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  3. It happens to all of us, at one point or another. By any chance, did you use a browser where you could store your password (and did you)? That was the same reason that I, personally, changed everything over to gmail. I agonised for a couple of days, while I set all of my hotmail accounts to forward everything over to the new gmail account (including old messages), and just (gradually) updated my contacts' Profiles to the new gmail account... I'm not sure if you could still do something similar, with your accounts (perhaps using the Import function??)... I understand your concern with regards to your Status (even though the points are just for fun) but I'm not sure about your concern with the leechers...Unless you have BitComet running, how would they have access to your upload/download tasks? Perhaps I'm not understanding your post clearly???
  4. I started with Bit Comet many, many years ago from the address goodtime212@hotmail.com. I have forgotten the password and changed my email address. Hotmail seems to have stopped working. I don't want to lose my record and lose my status having my PC open and available for leech's to download the stuff that I have got. Any ideas anybody? Ray (goodtime212)
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  6. I lost the bookmark. I got into managing bookmarks I can see the history of my previous bookmarks .... Will it recover? Thank you. <link removed>
  7. Hola, Roshamel, y bienvenida a los foros!!👋 😊
  8. I don't think the OP has been back for at least 5 years and the one you thanked hasn't been seen in a year 😄
  9. Thanks for the solution. I had the same problem as the original poster.
  10. Unfortunately - no. Your traffic is visible to anyone with the abilioty to snoop and the only way to conceal that is to use a VPN. However, sharing the file via a cloud server (or direct FTP transfer) does what you are asking without the use of torrents (but your ISP always knows the amount of traffic on your machine)
  11. Hi, My question is: Is PC-PC Torrenting private? My Explanation: Suppose PC-A is in US and PC-B is in Canada. PC-A uploads/seeds a file via torrent client. PC-B downloads/receives the file via torrent download. Provided that no third PC downloads the same torrent, is this communication safe from prying eyes like ISPs and other privacy invaders?
  12. Hola amiguis, soy Roshamel, espero poder cooperar en lo que pueda y aprovechar el conocimiento compartido aquí, saludos a todes.
  13. @ anyone else who plans on posting this recurring situation: Do NOT post... READ HERE instead. *topic closed*
  14. Have you capped your download and upload speeds, in your settings?
  15. Hello, Anna, welcome to the forums! 😊
  16. You need a fixed ip address on the LAN (Local Area Net) - usually in the form of 192.168.###.###. The third block is usually .0 or .1 and the fourth is any number greaterthan 1 and less than 255. Open a DOSprompy (command line) and type ipconfig to find out the IP number the router and use thatas the first three numbers. Open the router(http://192.168.###.1) and look for port forwarding It's better explained here
  17. Thanks for replying, however, I'm a newbie, please elaborate on how to set this up?
  18. The only difference between signing in and not signing in is that you don't get any points - nothing else. The only 'fix' is to wait until the server is back up and running
  19. If not signing in bitcomet ID, the download speed is slower
  20. My version is Bitcomet 1.58. ID not existed still appears. Please help, how to solve the problem. Thank you
  21. https://www.cometforums.com/topic/12800313-comet-id-not-exists/
  22. https://www.cometforums.com/topic/12800313-comet-id-not-exists/
  23. Problem solved (BitComet 1.58). All works. I am connected and my score is updated (486487 Ranking 10). Tanks for Your work and your patience with my problems. LOL BitComet.
  24. Unable to log in Comet ID. It either says Comet ID does not exist or Password does not match user ID in Bitcomet app. Both user ID and password was accepted when I log in the website/
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