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    I finally reached the rank of Marshall after after almost 9 years since this system was added to bitcomet. Ranks yet to achieve are Generalissimo, and Sovereign. I know many others have reached these ranks long ago and even though I've been running these support forums for almost as long as BitComet has existed it doesn't mean I'm a huge downloader, in fact most of my activity is centered around sharing fan produced science fiction, so virtually all my activity is uploads for new releases, so growth has been sporadic. It will be interesting to see what rank everyone else is at.
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    That's the North Korean version of coke LOL
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    Ity looks like the hamsters have gone on strike again. No doubt we'll get the usual sobs, wailing and gnashing of teeth because scores aren't being upgraded. As before, bitcomet points don't pay for the beer (or give you super abilities in any of the online games) so it's not a big deal really. You can still upload and download (which is what the app is for really). It will be back when it's back.
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    Please read the thread marked server down. It's all covered there btw - 'necro-posting' (posting to a thread that's been dead for 6 YEARS) isn't a very good idea
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    Our Development team has been making much needed forum upgrades, so it will be a while before the site returns to being stable as we iron out the kinks. Thanks for your patience.
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    VBF, I must say I don't like your tone. You are speaking to a member of development here, a team who despite the busy schedules and day jobs which pay their bills, donate time to provide you and other users with this FREE product, and producing this product is their domain, however this community forum is my domain and I will NOT allow it to become a means to attack or insult our development team using ignorance and false information. I do encourage open discussion of such serious topics as this, but you don't seem to even grasp the understanding of the basic terms, such as calling this false positive detection a "virus" and a "trojan" in the same sentence. If in fact there was an actual threat it couldn't be both, a Trojan is very different than a Virus, and your security program incorrectly detected a "trojan", defined as a program that installs without your permission or while claiming to be something different than what it actually does, and there is no evidence or any suggestion (other than yourself) that it contains any type of virus. We've also proven there is no Trojan which you can confirm using the "Total Virus" website which tests BitComet 1.44 using the top 54 anti-virus programs and 100% of them test it as clean (verified just minutes before making this post). We also had another member making the same report, he too was rude and declined to have an honest and intelligent conversation so he was removed... although his topic remains, and if you want to remain part of this community, then I will require you to speak with respect to those providing you with this great (and free) software. Please feel free to ask any questions and research any answers we give you, and feel free to redress any issues you don't agree with based on FACT, not ignorance. The FACT is your security software made a mistake and you are embarrassing yourself by ranting about it. The mature adult thing to do if you get such a detection is to ask politely in our forum, scan it with more apps to get their opinions, and most of all educate yourself as to exactly what your app claims or suspects it found. In this case it is a 100% legit app that is used to offer other software for your consideration, all of which can be easily deselected if not interested. As for "Aliexpress", it is a website similar to eBay that sells goods, mostly from Asia and I've purchased many hard to find parts from them and found them reliable and trustworthy, and you don't have to install their app to use their website, but if you do install one of the offered apps it could make the difference between bitcomet continuing development, or stopping completely. They have bills due each month to pay for the costs of running this forum, the LTseed system, CometID servers, and more, and since donations are few, the only viable method to cover the costs is to bundle apps, and as long as InstallCore is used according to the rules, it's 100% legit and not a threat of any kind, and I'm certain if your anti virus re-evaluates BitComet it will agree. This is really simple, it's not rocket science, a "trojan" is NOT a virus, it's a computer program, and in order to be considered a trojan it has to deceive you as to it's function, or install without notification or a way to opt out, and any of the 54 programs that may have previously detected it as suspect has reclassified it as safe, which proves what I told you in my first reply, so feel free to ask any questions you may have, but any further impolite or sarcastic comments and you will be removed until such time that you can behave as an adult in a civilized manner. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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    Please post any Questions or Comments about the VIP free trial in this topic. Please post in English Thank You
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    You do not need to sign in. Please do not post duplicate messages about the same subject. Please search the forum before posting in order to make sure your question hasn't already been dealt with. Your client is fully functional without ever even registering with BitComet Passport, much less signing in. This is not an issue for great concern when it occurs. It will not measurably affect your speed except in very narrow, very rare circumstances which are entirely hypothetical and un-proven. When you are unable to sign in, this is not a matter for concern. Within a short time, you will be able to sign in again. This issue is getting ten times the traffic it deserves. I am beginning to believe the whole idea should just be abandoned or closed off for non-Chinese IP's again, because people seem to just panic over an utterly trivial issue.
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    Most free VPNs will only let you have a very limited download where a paid one is normally uinrestricted. If it's just for browsing 'blocked' torrent sites, then a free one is fine - however, if your ISP is tracking yuor downloads and reporting back to one of the copyright chasing firms, then you need a pay up front one,
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    What a refreshing post!! 馃檪 Someone is actually taking the time to thank the developers of this marvelous free product instead of complaining or whining about it, in some sort of fashion! 馃槏馃槏 On behalf of everyone here (and the devs, over there, of course), you're very welcome and thank you for your continued support!! 馃
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    I would like to think things have improved in the TWELVE YEARS since the last post
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    Hi. For a few hours now I'm trying to login to my CometID in the Bitcomet client and it keeps saying "CometID not exists" I've seeded with that account for more than six years. Why would this happen? Also, I don't have access to the e-mail account it was ascociated with. What can I do?
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    Guys, we know it's down and it has been reported. The people who operate the server don't work at qweekends so nothing will be donew until they get a chance to look at it
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    I use BitComet from november 01 2007. In 10 years and 357 days I've reached the TOP score. Level 62 - Score 457653 - Ranking 17 I'm a private user and I started with the first versions, (now 1.52) and I never had big problems. It always worked well. Thanks to all the staff.
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    Would this be why the movie 'Christopher Robin has been banned in China? ?
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    Wife texts husband at work on a cold winter's morning; "Windows frozen, won't open." Husband texts back; "Gently pour some lukewarm water over it." Wife texts back 5 minutes later; "Computer really knackered now."
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    I've noticed that '1.48' install but I think that's more down to a bug than anything else, however, if you check on almost any installation program you will get the same message "TURN OFF ANY RUNNING SOFTWARE". Why people think that means 'any except....' I don't know: a lot of people were having problems upgrading Windows 10 for a very simple reason - THEY LEFT THE ANTI-VIRUS RUNNING
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    I install BitComet 1.40 64 bit on my newly install Windows 10 and select floating window but it doesn't show. It has no problem with Windows 7 64 bit. BTW I have only one monitor.
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    May the Fourth be with You!
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    Only when they aren't hang gliding
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    One of my ancestors was taking part in a public function when part of the platform collapsed. He would have broken both of his legs if the rope round his neck hadn't stopped the fall.
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    We are proud to announce a new forum staff member Rhubarbfian, who has joined the team to serve as a moderator after demonstrating a willingness to help others and share his knowledge. Such is the spirit of sharing, the very heart and soul of P2P. Please make him feel welcome.
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    And who, pray tell, do you think YOU are? Let me set you straight, tahlias... you are a user (and quite an imperious one at that) of BitComet, nothing more. When one receives a great FREE product with FREE SUPPORT, that person should, at the very least, show a minimum amount of decorum for receiving said services, instead of rudely demanding that the original (and altruistic) donors "fix" this or that. Just so you can broaden your frame of reference, let me inform you that the "guys" that you are talking down to all have regular day jobs and nowhere in their job descriptions does it state that they are on this Earth to specifically please you and your inflated airs of grandeur. Think about it... you would do well to remember this the next time that you feel the urge to post something.
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    It looks like there are some serious problems with the server. It comes back, lasts a short while and goes down again. I manage to collect a few points, then it's gone. There's nothing anyone here can do about that - it's all down to the guys who run it (and the hamsters)
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    Using batch files in Windows C: / dos C:/dos/run run/dos/run
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    Look in Options - Tasks and select "Auto-resume tasks at program startup"
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    The good news is Donald Trump volunteered the use of his private jet so all the kids will get their toys on time... RIP Santa
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    Looks like the Grinch struck again - round 0630 GMT. Tech support called for help but, unfortunately, Santa had a slight accident on the way
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    Of course I know this, but if you aren't downloading much, you don't have much to upload, which is why I've been doing this as long as anyone and have a very fast connection, yet many members are far ahead of me. Honestly I've paid little attention to my rank and points, but seeing from the posts of many members that it seems important to them, so this post is a chance for people to express their pride in achieving a high rank. It will likely be a couple more years before I reach the ranks of Sovereign, and who knows, there may be higher ranks released in the future, perhaps emperor, demigod, deity, or maybe they could scroll through the ancient greek or roman gods, topping off with zeus... and even though there is a small benefit for each step, it really doesn't make much difference in the real world, but it does seem to matter to bitcomet users and that is what counts. ps. Also thank you for helping other members, the forum needs more members like you.
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    Since I posted, I've found out that there was a bug in the last MS update for Windows 8 and 10 details here I don't use either of the ISPs mentioned but I thought it worth passing along
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    Every time it tries to detect a listening port it fails. Over and over. Once the other day it detected after about an hour of failing but hasn't since. Everything was fine until 2 or 3 days ago. Nothing with my computer has changed. I saw someone posted with the same type of problem in the Spanish section but I don't know if that was resolved.
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    For other members reading this, if you go to TotalVirus.com you can scan BitComet with 56 of the most popular virus and malware detectors, which 53 of them correctly list it as clean, and 2 of them detect and correctly list "Installcore", which is a legitimate tool and is only considered malware if it installs malware, or doesn't give the user the option to decline any bundled apps, and only one "ESET" detects (incorrectly) FusionCore. If a user wants to use ESET that is fine, but you'll have to get used to researching any detections it finds unlike some of the other major players like Kaspersky, Mcafee, Symantec, Microsoft, and others that test further to confirm Installcore is used properly and don't offer any malware, nor force install of any other app, malicious or otherwise. If any member wants to have a civilized discussion about this without any childish rants, they can send me a PM and I'll consider reopening the topic, but for now I'm not going to allow this to continue. Also if you research other clients you'll notice that uTorrent has used installcore for sometime, and without adding this legit app BitComet wouldn't be able to continue development and this forum would be forced to close. BitComet will always be free, but there are costs involved and I believe yahoo pays a few pennies for each person who opts to install their toolbar which can provide you with daily news, links to products and discount codes for things you shop for. Many people like it. I personally don't use it, but there is nothing malicious about it, and it can be easily removed if you try it and don't like it. Also if you use bitcomet's homepage it also provides a few pennies to help support BitComet, or if anyone would like to make a contribution to help support development, let me know and I'll give you their paypal address.
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    I have the same problem about one week now, port detection failed, grey colour.
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    The option to edit your post is timed. If I recall correctly you have about an hour to edit before the option is removed. The reason we made this change is because we had members post asking for help, then when we ask for information many members would edit the info into the original post where we don't notice it unless we re-read each reply. We've also had times where posts were edited after people replied to them making the thread impossible for other members to understand which is contrary to the purpose of this forum. We want others to be able to read and learn by posts others have made with similar problems. La opci贸n para poder editar tiene un tiempo limitado. Si mal no recuerdo, tienes aproximadamente una hora antes de que dicha opci贸n desaparezca. La raz贸n que nos llev贸 a hacer esto es porque algunos socios creaban un post pidiendo ayuda... y cuando les ped铆amos informaci贸n adicional, muchos editaban e inclu铆an la informaci贸n en el post original, lugar donde no lo ve铆amos (salvo que ley茅semos cada respuesta de nuevo). Tambi茅n tuvimos instantes en los cuales los posts se editaban despu茅s de que se hab铆an contestado, haciendo que cada hilo fuera imposible de entender por otros usuarios - todo lo contrario del prop贸sito de este foro--> queremos que los dem谩s puedan leer y aprender a trav茅s de los posts que otros usuarios han hecho con problemas similares.
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    Looks like it was just a glitch (or something to do with the clock roll-back to GMT) as it's now back to 120 max score. Oh well, as I've said before, the scoring is all for fun anyway ;) :P
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    隆Gracias por las noticias, GoldenVirginia! :) Thanks for the news, GoldenVirginia! :)
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    Same problem here. I can login to BitComet sites and forum, but it keeps timing out trying to login from the BitComet application. I just tried updating to the new release, 1.43, from 1.42 and it still has the same problem. It has to be something from the server's end. My port for BitComet is forwarded outside the firewall and nothing else on my end is blocking it. BitComet shows a green WAN connection.
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    I feel your pain and can only tell you that Queeniequ was hired as our forum rep to communicate with the development team, but cutbacks had to be made and we no longer have a rep. I can also tell you that the vip appears to be down for at least a few weeks, and before that it seemed to work for some and not for others, so it's my guess they just don't have the funds to keep it running on the scale it would need to work worldwide, and my other contacts with the development team haven't responded, so it's possible some have moved on, but there is someone keeping the comet ID system up and running, so we haven't been abandoned. If you want to purchase VIP again, I think it would be wise to wait until there is some confirmation that it is working again. At this time that is the only advice I can offer.
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    1.41 showing the same behaviour. Have to revert back on 1.40 which is working fine. 'The UnUsual Suspect', you were right: It's from the 1.41 and I understand why people not reporting it, as many of them not facing the particular case and the ones facing are like me as I was in the start thinking: someone should have already done it, but as time passed it become annoying to me so I came here. Kindly look into the matter. PS: Now using BitComect 1.40 and working perfect in regard to this bug.
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    I am glad they managed to merge both 32bit & 64bit versions to a single installer. Changing the default disk cache to a higher value was a good idea too :)
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    Hello, this is my first topic at this forum and i hope guys you can help me :) I've installed Bitcomet v1.37 x64 version and sometimes it is totally freezing my PC during the download process, i tried many of tricks but no result... I'm using Bitcomet few years and downloaded terabytes of files with Bitcomet v1.37 x32 without any problems; can't understand why v1.37 x64 freezes my PC... For itself PC works perfectly with any applications and several games... my PC specs are: CPU: intel core 2 duo E6850 3.0GHz, RAM: 4GB PSU: 600W (80+)
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    I think the issue you report is related to the add-on "Browser UI Enhancements". Perhaps you can find an option to change to correct this problem, or worse case, disable the add-on. Or you can revert to a previous version of cometbird. Pienso que el problema del que informas est谩 relacionado al complemento "Mejoras en la interfaz de usuario del navegador". Quiz谩s puedas encontrar una opci贸n para cambiar/corregir dicho probelma o, en el peor de los casos, deshabilitar el complemento - o puedes volver a una versi贸n previa de CometBird.
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    The information's adequate, but some punctuation, a little capitalization and the odd line-break would sure be nice see it's quite difficult to read a message without them you aren't quite sure where one sentence ends and the next begins and considering that the person who wrote it is asking for your help in the first place you feel a little reluctant to give it you know paragraphs do a good job of separating one thought from the next you might not have listened when you were being taught that but it does mean that you should rate your own written communication skills toward the bottom of the heap but to your problem the red X has various meanings depending on the version you're using but the most common meaning is that BitComet cannot write to the disk this can be for all of the many reasons that a program can't write to a disk such as trying to write to a directory where it does not have permission to write an invalid pathname an invalid character in the pathname we see that a lot with charsets that UTF-8 doesn't support a disk that is full or just a bad disk to name a few anything that would prevent the program from writing to the disk will generate the error in later versions it can also mean that BC cannot read from the disk or that something went wrong in the process you can try mousing over the red X to see if it tells you specifically what's wrong a torrent is basically a text file in a defined format everything in it is human-readable if very boring it consists mostly of base-16 numbers you can read it in notepad if there's something clearly wrong this ought to be very obvious especially if you compare it with a known good torrent sometimes you will even see errors that the index site software generated instead of a proper torrent if you see something like that and it looks like a temporary issue you can try downloading the torrent again if it looks like the file is a good copy but is corrupt then you will need to find another torrent with the same material possibly from another tracker and download that.
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    Welcome to the Official BitComet Forum! From the moment you register as a member of our Forum, you will be subject to the rules stated below. Please read them carefully. Failing to follow the rules may result in a ban. Hopefully, that won't be the case. So, enjoy your time on our Forum. We'll try to provide assistance here for most of your torrent or BitComet-related problems. As always, we value your feedback or any new features you'd like to see in the next BitComet release, so please post your feedback at: BitComet Client Suggestions and Feature Request. Also, do not regard this forum only as a BitTorrent technical support area, but feel welcome to stay for a while, and have a chat in our Lounge [General Discussion Board]. That being said, please read the following rules carefully: DO NOT ask for RESEEDS, SEEDS, TORRENT/FILE PASSWORDS, ANY direct download links, or make any TORRENT REQUESTS, as we do not host any downloadable file. We cannot and will not give links to direct downloads, due to the extremely complex issues related to Internet Piracy. Discussions relating to the practice of software piracy (including where to get warez), computer hacking, cracking, phreaking and anything generally illegal or immoral are forbidden. Discussions of things that are fattening are, unfortunately, still permitted. B) Direct links to warez sites, cracks, hacks (i.e. illegal hosting of applications or games) within the posts of the BitComet Forum are not allowed, nor is uploading of such files on the Forum. We emphasize that we DO NOT APPROVE of this. Should you spot any of these on this Forum feel free to report that to any member of the moderating team. Members are reminded that, if they do post direct download links, their post(s) will be deleted ASAP, without prior notice. However a PM will be sent to the user, reminding him/her of this rule and/or the warning status will be raised. Repeatedly, failing to comply to this rule will eventually end up with a BAN promptly issued to the member. Additionally, members are reminded that in posting direct links to file downloads which are in violation of copyright laws, they may be subject to International Piracy Laws, which will not be imposed upon Bitcomet or its staff, but only on the author of the post himself/herself. When posting technical support questions/answers related to a specific problem, however, feel free to send/ask for PMs containing a link to the site where you obtained the torrent file. This is sometimes quite important, since the torrent file itself could outline issues such as tracker problems, seeding, etc., helping out to find the cause of the problem. Standard Forum Manners are expected: Introducing yourself to our forum is a good thing to do! You can introduce yourself at: New Members' Report! However, please refrain from posting your technical issues directly in that section of the forum. Flaming is not welcome here. Keep it civil and polite. You reap what you sow. Post in the 'most' correct section. Posts made in a random or unrelated section may be moved or deleted without prior notice to the user. Do not double post. Your question will be answered if/when someone who knows the answer logs on, sees the issue, and replies to it. Do not post in a topic unless you have something to add/ask regarding the exact subject of discussion of the topic. Posting your own different problem/question unrelated to the discussed subject, into someone else's topic, is frowned upon, on this forum. Start your own topic instead. Do not necropost. Unless you have a very good reason for reviving an old, dead topic do not post in one. Instead start a new thread. As a thumb rule, any new post in a topic where the last post is older than 3 weeks (maximum 1 month) is usually considered necroposting. This doesn't apply, however, to pinned topics such as the discussions topic for the Port Forwarding guide or the Private Trackers topic. When replying, do not quote the post you're replying to, unless necessary. Most times, it's not necessary. It's especially not necessary when the message is immediately above yours. When you DO quote a message, there is no need to quote the whole post; keep, instead, only the line(s) to which you're referring and delete the rest, to keep the topic in an easy-to-read format. Links to other sites are permitted, provided that they are not Pornographic, Warez or Referral sites: Respect other users' bandwidth, so avoid using Direct URLs/Links (Hot-linking), especially without giving credit . Advertising is not tolerated within the BitComet Forum. Personal sites such as Blogs, Spaces, funny links, etc., are allowed. But do NOT link to "forced sign-ups or voting" links. These links will be removed immediately, without prior notice. 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If you want your username changed, your account deleted, or similar issues, please send a personal message to an Administrator. The BitComet Site & BitComet Forum: Criticizing BitComet Staff, the Main Site, the Forum staff or the Forum itself, without any constructive arguments (i.e., just to rag on or b**** at us or at BitComet) will not be tolerated. Feedback or 'constructive argument' is appreciated; feedback from BitComet users is greatly appreciated. If ever in doubt regarding any issues related to our Forum or website, do not hesitate to contact an Administrator or Moderator [by e-mail or PM], or e-mail us at support@bitcomet.com [Rest assured, this e-mail can and only will be read by Administrators]. The decisions of Administrators & Moderators are final. Arguing against our decisions will coincide with our Standard Rules, since our decisions are based upon the simple 'common-sense' rules outlined so far. However, should you feel that our decision was influenced or was incorrect in some manner, please contact an Administrator. All of the Staff have non-paid positions, and give their time freely. Therefore, they are exempt from most minor rules, except for the most severe, which involve the Staff themselves. All the Staff here are human, just like all the users who've joined this forum, so we do make mistakes, although our decisions are mostly final, within reason. Should we require Staff, we will post within the Announcements for Staff openings, or, you may receive a PM from BitComet Staff, to join our ranks. Note: All of the Rules above, are subject to change without prior notice. We will try to give you advance notice of any really radical new rule changes.
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    Warning System + Suspension/Ban The BitComet Forum hopes that all members will their stay at our Forum, abiding by our Rules. Most members who join our forum actually read our rules before clicking the "I Agree" button within the registration field, and abide by these rules. However, there are some sad people who register at our Forum, intending to post site links to Pornographic Material, Advertising Viagra and, yes, virus-contained sites. Due to increasing number of members who fail to follow our simple rules, the Warning System of this Forum has been activated. It's going to be a very simple system, all members who've joined our forum will receive a maximum of 3 Warnings. After 3 Warnings, members will have their account suspended according to the number of offenses they've committed (i.e. If you break 5 rules, you get 5 days' worth of suspension). Should you fail to abide by our rules after this suspension, you will be banned. Don't think about registering again, for your IP & IP Range will be banned accordingly by administrators/moderators. Just think of this system like a game of Cricket, 3 warnings, you're out of here. All Moderators & Administrators have the power the Suspend & Ban as they see fit. If you believe that they have warned you inappropriately, please send an E-mail at: bitcomet.admin@gmail.com outlining your circumstances, as well as the Moderator. However, if we deem your actions to be worthy of a BAN, we will BAN you! NOTE: All users of this forum can see their "Rating" System, this is an indication of your current disciplinary status. It will be decreased accordingly, if we see that your behaviour has improved. *Warning System - ON *Bad Word Filter - ON
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    Step-by-step guides often don't take time to explain the steps, which means you just have to follow blindly. This means that you don't usually understand what you're doing and so you can't adapt if the situation changes a little. First thing you should understand is WHY you're worrying about static IP's at all. A. The built-in firewalls on most routers will not open a port to just anything that's connected to them. It's poor security to do that because those computers might not be aware that there's an open port through which they're vulnerable. So the firewall requires that you specify an IP address for which you want the port opened. Now a device connected to the router, that HAS that particular IP address, will have that port open. Other devices with other IP addresses will still have that port number closed. B. By default, when you hook Windows up to a network, it uses a protocol called DHCP to ask that an IP address be assigned to it for use in this session. The address is leased, not permanent, and can change without notice to you. This means that each time it connects, it can have a different address, and the address can suddenly change in mid-session. Most of the time, this won't affect you. If you connect directly to your ISP, Windows asks it for an IP address. But if you connect to a router, then Windows asks the router for an IP address. The router plus any computers connected to it, form a subnet. This subnet appears as a single unit to the internet. The router stands in place of a computer. If you put B (ask for an IP address) together with A (won't open a port except to a specific IP address), you can see that there will be problems. If it has to be a particular address, but my address is variable, then anytime I don't (by blind luck) get the right address, my port will be closed. If there are other machines connected to my router, and one of them happens to get assigned that one address, then it will have a vulnerable open port that it doesn't know about. Very bad news. We solve it by telling my computer NOT to ask for an IP address anymore, but instead we tell the computer the IP it must use. When it connects to the router, it tells the router that this is its IP address. (It is up to you, as the network administrator of the subnet, to make sure no other device has that same IP.) By doing this, your computer has a static and unchanging IP address on the subnet. So now we can confidently tell the router's firewall to open the port to that IP, knowing that the port will be open for the right computer, and closed to all the other wrong computers. The router assigns IP addresses to devices that ask it to do so (via DHCP), by taking those IP addresses out of a pool of IP addresses that it has designated for the purpose. Most routers set up this pool with either a start and end address, or a start address and a range. It's a good idea to change that so there are only as many assignable addresses as you will actually need, allowing for a couple of extras, and then picking an IP address for your computer that is outside of the pool of assignable addresses. For example, let's say we have the router's address,, and we have a netmask of This means that all the addresses of all devices on the subnet need to have the same first three octets: 192.168.0, and we need only worry about the last octet, which can have any value from 0 through 255 inclusive. We won't use 0 because it makes people nervous, though it's perfectly valid. 1 is used by the router, and we can't have more than one device with any given IP, on a network. Let's make the start address for our DHCP pool begin at 2, and end at 4 which gives us a range of three assignable addresses, for three other devices. That leaves us with all the other addresses from 5 through 255 in that octet, that haven't been assigned and are not in the pool so they won't get assigned by the router. We can pick any one of those, and no one is any different or better than any other. So let's pick 5 because it's next and that makes things clean and neat. Wait, we hate clean and neat, so let's pick 42 instead, just to be ornery. Ok, our computer's IP will be and all the others, 5 through 41 and 43 through 255 won't be used at all. is the IP address we'll set in the computer network properties, and that's the address we'll tell the router's firewall to open the port for. (This is the missing step that's probably giving you grief.) For the rest of our network settings, it's really obvious. The default gateway is also the only gateway, the only thing we're connected to, which is the router, and we know it's address: For the DNS server, the same logic applies: we're only connected to one thing, the router. Same address. (The router doesn't actually do DNS decoding, it passes the task onwards, but we don't need to care about that here.) This is how you properly get through the router's firewall. But BitComet's yellow light means that your listen port is being blocked by A firewall. It doesn't say WHICH firewall. So if you've got more than one, and one of them is still blocking the port, then the port will be blocked no matter how the others are set. Many firewalls are software, running on your computer. The built-in Windows XP firewall is one of those. Many other programs include firewalls but aren't always obvious about it. Most internet "security" programs include a firewall. So do some mainboard utilities. Having multiple firewalls doesn't make you more secure, but it does give you problems trying to manage all of them. If you open a port on one, you have to open it on all of them to be effective. So I don't recommend having more than one. But you do, definitely, need that one. You're very vulnerable without it. As to these other firewalls, you have to find them and either configure or eliminate them. It is your responsibility to know what's running on your computer, nobody else can do that for you. You should bring up Task Manager, and look at the list of processes (not applications). They will be indentified by their file names. You should use Google to look up each filename, in order to understand what each one is and does. In that process you will probably discover a lot of things that you didn't know were running, and that you don't want to have running since they just waste your resources. Most people do. In this case, you'll need to find out how to keep them from automatically starting up. Google will also help you with this. Some firewalls are entirely external - your network connection can itself be behind a firewall. this is often the case where the internet connection is supplied by the building - often the case in businesses, dormitories, and motels. Most wireless connections of all types are also firewalled liek this. In such a case, where you are behind a firewall you don't control, you'll either have to have it configured for you, or just use BitComet's 'no-listen" mode, which will be much slower, but will still work.
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