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    I finally reached the rank of Marshall after after almost 9 years since this system was added to bitcomet. Ranks yet to achieve are Generalissimo, and Sovereign. I know many others have reached these ranks long ago and even though I've been running these support forums for almost as long as BitComet has existed it doesn't mean I'm a huge downloader, in fact most of my activity is centered around sharing fan produced science fiction, so virtually all my activity is uploads for new releases, so growth has been sporadic. It will be interesting to see what rank everyone else is at.
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    Without an open listening port you will not receive any peer initiated requests. The only way you can connect to a peer is if you initiate the connection and most peers in a swarm already have the connections they need. As new peers enter the Swarm they will try to connect with others except they cannot reach you. You will not know they exist until you receive a Tracker update and by then they may have all the peers they need. If you cannot receive incoming connections your performance is going to be horrible on most torrents. I highly recommend you get a better internet connection and mobile broadband is never a good option when using peer-to-peer downloading. Fiber optic is usually the best option
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    You do not need to sign in. Please do not post duplicate messages about the same subject. Please search the forum before posting in order to make sure your question hasn't already been dealt with. Your client is fully functional without ever even registering with BitComet Passport, much less signing in. This is not an issue for great concern when it occurs. It will not measurably affect your speed except in very narrow, very rare circumstances which are entirely hypothetical and un-proven. When you are unable to sign in, this is not a matter for concern. Within a short time, you will be able to sign in again. This issue is getting ten times the traffic it deserves. I am beginning to believe the whole idea should just be abandoned or closed off for non-Chinese IP's again, because people seem to just panic over an utterly trivial issue.
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    Read the previous posts - the server is down (and as it's run by volunteers it's not likewly to be back until the beginning of the week at the earliest). You can still upload and download - the only difference is that you won't collect any points (which can't be exchanged for beer anyway - they're just a bit of fun)
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    Hi. For a few hours now I'm trying to login to my CometID in the Bitcomet client and it keeps saying "CometID not exists" I've seeded with that account for more than six years. Why would this happen? Also, I don't have access to the e-mail account it was ascociated with. What can I do?
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    You need to set up using a fixed IP number and set the ports in your router to forward to that port.
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    Please add a dark theme as an option since we use large monitors nowadays to greatly reduce the eye strain compare to the white theme.
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    What a refreshing post!! 🙂 Someone is actually taking the time to thank the developers of this marvelous free product instead of complaining or whining about it, in some sort of fashion! 😍😍 On behalf of everyone here (and the devs, over there, of course), you're very welcome and thank you for your continued support!! 🤗
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    The guys who run the server do it in their spare time (unpaid). We just have to wait until they get a chance. byw, it will 'log in' if you leave it running for a few hors (it's just very slow)
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    Guys, we know it's down and it has been reported. The people who operate the server don't work at qweekends so nothing will be donew until they get a chance to look at it
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    The issue with 1.53 has already been reported to the devs
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    Can I just ask everyone a huge favour please? Those of you who are planning to put Christmas lights around the outside of your houses, garden walls etc. please will you avoid anything blue and flashing? Every time I drive past I think it’s the police and have a mild panic attack. I have to remove my foot from the accelerator, apply the brakes, put my seat belt on, throw my phone on the floor and hide my beer. It’s extra drama I really don’t need! I appreciate your cooperation and understanding and hope I’ve given you all plenty of notice.
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    Hi I have been using bitcomet for years without problem but since upgrading to 1.51 my D/L speeds are ridiculously low and it is difficult to do anything on my pc whilst downloading. Is 1.51 defective? I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no difference. please help
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    Wife texts husband at work on a cold winter's morning; "Windows frozen, won't open." Husband texts back; "Gently pour some lukewarm water over it." Wife texts back 5 minutes later; "Computer really knackered now."
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    I also never suggest you using free VPN. Because free VPN only access you to restriction sites but never keep you anonymous and also compromise your internet speed. That's why I will prefer you to use paid VPN. I will suggest you use xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    There are many more peer lists that could appear such as LTseed connected/connecting/disconnected, emule connected/connecting/disconnected, webseed connected/connecting/disconnected, http/ftp connected/connecting/disconnected, as well as the bittorent peer lists shown in your screenshot, so I think if one list was left expanded, or all of them expanded it would be difficult for uses to see what peers are connected. By default only lists of connected peers are open, the rest are closed so you can see lists of other peer connections using one of the other supported protocols.
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    There is a major upgrade for Windows 10 due in a couple of weeks. At the moment it's on Release Candidate 2 and is on track for a mid-March release. It's a complete rebuild of the whole system so maybe you should hold off re-installing Bitcomet until that is done
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    To those complaining because there are no paid staff working 24/7 to keep the cometID server up and running, if you put forth any effort to learn about bitcomet you'd know it can work as well as any other client without cometID, and the cometID servers are usually up and running about 99% of the business days even though it's developed, maintained and supported by volunteers and has always been free software. If you'd like the cometID system working closer to 100%, then please contact me in order to make a donation. If enough of you donate perhaps we can have someone on call to keep servers up, or add more redundant servers because we are currently working on a shoestring budget.
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    Hello to you too, and please post in English
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    It could be hung over from the New Year celebrations LOL
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    Look in Options - Tasks and select "Auto-resume tasks at program startup"
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    The good news is Donald Trump volunteered the use of his private jet so all the kids will get their toys on time... RIP Santa
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    Looks like the Grinch struck again - round 0630 GMT. Tech support called for help but, unfortunately, Santa had a slight accident on the way
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    I unhid the screenshot since cassie was kind enough to edit it.
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    Since I posted, I've found out that there was a bug in the last MS update for Windows 8 and 10 details here I don't use either of the ISPs mentioned but I thought it worth passing along
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    The grey light does not indicate a problem with your port, it indicates a problem with our port test which could be caused by our server, or anything blocking the connection. Here is how our unique active port test works. Your Bitcomet makes a connection to bitcomet's port test server, gives it your wan IP and port number and while this connection is open, a second remote connection is sent to your computer, if it is received by your computer the light turns green, if it is not received the light will turn yellow. If the server could not be reached to do the test, it will turn grey. A grey light is usually nothing to worry about, just ignore it as long as your torrents work, and it should resolve itself in time. Bitcomet also has a second passive test similar to other clients, where a yellow light will turn green if remote connections are detected in an active task. This is to solve a problem with some routers that are very slow at initiating uPnP port mapping which was causing the active test to fail the first time. I'm not sure if a grey light will turn green or not, I assume it would, but I never get a grey light so cannot test it. La luz gris no indica que haya un problema con tu puerto, indica que existe un problema con nuestra prueba de puerto que podría ser causadopor nuestro servidor, o cualquier otra cosa que esté bloqueando la conexión. Nuestra prueba activa única funciona de la siguiente forma: Tu BitComet crea una conexión al servidor de prueba de puerto de BitComet--> le da tu IP de WAN y tu número depuerto y, mientras esta conexión está abierta, una segunda conexión remota es enviada a tu PC. Si ésta es recibida por tu PC, la luz se vuelve verde, si no es recibida se vuelve amarilla y si el servidor no se pudo alcanzar (para hacer la prueba), se vuelve gris. Una luz gris normalmente no es nada por lo que uno se debe preocupar, simplemente ignórala siempre y cuando tus torrents sigan funcionando, y ella solita se debería de solucionar con un poco de tiempo. BitComet también tiene una segunda prueba pasiva, similar a otros clientes, donde una luz amarilla se vuelve verde si se detectan conexiones remotas en una tarea activa. Esto fue para solucionar un problema con algunos rúters, los cuales eran muy lentos en iniciar 'uPnP port mapping', lo que causaba que la prueba activa fallase la primera vez. No estoy seguro si laluz gris se vuelve verde o no, asumo de que sí, pero yo nunca obtengo una luz gris y, por tanto, no puedo probarlo.
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    Can log in, but displays "Port Detection Failed". Uploading, Downloading and points mysteriously unaffected. Recommend using the Ninja Hamster Squad.
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    the seb server might be down but points are still accumulating (no panicing please_
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    Buenas noches a todos. Pido disculpas a todos por las demoras que estoy teniendo de últimas pues, estoy completamente saturada en el trabajo y apenas tengo tiempo de hacer prácticamente cualquier cosa que no sea trabajar. Espero que para Navidad, las cosas se relajen un poquito y no tarde tanto en hacer las traducciones. Un saludo. :) Good evening everyone. I apologize to all for the tardiness that I'm causing lately but, I'm completely saturated at work and I hardly have any time to do practically anything other than work. I hope that by the time Christmas rolls around, things will calm down a little bit and I won't take so long to do the translations. Regards. :)
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    Try installing FlashGot extension, it will allow you to integrate multiple download managers including BitComet. Bitcomet's extension used to be based on flashgot, not sure if it still is, but the people at mozilla started disabling all extensions every time they update the browser, in effect forcing all the publishers to replace their products at mozilla's timetable which caused many freeware apps to stop supporting firefox. BitComet's development team has never made any public statements on this subject, but it's pretty clear from their actions that they aren't willing to update their product every time mozilla disables their extension, so the only options are either use another browser, or don't update firefox until it's supported by bitcomet, or use the flashgot extension instead. Personally I stopped using firefox for this and other reasons, but even before I switched to google chrome, I had always used flashgot instead of the bitcomet extension. It allowed me to select how I wanted to handle each download.
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    Same problem here. I can login to BitComet sites and forum, but it keeps timing out trying to login from the BitComet application. I just tried updating to the new release, 1.43, from 1.42 and it still has the same problem. It has to be something from the server's end. My port for BitComet is forwarded outside the firewall and nothing else on my end is blocking it. BitComet shows a green WAN connection.
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    I feel your pain and can only tell you that Queeniequ was hired as our forum rep to communicate with the development team, but cutbacks had to be made and we no longer have a rep. I can also tell you that the vip appears to be down for at least a few weeks, and before that it seemed to work for some and not for others, so it's my guess they just don't have the funds to keep it running on the scale it would need to work worldwide, and my other contacts with the development team haven't responded, so it's possible some have moved on, but there is someone keeping the comet ID system up and running, so we haven't been abandoned. If you want to purchase VIP again, I think it would be wise to wait until there is some confirmation that it is working again. At this time that is the only advice I can offer.
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    We have no way of knowing where you got the torrent, or why it was removed, but most torrent sites remove torrents because they contain malware, aren't what they claim to be, or are poisoned (fakes) designed to harass p2p users. The place to inquire is where you got the torrent. Good Luck
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    I'm afraid this cannot be done as http links were never designed to be stopped and restarted, but additions to the protocol have been added to allow a task still active in the server to be stopped and restarted, but a different pc cannot restart a task as it won't be recognized by the server.
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    Hola gente, estoy usando BitComet 1.42 en Windows 7 x64 Ultimate y hará un par de días me doy cuenta que después de cerrar el programa, cuando lo abro de nuevo, se olvida de mis preferencias de archivos seleccionados. Me explico mejor: si tengo archivos que originalmente no quería bajar desmarcados, al reiniciar el programa aparecen seleccionados para descargar. Reinstalé el programa y no lo solucionó. Agradezco su ayuda, saludos Hello folks, I'm using BitComet 1.42 on Windos 7 x 64 Ultimate and, about a couple of days ago, I noticed that after closing down the program, when I open it again, it has forgotten my selected files references. That is to say, if I had unmarked files that I had originally not wanted to to download, after restarting the program, they appear as being selected to be downloaded. I reinstalled the program but no joy. I appreciate your help. Greetings.
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    I am glad they managed to merge both 32bit & 64bit versions to a single installer. Changing the default disk cache to a higher value was a good idea too :)
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    Dear all, The latest version of BitComet has just been released. You're all welcomed to download it from Official Site. Changelog v1.41 2016.05.25 GUI Improved: display Batch Download window when open multiple torrent files in File Explorer GUI Improved: merge 32bit/64bit editions into one install package Core Improve: increase default disk cache limit from 50 MB to half of total memory, up to 1GB Core Improve: add peer software version recognition
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    I think the issue you report is related to the add-on "Browser UI Enhancements". Perhaps you can find an option to change to correct this problem, or worse case, disable the add-on. Or you can revert to a previous version of cometbird. Pienso que el problema del que informas está relacionado al complemento "Mejoras en la interfaz de usuario del navegador". Quizás puedas encontrar una opción para cambiar/corregir dicho probelma o, en el peor de los casos, deshabilitar el complemento - o puedes volver a una versión previa de CometBird.
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    We aren't aware of any issues involving password resetting in CometID. Normally this could be resolved within one business day by someone in development, but they are on Vacation, celebrating a national Chinese holiday. Please send a private message to Administrator Zerojinn, who should be able to resolve this by the end of the week, or early next week at the latest. Please include your CometID name and the email you used to register it.
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    Linda, are you aware that if you use Internet Explorer and select the "run" option instead of the "save" option when downloading a file, that the file then gets downloaded to a hidden system folder where it can sit and take up space, often indefinitely. Also, should you need to reinstall the file or run it again, most users end up downloading it again because they have no idea where your Internet Explorer has hidden the file. Its my personal opinion that doing this is only serving to produce ignorant users who don't understand something as simple as handling files in windows. Also, your much better off opening files in the windows operating system, not in a web browser, so regardless if you want to use bitcomet to download the files or not, I'd strongly suggest YOU decide where you want your computer to save the files you download, then you know where they are in case you want to use them again, or in case you simply want to delete them to free up space.
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    Warning System + Suspension/Ban The BitComet Forum hopes that all members will their stay at our Forum, abiding by our Rules. Most members who join our forum actually read our rules before clicking the "I Agree" button within the registration field, and abide by these rules. However, there are some sad people who register at our Forum, intending to post site links to Pornographic Material, Advertising Viagra and, yes, virus-contained sites. Due to increasing number of members who fail to follow our simple rules, the Warning System of this Forum has been activated. It's going to be a very simple system, all members who've joined our forum will receive a maximum of 3 Warnings. After 3 Warnings, members will have their account suspended according to the number of offenses they've committed (i.e. If you break 5 rules, you get 5 days' worth of suspension). Should you fail to abide by our rules after this suspension, you will be banned. Don't think about registering again, for your IP & IP Range will be banned accordingly by administrators/moderators. Just think of this system like a game of Cricket, 3 warnings, you're out of here. All Moderators & Administrators have the power the Suspend & Ban as they see fit. If you believe that they have warned you inappropriately, please send an E-mail at: bitcomet.admin@gmail.com outlining your circumstances, as well as the Moderator. However, if we deem your actions to be worthy of a BAN, we will BAN you! NOTE: All users of this forum can see their "Rating" System, this is an indication of your current disciplinary status. It will be decreased accordingly, if we see that your behaviour has improved. *Warning System - ON *Bad Word Filter - ON
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    Step-by-step guides often don't take time to explain the steps, which means you just have to follow blindly. This means that you don't usually understand what you're doing and so you can't adapt if the situation changes a little. First thing you should understand is WHY you're worrying about static IP's at all. A. The built-in firewalls on most routers will not open a port to just anything that's connected to them. It's poor security to do that because those computers might not be aware that there's an open port through which they're vulnerable. So the firewall requires that you specify an IP address for which you want the port opened. Now a device connected to the router, that HAS that particular IP address, will have that port open. Other devices with other IP addresses will still have that port number closed. B. By default, when you hook Windows up to a network, it uses a protocol called DHCP to ask that an IP address be assigned to it for use in this session. The address is leased, not permanent, and can change without notice to you. This means that each time it connects, it can have a different address, and the address can suddenly change in mid-session. Most of the time, this won't affect you. If you connect directly to your ISP, Windows asks it for an IP address. But if you connect to a router, then Windows asks the router for an IP address. The router plus any computers connected to it, form a subnet. This subnet appears as a single unit to the internet. The router stands in place of a computer. If you put B (ask for an IP address) together with A (won't open a port except to a specific IP address), you can see that there will be problems. If it has to be a particular address, but my address is variable, then anytime I don't (by blind luck) get the right address, my port will be closed. If there are other machines connected to my router, and one of them happens to get assigned that one address, then it will have a vulnerable open port that it doesn't know about. Very bad news. We solve it by telling my computer NOT to ask for an IP address anymore, but instead we tell the computer the IP it must use. When it connects to the router, it tells the router that this is its IP address. (It is up to you, as the network administrator of the subnet, to make sure no other device has that same IP.) By doing this, your computer has a static and unchanging IP address on the subnet. So now we can confidently tell the router's firewall to open the port to that IP, knowing that the port will be open for the right computer, and closed to all the other wrong computers. The router assigns IP addresses to devices that ask it to do so (via DHCP), by taking those IP addresses out of a pool of IP addresses that it has designated for the purpose. Most routers set up this pool with either a start and end address, or a start address and a range. It's a good idea to change that so there are only as many assignable addresses as you will actually need, allowing for a couple of extras, and then picking an IP address for your computer that is outside of the pool of assignable addresses. For example, let's say we have the router's address,, and we have a netmask of This means that all the addresses of all devices on the subnet need to have the same first three octets: 192.168.0, and we need only worry about the last octet, which can have any value from 0 through 255 inclusive. We won't use 0 because it makes people nervous, though it's perfectly valid. 1 is used by the router, and we can't have more than one device with any given IP, on a network. Let's make the start address for our DHCP pool begin at 2, and end at 4 which gives us a range of three assignable addresses, for three other devices. That leaves us with all the other addresses from 5 through 255 in that octet, that haven't been assigned and are not in the pool so they won't get assigned by the router. We can pick any one of those, and no one is any different or better than any other. So let's pick 5 because it's next and that makes things clean and neat. Wait, we hate clean and neat, so let's pick 42 instead, just to be ornery. Ok, our computer's IP will be and all the others, 5 through 41 and 43 through 255 won't be used at all. is the IP address we'll set in the computer network properties, and that's the address we'll tell the router's firewall to open the port for. (This is the missing step that's probably giving you grief.) For the rest of our network settings, it's really obvious. The default gateway is also the only gateway, the only thing we're connected to, which is the router, and we know it's address: For the DNS server, the same logic applies: we're only connected to one thing, the router. Same address. (The router doesn't actually do DNS decoding, it passes the task onwards, but we don't need to care about that here.) This is how you properly get through the router's firewall. But BitComet's yellow light means that your listen port is being blocked by A firewall. It doesn't say WHICH firewall. So if you've got more than one, and one of them is still blocking the port, then the port will be blocked no matter how the others are set. Many firewalls are software, running on your computer. The built-in Windows XP firewall is one of those. Many other programs include firewalls but aren't always obvious about it. Most internet "security" programs include a firewall. So do some mainboard utilities. Having multiple firewalls doesn't make you more secure, but it does give you problems trying to manage all of them. If you open a port on one, you have to open it on all of them to be effective. So I don't recommend having more than one. But you do, definitely, need that one. You're very vulnerable without it. As to these other firewalls, you have to find them and either configure or eliminate them. It is your responsibility to know what's running on your computer, nobody else can do that for you. You should bring up Task Manager, and look at the list of processes (not applications). They will be indentified by their file names. You should use Google to look up each filename, in order to understand what each one is and does. In that process you will probably discover a lot of things that you didn't know were running, and that you don't want to have running since they just waste your resources. Most people do. In this case, you'll need to find out how to keep them from automatically starting up. Google will also help you with this. Some firewalls are entirely external - your network connection can itself be behind a firewall. this is often the case where the internet connection is supplied by the building - often the case in businesses, dormitories, and motels. Most wireless connections of all types are also firewalled liek this. In such a case, where you are behind a firewall you don't control, you'll either have to have it configured for you, or just use BitComet's 'no-listen" mode, which will be much slower, but will still work.
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    To all new BitComet Members who have registered at our Forum: Welcome! ;) As I'm fully aware that no one here really bothers to read everything we type up, I would highly recommend you to read our Forum Rules before posting your first post. I would imagine that the reason why you have registered at our forum is mainly because you have an issue either our client, or the torrents. So please follow these steps: - Avoid sending PMs to BitComet Staff seeking for help within our client, or torrent-related issues. Such PMs will be ignored. Search for your issue by using our Forum's in-built Search Browser, alternatively click the Search at the top-right hand corner of our Forum. Place Keywords in if possible, avoid typing in your whole question. If the Search ends up with too many results, OR if you cannot find your issue there, please go to our BitComet FAQs If and only if the step above fails, then post your issue appropriately into either: BitComet General Client Help, OR Torrent Related Questions, OR General Questions (General Questions is reserved for Non-BitComet, & Non-Torrent related problems like PC Hardware, etc). For any NON-ENGLISH discussions, please head to our International Section Look around our Forum, and post your issue into the appropriate Sub-Forum. If unsure, just post your question into the closest-related sub-forum. But do not post in Guides BitComet Team Staff List If there are any issues that you feel must be dealt privately with, please PM any of our staff by clicking on their name below: - Rnysmile - Manager for developing BitComet client & Beta Releases, main administrator. wxhere - Leader of the BitComet development team. Gavin.Wang - Development and testing of BitComet client & Beta Releases. Lucy26 - Communicating with BitComet development team, administrative services The Unusual Suspect - Administrative Services, Technical Support. kluelos - Technical Support, Moderator. greywizard - Technical Support, Moderator. Non-English Moderators: - (Do not PM these moderators unless they have expressed that they wish to communicate with you via PM) Cassie - Administration of Non-English forums, Spanish Translation, Moderator. Vasy - Romanian Technical Support and Translation, Technical Support. Alternate Communication: - For Technical Support and/or bug issues, please post in forum For BitComet FORUM-Related issues ONLY i.e. Forgot Password, etc please send an e-mail to: Support@bitcomet.com . Please allow at least 2-3 working days before we reply back to you. In most cases, we will reply back ASAP. The rest of our Developers' Team are not named here unless they wish to be named. Regards, BitComet Team.
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