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  4. Thanks for letting me join. I’m a retire electric/electronics engineer. I like to sing and play in a band just for enjoyment.
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  6. An update - today no more antivirus pop-ups. I guess the infected udp URLs are either blocked, no more infected or just gone. Or maybe some update of the antivirus keeps the pop-ups for showing.
  7. hello in bitcommet snapshots tap shows black box hw can i fix it i use win 7
  8. When I try to view the snapshots in bitcommet this appear every time even when I have installed other versions
  9. hello i ave bitcommet and in the snapshots tap when i wnted to view the pics i didnt see any snapshots i tried t edit the settings on win explorer and then in the tap appeared a black box with a red sign and couldnt view the pics even after i changed explorer settings back hpe u can help
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  11. My latest installed program is from 26 May 2020. This problem started just few days ago. I have checked my computer with antivirus and malwarebytes - nothing found. It looks like Bitcomet tries to make udp connections to infected addresses. I know it's not Bitcomet problem, because the same bitcomet.exe had no problems until now. I suspect the problems are these udp URLs that have become infected. How to prevent Bitcomet from connecting to these infected URLs ? Is there some way to automatically blacklist these URLs ? There is the same problem reported (started just few days ago) with another torrent client: https://www.reddit.com/r/qBittorrent/comments/hir7ym/botnet_blacklist_on_qbittorrent/ So it looks like something global.
  12. It's nit Bitcomet that is the problem - if it was, this forum would be swamped with complaints. I run Adaware, updated daily, and there is NO problem. Mail.ru was just an example - it said, in that video, to check on any recently installed programs (round the time that the problem occured). Niot knowing what may be on your computyer, I'd recommend doing as suggested and uninstalling any apps that are from that time period and see if it goes away
  13. Nope, watched these youtube videos and checked very thoroughly - no viruses, no unknown new programs, no Mail.ru or any other unwanted things anywhere. Also the note from Avast says to submit the file to their developers for analysis. - does not help - the same file (bitcomet.exe v.1.67) has been fine before and it's not changed or replaced and does not contain virus itself. So it's not a local problem - something is wrong with UDP connections.
  14. There are a couple of youtube videos abiut it and how to remove it here and here plus a note from Avast saying they're investigating it
  15. The message my antivirus displays: Danger - Botnet:Blacklist URL - udp:// < (this changes with every message) Process - C:\Program files\bitcomet\bitcomet.exe When bitcomet is active, this message keeps showing up and disrupts whatever I'm doing. Even after closing bitcomet, it still shows up for some time before finally stops. I have the same old torrents that have been over a month, but these messages started just few days ago. This is making using bitcomet nearly impossible.
  16. It's possible that the file you are trying to download contains the virus and your a/v is simply reacting and refusing to download it. The fault isn't at your end - it's on the machine that's seeding
  17. I can't change e-mail in my profile. Always this error: Captcha Does Not Match But I enter 100% correct captcha
  18. Yes i am getting the exact same problem, anyone out there have a fix or know what is going on ?
  19. There is a chance your files are hashing due to an improper exit of the program, i havent upgrade to 1.68 so not sure 1.68 has an issue. If theres no hashing, i cant explain why it will slow just starting a task. If this is the case, u need start one by one as hashing do intensive reads.
  20. Hello, starting today, I have seen Bitcomet reach out to multiple UDP connections infected with the BOTNET:Blacklist. Has anyone else seen this? I have scanned my machine for viruses and it has come up clean. My A/V software is aborting the connections as well.
  21. At the risk of repeating myself - try reducing the number of active files
  22. I have upgraded my main computer to WIn 10 but v1.68 still crashes my computer. Changes made to the options do not seem to work as starting a large batch of tasks would still halts BitComet to a stall and in need of a manual force quit.
  23. Hi I ve noticed this behaviour in many torrents with web seeds where downloaded size(1.89 gb) is far more than tasksize(966 mb). And also there is no dropped data in the below example. Im using Bitcomet 1.68, but this issue existed in previous versions as well. This torrent has pretty much no seeds and only downloaded data from web seeds except for 6 MB. eps downloaded - 8-13 There is also the issue of dropped data when d/lding from webseeds. Usually the large part of the dropped data is from the "first" file of the torrent. But I've also noticed some same pieces that keep dropping that are not from first file of the torrent. Please find below the sample torrent. First file size is 214 mb(1 mb per piece) Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know if the torrent file/magnet link is needed Update: FYI - even though consecutive pieces are dropped, I was not using "Sequential Download" . Finished task screenshot Thanks
  24. To give you another perspective, my other fresh Win 10 computer is currently running 12 upload tasks with 30G of actual files and with no active download tasks at 1.1GB of Ram and 3.0MB/s uploads.
  25. Just as a point of information - I have 29 active files (upload and download) and BC is using 300 MB of Ram. What it will take for well over 1,000 active files is something I'd rather not even think about
  26. v1.68 is no good for me so I have downgraded back to the v1.67. I am finally going to upgrade to Win 10 once my new hard drives arrive. Then I will give v1.68 a try again. I am going to give your suggestions a try, Tin, and will report back. I have 950 EVO as my main drive and 128G of ram, so I think I can handle the changes. I do see the network_max could have been an issue for me since I have outdated router.
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  28. Also, you may want to set this to a lower number, as the default (1000) is way to high! Setting this too high will jam your Internet connection.
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