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    Ps. The behavior you noticed wasting data can be disabled by disabling the services listed in bitcomet options. This will make bitcomet operate like every other bit torrent client. The downside is you will no longer have the ability to complete torrents that are not fully seeded. Unfortunately the cost for this ability sometimes means data is wasted and that cannot be avoided.
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    Without reading this entire insanely long thread it appears that the answer is obvious. When downloading a torrent using BitTorrent protocol you do not download files you download small pieces of those files. When using web seed you download the entire file even if you only need a small piece of it. This is the only way some torrents can complete. It's really not rocket science. If you have a torrent that consists of a 2GB video file and it will not complete using BitTorrent pieces because some of them are not available you will have to download the entire 2GB video file in order to make the missing BitTorrent pieces. This is not an efficient way to download however it is swarm friendly because after you complete the download bitcomet can then manufacture the missing pieces and share them with the Swarm. If the missing pieces are part of a small file it's not a big deal but in some cases it will result and a lot of unnecessary downloading. Most people agree that it's worth it to be able to complete a download that other torrent clients cannot. It is certainly worth it if you are then able to revive a dead torrent. Now you have a second opinion if you don't like it you don't have to accept it. None of us are obligated to help you and will not continue to tolerate rude Behavior. Please become a positive member of the community and you will be welcome here. If you continue to insult our volunteers you will be removed.
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    This topic is exactly how not to behave in this forum. This is a community support forum we will not tolerate our volunteers being harassed. If you don't like the advice you are given that does not give you the right to harass the person giving the advice. If you don't like the software nobody is forcing you to use it. No one here is obligated to help you. If you don't like the way bitcomet users are helping you you can email the development team directly. If you continue to harass our members you will be removed from the Forum.
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