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    Hi All, very new to forum - so apologies if this has all been said and done before. But the problem is - When I download a file if it is contained in a folder its no problem, but as soon as the file is on it's own when its completed download it looses it's file extension. I've tried to add the file extension but its all a bit beyond me. I am using the latest version of BitComet on a windows 8 system. I did read a theory about windows 8 hiding file extensions as a default setting, but found nothing concrete saying "yes this is the cause and this is how you fix it" please help
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    Maybe a more modern look as a second option to the already existing look solves the problem. I, for instance, prefer windows 8 styling way more than the windows XP styling. This will definitely satisfy all users.
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    In order to qualify for BitComet VIP Free Trial you must have 40,000 points. 1. Questions about Comments about BitComet VIP? Click HERE 2. Questions about Comet ID and Points? Click HERE 3. Learn about BitComet VIP? Click HERE 4. How many Comet ID points do I have? Click HERE 5. Questions about VIP Anonymous Downloading? Click HERE 6. I was just trying to purchase a Free Trial of VIP, why did I end up here? Click HERE 7. I have confirmed that I have the required 40,000 points, now where can I purchase the free trial? Assuming you haven't already used your free trial there will be one offered at http://vip.bitcomet.com If you are returned to this website that will indicate that you don't have enough points. You can then continue to use bitcomet and wait, or you can purchase one of the other plans offered. 8. I have purchased a VIP plan and am not happy with the performance? In most cases this is either because of a problem with the VIP servers or the tasks run do not have available resources so it's impossible to improve the download speed. You can ask for help in the forum after reading the "READ THIS before posting" topic, or if you would like a refund the fastest way is to open a dispute with PayPal and they will refund your payment. REPLY
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