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    Post all questions about VIP Anonymous Downloading Here Thank You
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    I finally reached the rank of Marshall after after almost 9 years since this system was added to bitcomet. Ranks yet to achieve are Generalissimo, and Sovereign. I know many others have reached these ranks long ago and even though I've been running these support forums for almost as long as BitComet has existed it doesn't mean I'm a huge downloader, in fact most of my activity is centered around sharing fan produced science fiction, so virtually all my activity is uploads for new releases, so growth has been sporadic. It will be interesting to see what rank everyone else is at.
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    To everyone concerned about CometID, yes it's down, this happens sometimes with websites just like it does with your personal computer, errors occur and need to be fixed. Large commercial websites like Google and Amazon have many backup servers running and staff on duty 24/7 to fix problems, but BitComet being a free service is maintained by volunteers and it will be fixed as soon as someone on the development team has the time to fix it. I have notified them of the outage and I expect it will be up and running by monday, if not sooner. In the mean time you can continue to use BitComet, it will still work as good as any other bittorrent client and only some of it's more advanced features like LTseed snapshots, search for mirrors etc will be effected by the outage.
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    How to add a screenshot to your post (simplified version) Hello to all, Here, I'll try to explain, in a very simple manner, the option of how to upload and include a screenshot in your post. Once we see the image that we wish to capture, press "Alt" and "Impr pant", at the same time. (That's the "Print Screen" key, on an English keyboard.) This will take an image of the active window and copy it to the Clipboard. Open a blank document in MSPaint and press "Ctrl" and "v" simultaneously. This will 'paste' said image from the Clipboard to your Paint document. (If MSPaint wants to resize the document, agree. ) If you wish to edit something in the image (for example, hide/smudge your IP, highlight something, crop the margins, etc.), now is the time to do so. Afterwards, under the "File" menu, press "Save as..." (choose a name for it) in .JPG format (this saves our bandwidth...), and place it wherever you like..., your Desktop, for example. When it's time for you to include your image in your post, simply follow the picture shown below: 1. Press 'Examine' and find the desired image in your computer. 2. Press ""Attach This File". Your image's file will appear, along with its corresponding size (3.). Note: Make sure that no individual file is larger than the maximum size allowed (shown in green), and that you do not exceed your personal global upload quota (shown in blue). 4. Once you have followed step 2., place and click your cursor where you want the image to appear, and press "Add to Post". Continue to finish your post and press "Preview Post" and/or "Post New Topic". It's that simple. :)
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    Without an open listening port you will not receive any peer initiated requests. The only way you can connect to a peer is if you initiate the connection and most peers in a swarm already have the connections they need. As new peers enter the Swarm they will try to connect with others except they cannot reach you. You will not know they exist until you receive a Tracker update and by then they may have all the peers they need. If you cannot receive incoming connections your performance is going to be horrible on most torrents. I highly recommend you get a better internet connection and mobile broadband is never a good option when using peer-to-peer downloading. Fiber optic is usually the best option
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    the recommended settings will vary depending on how much ram memory you have installed. The default is to assume you have a minimal amount of ram so disc cache size is very small. By increasing you prevent excessive use of harddrive, but will use more ram memory.
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    BitComet servers are experiencing issues. The problem should be solved within a few days. Meanwhile, some BitComet services, such as snapshots will not work.
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    We can only help you if you provide us with details about how you have configured your version of BitComet. This strongly suggests that you have NOT configured your client properly We NEVER ask stupid questions...and, for the recod, BitComet was not available in 1996. Obvisously, on your side everything is NOT OK, otherwise your BitComet would work just as well as, for example, uTorrent (better, in fact) BitComet cannot block you. Rather than rant and complain about BitComet, why don't you tell us exactly what steps you have followed to configure your client? As you claim to have a vast history/experience in using this and other torrenting clients for almost 20 years, this should not pose any problems, right??
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    <p>i cant log in too 2 days in a row i can log in at the site but i cant log in at program like you i have try everything...to install unistall all...HELP US plz....im so desperate...i have the same problem 2 days now
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    Bitcomet requires a new look. It looks old and unattractive compared to other torrent downloaders with modern look on them such as utorrent, flashget, vuze. :) I hope the bitcomet team will do something about this.
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    Thanks for the update TUUS. Best bittorrent client around by a mile. Stuff happens and we just need to be patient :-)
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    You need to set up using a fixed IP number and set the ports in your router to forward to that port.
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    Please add a dark theme as an option since we use large monitors nowadays to greatly reduce the eye strain compare to the white theme.
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    Can I just ask everyone a huge favour please? Those of you who are planning to put Christmas lights around the outside of your houses, garden walls etc. please will you avoid anything blue and flashing? Every time I drive past I think it’s the police and have a mild panic attack. I have to remove my foot from the accelerator, apply the brakes, put my seat belt on, throw my phone on the floor and hide my beer. It’s extra drama I really don’t need! I appreciate your cooperation and understanding and hope I’ve given you all plenty of notice.
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    Wife texts husband at work on a cold winter's morning; "Windows frozen, won't open." Husband texts back; "Gently pour some lukewarm water over it." Wife texts back 5 minutes later; "Computer really knackered now."
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    Look in Options - Tasks and select "Auto-resume tasks at program startup"
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    Since I posted, I've found out that there was a bug in the last MS update for Windows 8 and 10 details here I don't use either of the ISPs mentioned but I thought it worth passing along
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    I'm afraid this cannot be done as http links were never designed to be stopped and restarted, but additions to the protocol have been added to allow a task still active in the server to be stopped and restarted, but a different pc cannot restart a task as it won't be recognized by the server.
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    This is why it's important to provide accurate info so the developers can know which changes to look at. No one reported this during the 1.41 release, and now we have one member saying the bug is present in 1.41 and another that says it's not. My duties are limited to running this forum, but hopefully development will issue a fix for this soon, keep at eye out at bitcomet.com for a new stable or beta release and let us know if it works for you.
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    Cassie, I have no problem logging in/out of comet ID and stats show the only day in march that wasn't working was the 6th, all other days show points earned which indicates it was only down for one full day. Cassie, yo no tengo problemas inciando/cerrando en Comet ID y las estadísticas muestran que el único día en marzo que no estaban funcionando fue el día 6 del presente. Los demás días, muestra que se obtuvieron puntos, lo cual indica que sólo estuvo caído un día entero.
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    Interesting idea, but I'm not sure about how to do this with the tools you're using. If you speak Mandarin you can ask your question in Bitcomet's chinese forum and may get a response from one of the developers. You may be able to do something similar using commandline scripts like DOS batch files. You can display a list of commandline switches by opening a command prompt and going to your install folder and typing bitcomet --help There is a command for opening torrents from a link, I believe it's... bitcomet --url arg Exit Bitcomet... bitcomet --exit There is a resume command that may open bitcomet from system tray, but you'd have to confirm this... bitcomet --resume and there is a command to return it to tray bitcomet --tray Beyond this I probably cannot be much help, but I'll leave the topic open in case anyone else has a suggestion.
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    Hi, I'm using BitComet 1.29 with Windows XP SP3 on a FTTC 80Mb/s connection, and use PeerBlock 1.2 (r693). I use Windows firewall, and currently no antivirus. I have no problems at all downloading or uploading, in fact my downloads and my uploads are amazingly fast. The problem I'm having is that my BitComet client can't sign in to CometID, and in the small bottom left hand box says ''Unable to sign in CometID at this time''. I've been using my BitComet client for a few days now after a few weeks break, but this time when I launched the client I didn't notice if it signed in to CometID straight away, it was only the next day or a couple of days afterwards when I noticed it wasn't signing in. I use Firefox as my main browser, and I understand that BitComet uses Internet Explorer components, so I launched IE (8) to make sure there were no problems with it they may affect BitComet in any way, and IE was fine, and connected to web pages perfectly. I've signed in to this forum without problems with the same id, and can also sign in to my CometID accounts page without a problem. From the above posts I see that that others have had this problem before, but with there being no recent posts relating to this I am wondering if it is a server problem this time, or perhaps something at my end. I've uploaded more than 100GB in this last few days and would be sad to lose the score for it. Thanking you in anticipation for any advice.
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    I apologize for not being an expert on MPCstar player, perhaps another member here can give you a more definite answer, but I did find out that VLC player can do this using the context menu or with keyboard shortkeys, you can even customize the exact speeds you want to use. https://www.vlchelp.com/controlling-playback-speed-vlc-media-player/
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    You've posted this phrase three times and violated forum rules by reporting false emergencies. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you do not understand english so perhaps you would like to visit our chinese forum? BitComet的中国论坛 http://www.cometbbs.com/ We consider false reports a serious violation. Our staff cannot help members if we have to investigate emergencies that don't exist and if it continues we will have no choice but suspend your account.
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    Thanks, The UnUsual Suspect, for the prompt response.
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    This is not directly related to bitcomet which requires an open connection to the internet. By installing router/s in your system you have installed a private network and you need to be able to route incoming connections to the proper computer for any p2p filesharing to work efficiently. Alternatively you can connect your computer directly to a modem and none of this would be necessary, but if you want to have a home network you'll need to learn how to administrate it or hire someone to do it for you. I can help direct you in the right direction to find the info you need, but without having access to your equipment I can't set it up for you. Here is a guide for setting up your first router... http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/BT/BTHomeHub/BitComet.htm Since you have a second router your destination IP address would be that of your BT hotspot, not that of your computer. If you get this part setup it may be possible to have bitcomet open the port on your hotspot router using uPnP, if not you'll have to log into that device and forward the connections on bitcomets port to your computers IP address, this way any incoming connection on your bitcomet port will be directed from your first router to the second router, then to your computer. It's also wise to setup a static IP address on your computer or it could be necessary to repeat these steps when your computer is restarted.
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    Hi , i have problem that when i m downloading any file bittcomet downloading speed is vey slow
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    Cassie, the cap he's referring to limits the total gross download and upload. Usually when you reach the limit that either shut you off or make your service so slow that you can barely send an email. Speed caps are different, they are something we all have to deal with. Happy Birthday dungcat ps. I haven't been cold at all since ditching my cap... although I've been known to be a hothead :P
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    Please do NOT make duplicate posts - one is sufficient. Thank you.
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    I'd just like to see 'rank' ######' of '########' users. I know how many are ahead of me - but I don't know how many are behind :lol:
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    This data is from 2011 there are an average of 2.5 million people using BitComet everyday. Our users come from all over the world, the top 10 countries with highest user percentage are, Chinese mainland(9.27%), Japan (8.5%), Taiwan (7.03%), Thailand (6.07%), Poland (6.03%), Bulgaria (5.79%), Spain(4.78%), United States (4.64%), United Kingdom (4.17%), and Hong Kong (4.17%)
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    I agree, anyone that brands an entire group of people as bad is a loser. Enjoy this video... Blame Canada
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    Hi, With this being an English forum we will ask that you post only in English. If you wish to post in Chinese bitcomet does operate a chinese forum at a separate location.
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    Hello and welcome! :)
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    gostei muito Maravilha! Meu Bitcomet agradece Meus P2P nunca mais serão os mesmos. Sempre teremos promoção assim?
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    Hi. If you are wondering why the screenshots don't instantly appear, it takes time to download them, or if you are using an IP filter it could be blocking the server. Also, if you are the first bitcomet peer with the option enabled there will be no screenshots available until the download completes. If you are referring to screenshots provided with the torrent that you're trying to view, you will have to finish downloading them before they can be viewed. Hola. Si te estás preguntando por qué las capturas de pantalla no aparecen de forma instantánea, te diré que tardan un poco en descargarse, o si estás usando un filtro de IPs, puede que éste esté bloqueando el servidor. También, si eres el primer par de BitComet con la opción habilitada, no habrán capturas de pantalla disponibles hasta que la descarga finalice. Si, por el contrario, te estás refiriendo a que estás intentando visualizar las capturas de pantalla que vienen incluidas con el torrent, tendrás que terminar de descargarlas, antes de poder verlas.
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    Yes, providing more information, otherwise I can only guess at what you may have done. Without full disclosure from you I can't be sure if this info will help or even apply to you but you can try this... Stop using magnet links and download and open the torrent before opening, or if you use magnet links allow bitcomet enough time to quarry the file names before you initiate the download. To use the file with no extension, just add the .rar on the end of the file but you'll need to enable viewing of file extensions in windows first. I posted a guide on doing this in the forum many years ago and you should have no problem finding it. You can also open files without extension in a program like winrar by selecting the option to "show all files" when browsing for a file to open. A file without an extension will work fine, the extension's only job is to identify what's in the file so your system will know what software to use when you open it.
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    There is also quite a lot of overhead associated with bittorrent, such as exchanging piecemaps with every other member of the swarm, whether or not you actually swap anything with them. It's never been clear whether any or all of this is included in the term, "downloaded".
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    to the forums! Thank you for the kind words, on behalf of the entire Staff, too. It's a pleasant change from the usual... erm... less-than-optimal conversations. :rolleyes: Also, congratulations on being 70 years young!! That's the perfect attitude, and is exactly what my Mom used to say, whenever someone asked how old she was. :) Happy torrenting!!
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    No, we can't help her. She's in China. We're not. Cassie's in Spain, Vasy's in Romania, I'm in Texas. We don't have any more connection with the whole VIP thing than you do, and have exactly as much administrative control over it as you do. We're all volunteers, but our time is not yours to claim, or to tell us what we should be doing with it. We can delete your posts or flip you off the forum altogether for rudeness, but that's it. Shouldn't have been announced till it was ready? We all agree with you and have told them so. Wasn't up to us, still isn't.
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    Good point, utorrent does this too, and takes even longer to do the hash check from my experience. I think if the smaller tasks were hashchecked first, it would allow the downloading to resume, then the large tasks could be hashchecked after the small ones have resumed downloading.
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    Dear all, The latest Beta version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it HERE. Changelog [2011.3.25] GUI Improved: new task list of VIP Downloads GUI Improved: "delete task and files" removed from task context menu. click "delete task" menu command with shift key to delete download task and files together. GUI Improved: support context menu of IE 9 to download using BitComet GUI Improved: 64-bit BitComet supports crash report GUI Improved: modify the size of BT task properties dialog, compatible with 1024x600 resolution GUI Improved: display navigation pane of Windows Explorer when open task download folder under Windows XP GUI Changed: update check for popular software removed totally GUI Bugfix: the task state icon displayed as warning if only download part of files of a BitTorrent and choose "Download Later" GUI Bugfix: 64-bit BitComet performs Windows registry operation incorrectly GUI Bugfix: the disk available space displayed 0 if the save folder filled in task properties dialog does not exist GUI Improved: the text of task status in summary pane can't be displayed completely when it's too long [2011.3.12] Core Bugfix: 64-bit program crashes when BitTorrent download establishing encryption connection [2011.3.11] GUI Improved: max cache size in global options page up to 16 GB under 64-bit system GUI Improved: display download/upload size of this session in Statistics pane GUI Improved: drop-down menu of remove button in toolbar is removed. click remove button with shift key can remove download task and files together GUI Improved: decrease the context menu level of floating window and system tray icon GUI Improved: available space can be displayed correctly even if the save folder is a symbol link to other volume GUI Improved: improve the crash report program Core Improve: native support for 64-bit system Core Bugfix: program crash when shutdown socket modular rarely [2011.3.4] GUI Improved: display confirm window if tasks need hash-check when started GUI Improved: add new global option: display hash-check confirm window GUI Improved: enhance video file capture ability of Firefox extension GUI Changed: remove the "Don't show again" option in task remove confirm window GUI Bugfix: the option "add to Torrent Share when opening torrent" doesn't work GUI Bugfix: when mouse hovers on the system tray icon, the preview window of task downloading progress displayed in incorrect position GUI Bugfix: the save folder in batch download window of BitTorrent task not been applied GUI Bugfix: the detail info windows of download/upload size in task summary pane couldn't be able to shown up after program running for a long time Core Improve: if the the download drive not accessible when task starts, hash-check will be skipped to avoid download progress be reset Core Bugfix: program may crash when uploading to eMule peers using working thread for disk reading [2011.2.24] GUI Improved: display Batch Download window when open multiple torrent files from File menu Core Bugfix: program can only start under win7 because of a mistake in API invocation [2011.2.23] GUI Improved: display Batch Download window when drag&drop multiple torrent files to main window or floating window GUI Improved: remove the drop-down menu from the delete button in toolbar of Torrent History or Torrent Share list GUI Improved: add "Show Detailed Info" option in View menu GUI Improved: new setting in option dialog: add to Torrent Share when opening torrent GUI Improved: display translation text of "Day" and "Hour" in task left time GUI Improved: display recovered and dropped data size by hash-checking in task log list GUI Improved: display used memory size in Statistics pane GUI Improved: new setting in Advanced Option page: max number of UDP packets sent per second GUI Improved: display upload/download speed in the left of main window's title bar GUI Improved: display more accurate error info when opening Magnet URI of unsupported types GUI Improved: display preview window of task downloading progress when mouse hovers on floating window or system tray icon GUI Bugfix: "Open Forum" button in toolbar become invalid when file list is showing GUI Bugfix: after remote connection established, the network status light turns green, but the tooltip of the light and the listening port status in Statistics pane not refreshed GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, certain settings in Proxy page can't be saved GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, unable to create new tag from Task Tag option page GUI Bugfix: in v1.26, the seed number not displayed in task summary pane Core Improve: read file in working thread after disk cache of BitComet used up, to avoid UI responding slowly while high-speed seeding Core Improve: slow down download speed when disk writing speed can not catch up, to avoid UI responding slowly while high-speed downloading Core Improve: improve uploading queue handing, to boost uploading speed in LAN Core Bugfix: stop and restart BT task containing 0 size files will lead to unnecessary hash-checking Core Bugfix: drop incoming peers whose listening port is unknown when their connection disconnected Core Bugfix: files not closed after task stopped as disk space full, making those files locked for moving or removing Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.:) Thank you for your support, The BitComet Team
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