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  2. Thanks for feedback. This bug will be fixed in next release of BitComet macOS edition.
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  4. If you get a email from the government saying that you can't eat tinned spiced pork and ham because it contains covid 19 ignore it. It's just spam!
  5. Welcome to download the beta version and try out the new features. Please provide feedback, thanks. v1.66 Beta7 [20200408] GUI Improve: add Feed Name in RSS torrent list GUI Improve: display number of piece in torrent maker dialog GUI Improve: display metadata downloading info in Statistics pane GUI Improve: do not display listen port of peer if unknown for BT peers GUI Improve: "Preview Download Mode" renamed to "Sequential Download Mode" in context menu of BT task Core Bugfix: "Sequential Download Mode" does not work if "Optimize download strategy for preview" disabled in Option dialog Core Bugfix: improve memory allocation, decrease memory fragmentation for UDP buffer https://download.bitcomet.com/beta/BitCometBeta_20200408_setup.exe 1 https://download.bitcomet.com/beta/BitCometBeta_20200408.zip v1.66 Beta6 [20200404] GUI Improve: new advanced option: system.compact_memory_interval GUI Improve: display configuration file folder in Global Log pane GUI Improve: display Long-Term Seeding status in Statistics Pane GUI Improve: "Hide torrent without metadata" setting renamed to "Only show torrents with metadata" in DHT torrents list GUI Bugfix: "Only show torrents with metadata" setting not applied to new received DHT torrents GUI Bugfix: incorrect configuration file folder used in certain case Core Improve: improve Preview download mode for BT task v1.66 Beta5 [20200402] GUI Improve: new advanced option: bittorrent.max_connections_per_ltseed GUI Bugfix: task summary panel text alignment GUI Bugfix: level progress display error when progress is 0% in the lower left corner Core Bugfix: connection error retry issue when download from long-term seed Core Bugfix: DHT Tracker unstable causes program crash v1.66 Beta4 [20200331] GUI Improve: add Compact Database command in settings menu of torrent list GUI Bugfix: the number of torrents in the left channel list is not refreshed in time Core Improve: DHT Tracker use worker thread to reduce the UI lag v1.66 Beta3 [20200330] GUI Improve: improve icons in toolbar and download list for HiDPI display GUI Improve: add settings button in toolbar of torrent list GUI Improve: new option for DHT torrents: Hide torrents without metadata GUI Improve: new advanced option: bittorrent.dht_torrent_refresh_interval, 5 sec as default to decrease disk activity time GUI Improve: add copy command to context menu of settings list in advanced option page GUI Bugfix: sort bug for first column of Torrent History list Core Improve: improve memory allocation, decrease memory usage for UDP buffer and log buffer Core Improve: optimize UDP packet sending efficiency,default value of network.max_udp_pkt_per_sec changed to 1000 from 500 Core Improve: avoid program crash caused by IE component damage Core Bugfix: fix speed limit deviation v1.66 Beta2 [20200322] GUI Improve: new option in Proxy setting page: DNS query using proxy server GUI Improve: improve HiDPI support for Batch download dialog GUI Improve: show pending DNS number in Statistics pane Core Improve: support IPv6 connection through SOCKS5 proxy server Core Improve: support UTF8 BOM when improve URL list from text file in Batch download dialog Core Improve: support extract URL links containing Chinese characters from html page segment dropped to BitComet from web page v1.66 Beta1 [20200319] GUI Improve: new settings in advanced option page to select IP address to bind to when initiate a connection Core Improve: support initiate a connection using preferred network adapter if multiple network adapters exist in system
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  7. ya, same problem with me. but it was not there in earlier versions of mpc star like 5.4. you can see: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19lx9l_EchDkOalG8W8X8JHf6HFgAmin6
  8. name of movie: PoP.The.Sands.of.Time.2010.1080p.Hindi.English.MoviezFlix.in (3.79 GB) and i am seeing its default subtitles on windows 10 dell inspiron 15 3000
  9. Delete EVERYTHING. The client looks at the history file, checks, finds that there are no downloads for that particular item and it then starts to 'correct' that
  10. I have set a RSS Feed and when it refreshs the RSS feed automatically, all the feeds come back in and start downloading all over again. Once the torrent has downloaded, I have deleted the completed and left the torrent history file in tact. I then tidy all the files on the download area. Please can someone tell me what im doing wrong as i like the client but if i have to move to another one thats better i will.
  11. Thepiratebay.org via BitComet has host time error. Torren room and Torrent Bar has been shut down.
  12. Dark_Shroud


    Free browser based Tetris games are the only free games I play. It's probably been a year and a half since I've played any video games. 😕
  13. Bitcomet causes audio not sync with video after using for a prolonged period , when i hover through some of my completed task it also makes it unresponsive. I have 32GB RAM with a AMD 3700X processor all things are usally under 20% usage in task manager but i have no idea why it cause audio sound not matter downloaded or streaming not to match, can someone please help me
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  15. Kem trị sẹo Scar Heal là sản phẩm đặc trị các loại sẹo, làm mờ sẹo giảm thâm 



  16. Buenas y bienvenida. Te sugiero que vayas aquí--> Español (Spanish Members) , donde seguramente te podrás informar mucho mejor. Hello and welcome. I suggest that you head here--> Español (Spanish Members) , where you'll probably be able to become informed much better.
  17. Welcome aboard! 🙂
  18. You do know that if you hit the 'X' in the top right corner (NOT the 'Exit' on the menu bar) it goes into invisible mode (it's still running but you don't see it). In fact the only time you should see it is if you're adding a torrent (or clicking on 'Forum' to get here)
  19. Hello, I love your software and the power it gives me. However, is there a Dark Theme that can be loaded? The bright white feature is a bit of a turn-off.
  20. status where? If it's regarding the website, it shows you have posted 8 times and your stataus is 'seeder' If it's regarding the app, a bit more detail please
  21. It happens once in a while (it's not getting the information from the database) and usually corrects itself by the following day
  22. soy nueba y no se como ba esto I'm new and I don't know how this works.
  23. seem to have lost previous status can you help Thanks
  24. for manu years i am a registerd user now i get exp. infinity 100% what dus that mean?
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