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    Hello, lately I have been experiencing this weird thing happening to my bitcomet downloaded files. FILE EXTENSIONS ARE MISSING ! But I do make some wild guesses and perform some heat and trial methods to figure out the extensions and add them to the files and eventually able to work with them. I just open the torrent via BitComet and won't change anything on the file/folder names. I just click the Download now button and wait before it is done. When I go to check the files most of the time extensions are missing. Then I try to add .pdf, .rar, .zip and work with them accordingly and find the files are intact and good to work with. I have also updated BitComet to the latest version available. Thanks. :(
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    I am amazed at the number of downloads which have Chinese sub titles. Is there a way of removing them
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    I have been using this software from 1 year but i can never see lyrics.I tried many songs(HOllywood,Bollywood) but still no lyric even in a single one.Panel is active.I can only see the name of the song and artists name in the lyrics panel!!
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