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  2. I can't quite understand how changing a torrent client will magically make a closed down website suddenly become available
  3. What I do normally is to move the file elswehere and then delete all (including downloaded files) - afterall, it doesn't matter if the file isn't there. I can't be 100% certain but the .bc file may be for seeding, which is why it remains.
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  5. 07.07.2020 today - KIS (KAT) still alert on BitComet. DealPly.gen founded...
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  7. Ok, ok, I only mentioned this to illustrate the fact that I am not a noob. 😉 There is another question, (I didn't start a new topic, because I already did it a while ago, but did not get any answer.) - I download different stuff and I have noticed, that after I choose the option "delete task only" in Bitcomet, the task disappears from Bitcomet's list, but the .piece_part.bc! is not deleted from folder. Example: I download some file.txt (or any other file type) into my main download folder and after I've seeded it for some time, I need to move the file to another location. I choose the option "delete task only" and now I can move the file. But if I download some file.txt (or any other file type) into a folder inside my main download folder (some files come within their own folders), then if I need to move the file and choose "delete task only", there will remain the downloaded file along with the file.txt.piece_part.bc! that I have to delete manually every time. It wasn't like this before the version 1.58 or something. It only happens when the downloaded file comes within their own folder, (not when the file gets downloaded into the main download directory without a folder.)
  8. Dear Rhubarb, if your where referring to my post I appreciate, yes sir, I did manage to find another mean for download, it's called , pretty sure you're familiar with, so, so far so good, there are always options😊
  9. You started it sunshine by claiming that having an XT (they had to call it eXtendedTechnology cos ET was already copyright ) somehow gave you street cred. I simply pointed out that it was no big deal,having started on even older systems
  10. It's probably because the website no longer exists - it's not part of bitcomet and BC has no control over external sites. There are othersearch engines,but you'll have to google for those The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL The DNS server returned: This means that the cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL. Check if the address is correct.
  11. You do know this thread is over SEVEN YEARS old? (and it was fixed back then in 1.26 and the current version is 1.68 - and even Internut Exploder is way past v9
  12. If you only want one file from a torrent, highlight the torrent, right click, go to files, select each unwanted file and click 'disable'. Unfortunately, you'll have to repeat that 4,500 times
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  14. TASK PROPERTIES - not working as excpected. I downloaded a torrent that had only one file im interested in downloading. The torrent itself is 95 Gigs. I only wanted 1 file inside this torrent that is only 70 Megs. When scrolling thru and selecting only that 1 torrent and clicked ok, Bitcomet ignored my wishes and set it self up to download the entire 95 gig torrent that contains over 4,500 files. After that I even tried to go into "Task Properties -> General and deselected [download all] and select the only 1 file I wanted, then clicked ok. Well, Bitcomet is ignoring and is keeping "all" files selected. This is a Major disappointment. Also, download order sucks and can't chang "Current Priority" because there is no way to select priority downloading. Pre-selecting one file out of many at the beginning of downloading a torrent use to work. Task Properties use to work, It simply don't work anymore. This has got to be fixed for me or I will have to find another torrent alternative. Which is sad cause I used bitcomet for years.
  15. I use to download any movie on bitcomet, through it's submenu, torrent room, precisely, and it use to open a list of mirrors, or download links for the movie I search for, but now when I type any movie in the torrent room, it doesn't take me to the torrent room page, wonder, is it restricted, or is there something that I must do in options to fix this issue, appreciate you help.
  16. Please do NOT post the same query in multiple threads. Once is enough, thank you.
  17. Hello and welcome to the forums!! :)
  18. Hahaha - it's not a d*** measuring contest. (The XT was just the first computer that I owned.) The point is I know what I'm talking about. Why I claim that my system is 100% secure ? The same reason I mentioned before - how else do you explain how I'm managed to keep all my systems virus free all the time ? I could bet a large sum of money and have some security experts check my system. Always check stuff, then double check with another tools, then, if the stuff is a program, run it in a sandbox first. The system must have more than one shields and firewalls. And it also helps to have a great knowledge about different dangers and about your system's inner works. The biggest enemy to any system is it's user. Always. But it has gotten off topic - the original problem is gone.
  19. Colour me unimpressed - I have been WORKING with computers since before even the Intel 8086 - try the 8080 and Z80 - eight bit machines but I am not as blind as to even THINK that 'my system is 100% secure'. I repeat - if you are online then you are NOT secure. Many years ago the FBI commented that the only reaolly securecompuer was one that had neverbeen plugged in or even taken out of the box. How do you think that servers get hit with ransomware, etc? Do you believe that the people running those don't have working security apps?
  20. Well, I know thoroughly everything that goes on with my system and I also know every file and folder and their purposes. I scan my system constantly with different kinds of scanning tools and software and I download only very specific stuff and I always scan it very thorougly. (Every download goes into sandbox first). Also my system is not anything standard - it has been modified heavily for security. As I said earlier - no viruses in my system(s) in over 20 years. (I have also been in IT very long time - my first personal computer was XT) If I say my system is 100% virus free, then I know what I'm saying. The stuff that triggered Avast was not in my (or in any other user's) system - it was on these URLs that Avast flagged as infected.
  21. While that is as my be, I'd never EVER claim that "my system is 100% virus proof" (whether it's on Linux or Windows) and I've been in IT (hardware and software) since 8 bit days. While it may not be a virus per se, it was enough to trigger Avast (which I don't use - I use Adaware on 'doze and Clam on Linux)
  22. How could virus produce a message from Avast antivirus ? (And the message appeared only when running Bitcomet) I checked TaskManager and everything was ok, no unknown processes while these messages appeared, and also checked the process paths to be sure - everything checkd out. I checked the antivirus logs for the last few days - not a single virus reported, just blocked connections attempts from Bitcomet.exe (Believe me - my system is 100 % virus proof) The reason that there are not too many users who report it here is that many users don't use Avast. And many users who use Avast, use another torrent client. (I did put a link in earlier post with an example of the same problem with another torrent clients) The common thing with all these reports is Avast antivirus. No point in talking about viruses anymore - I already know what the problem was. There is a discussion about it in Avast forum and it turned out to be an Avast error. (Avast web shield false positive reports) and it got fixed with the latest update.
  23. Trust me - you had a virus that was producing that mesage. Now whether you want to believe it or not - that's what happened. I didn't have it and neitherdid a lot of otherpeople. If it was inherent in Bitcomet, this thread would run to several dozen pages of 'me too's
  24. As I said - no viruses. (never had any in more than 20 years - I'm an IT specialist by profesion) And I have not downloaded anything new, just seeding. Antivirus message said that Bitcomet.exe tried to connect to the udp URLs that are infected. (not that my PC has virus) And it also said that these connections were safely interrupted. And the same problem bothered many different people with different torrent clients around the world at a same time - very obviously not something in my PC. For now the antivirus got some update that probably just disables the message.
  25. AsI said - you had a virus/trojan (probably from something you downloaded) and it took a while for the a/v definitions to be updated to catch it
  26. I enjoy singing and playing music. The main problem that I have is that , there are times when I need to be able to change the key on songs to suit my voice. If anybody has access to free apps that can do this, your help will be greatly appreciated.
  27. Thanks for letting me join. I’m a retire electric/electronics engineer. I like to sing and play in a band just for enjoyment.
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