disable the A/V, extract the files and restart it (usually it's a keygen that causes the problem). Once you have the key and it's installed, then scan again. If your ISP is turnimng a blind eye to downloading, you shouldn't have any problem. However, in the end it's not down to the ISP but one (or more) of the 'anti-piracy' organisations. They can get a court order to make your ISP hand over details and then go after you. In that case, a VPN will hide your activoty.
  25. a very long time ago my computer got hacked. i think it happened in 2003. back then i wasn't using proper protection software. i was using windows xp at that time. i guess i could have been using torrents back then and that's how the hacker got my ip address after that i installed a proper antivirus which has a firewall and i continued to use torrents. i am still downloading by using torrents and there never has been another incident. thus as long as i am careful and i don't download malware by using torrents and i am using proper protection software then it's safe to use torrents? also is there a need to connect to vpn if i want to use torrents? my internet service provider doesn't care for what i download and using torrents is allowed in the country where i live
  26. It means the file can't be written to disk. It could be that there isn't enough space on the drive or that you are trying to load it to a non-existent location
  27. hi ive trying to download mp3 but its got red x what dos this mean someone help plz iam new to this thank you
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