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    I would like to see dark theme or mode integration please!
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    Please add a dark theme as an option since we use large monitors nowadays to greatly reduce the eye strain compare to the white theme.
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    Hello, I love your software and the power it gives me. However, is there a Dark Theme that can be loaded? The bright white feature is a bit of a turn-off.
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    set your LAN to use a fixed address (like and, in your router, set a block of forwarding ports for both TCP and UDP to that address and make sure it's open in the firewall Set the port in Bit Comet to one of the ports in that list I'm not sure what you mean 'my ip is not hidden' - you might need a VPN to obfuscate your online IP but you will always be able to see it yourself
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    You cannot blame us for trying 🙂
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    I think you've confused bitcoMet with bitcoIN - ain't nothing to do with this app
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    yeah, we need it...
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    It's three YEARS since that was originally requested - if it hasn't happened by now, it's unlikely that it will
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