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    Post all questions about VIP Anonymous Downloading Here Thank You
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    I finally reached the rank of Marshall after after almost 9 years since this system was added to bitcomet. Ranks yet to achieve are Generalissimo, and Sovereign. I know many others have reached these ranks long ago and even though I've been running these support forums for almost as long as BitComet has existed it doesn't mean I'm a huge downloader, in fact most of my activity is centered around sharing fan produced science fiction, so virtually all my activity is uploads for new releases, so growth has been sporadic. It will be interesting to see what rank everyone else is at.
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    To everyone concerned about CometID, yes it's down, this happens sometimes with websites just like it does with your personal computer, errors occur and need to be fixed. Large commercial websites like Google and Amazon have many backup servers running and staff on duty 24/7 to fix problems, but BitComet being a free service is maintained by volunteers and it will be fixed as soon as someone on the development team has the time to fix it. I have notified them of the outage and I expect it will be up and running by monday, if not sooner. In the mean time you can continue to use BitComet, it will still work as good as any other bittorrent client and only some of it's more advanced features like LTseed snapshots, search for mirrors etc will be effected by the outage.
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    How to add a screenshot to your post (simplified version) Hello to all, Here, I'll try to explain, in a very simple manner, the option of how to upload and include a screenshot in your post. Once we see the image that we wish to capture, press "Alt" and "Impr pant", at the same time. (That's the "Print Screen" key, on an English keyboard.) This will take an image of the active window and copy it to the Clipboard. Open a blank document in MSPaint and press "Ctrl" and "v" simultaneously. This will 'paste' said image from the Clipboard to your Paint document. (If MSPaint wants to resize the document, agree. ) If you wish to edit something in the image (for example, hide/smudge your IP, highlight something, crop the margins, etc.), now is the time to do so. Afterwards, under the "File" menu, press "Save as..." (choose a name for it) in .JPG format (this saves our bandwidth...), and place it wherever you like..., your Desktop, for example. When it's time for you to include your image in your post, simply follow the picture shown below: 1. Press 'Examine' and find the desired image in your computer. 2. Press ""Attach This File". Your image's file will appear, along with its corresponding size (3.). Note: Make sure that no individual file is larger than the maximum size allowed (shown in green), and that you do not exceed your personal global upload quota (shown in blue). 4. Once you have followed step 2., place and click your cursor where you want the image to appear, and press "Add to Post". Continue to finish your post and press "Preview Post" and/or "Post New Topic". It's that simple. :)
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    Without an open listening port you will not receive any peer initiated requests. The only way you can connect to a peer is if you initiate the connection and most peers in a swarm already have the connections they need. As new peers enter the Swarm they will try to connect with others except they cannot reach you. You will not know they exist until you receive a Tracker update and by then they may have all the peers they need. If you cannot receive incoming connections your performance is going to be horrible on most torrents. I highly recommend you get a better internet connection and mobile broadband is never a good option when using peer-to-peer downloading. Fiber optic is usually the best option
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    the recommended settings will vary depending on how much ram memory you have installed. The default is to assume you have a minimal amount of ram so disc cache size is very small. By increasing you prevent excessive use of harddrive, but will use more ram memory.
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    BitComet servers are experiencing issues. The problem should be solved within a few days. Meanwhile, some BitComet services, such as snapshots will not work.
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    We can only help you if you provide us with details about how you have configured your version of BitComet. This strongly suggests that you have NOT configured your client properly We NEVER ask stupid questions...and, for the recod, BitComet was not available in 1996. Obvisously, on your side everything is NOT OK, otherwise your BitComet would work just as well as, for example, uTorrent (better, in fact) BitComet cannot block you. Rather than rant and complain about BitComet, why don't you tell us exactly what steps you have followed to configure your client? As you claim to have a vast history/experience in using this and other torrenting clients for almost 20 years, this should not pose any problems, right??
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    <p>i cant log in too 2 days in a row i can log in at the site but i cant log in at program like you i have try everything...to install unistall all...HELP US plz....im so desperate...i have the same problem 2 days now
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    Bitcomet requires a new look. It looks old and unattractive compared to other torrent downloaders with modern look on them such as utorrent, flashget, vuze. :) I hope the bitcomet team will do something about this.
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    Thanks for the update TUUS. Best bittorrent client around by a mile. Stuff happens and we just need to be patient :-)
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    Please add a dark theme as an option since we use large monitors nowadays to greatly reduce the eye strain compare to the white theme.
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    What a refreshing post!! 🙂 Someone is actually taking the time to thank the developers of this marvelous free product instead of complaining or whining about it, in some sort of fashion! 😍😍 On behalf of everyone here (and the devs, over there, of course), you're very welcome and thank you for your continued support!! 🤗
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    Can I just ask everyone a huge favour please? Those of you who are planning to put Christmas lights around the outside of your houses, garden walls etc. please will you avoid anything blue and flashing? Every time I drive past I think it’s the police and have a mild panic attack. I have to remove my foot from the accelerator, apply the brakes, put my seat belt on, throw my phone on the floor and hide my beer. It’s extra drama I really don’t need! I appreciate your cooperation and understanding and hope I’ve given you all plenty of notice.
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    Wife texts husband at work on a cold winter's morning; "Windows frozen, won't open." Husband texts back; "Gently pour some lukewarm water over it." Wife texts back 5 minutes later; "Computer really knackered now."
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    To those complaining because there are no paid staff working 24/7 to keep the cometID server up and running, if you put forth any effort to learn about bitcomet you'd know it can work as well as any other client without cometID, and the cometID servers are usually up and running about 99% of the business days even though it's developed, maintained and supported by volunteers and has always been free software. If you'd like the cometID system working closer to 100%, then please contact me in order to make a donation. If enough of you donate perhaps we can have someone on call to keep servers up, or add more redundant servers because we are currently working on a shoestring budget.
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    Look in Options - Tasks and select "Auto-resume tasks at program startup"
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    I unhid the screenshot since cassie was kind enough to edit it.
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    Since I posted, I've found out that there was a bug in the last MS update for Windows 8 and 10 details here I don't use either of the ISPs mentioned but I thought it worth passing along
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    This is why it's important to provide accurate info so the developers can know which changes to look at. No one reported this during the 1.41 release, and now we have one member saying the bug is present in 1.41 and another that says it's not. My duties are limited to running this forum, but hopefully development will issue a fix for this soon, keep at eye out at bitcomet.com for a new stable or beta release and let us know if it works for you.
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    Good answers Gandalf, as for the port check we've already addressed this and if the port check fails, it will automatically go green when remote connections are present. Also, if your wan IP changes, it will be reported to the tracker at the next tracker update, but as mentioned the lost peer contacts will likely be recovered by then.
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    Right... like TUUS stated, 8 Megabits per second (Mbps) are needed, in order to make up 1 MegaByte per second (MBps)... and although practically all programs use MB/s, ISPs prefer to advertise the speeds for their connections as Mb/s, as this makes them sound much "larger/faster" than they really are. As a matter of fact, most people only listen to the "mega" part of the speed offered, without realizing that they are talking about bits and not bytes... sneaky, but legal...(caveat emptor!)
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    Just check, I'm Sovereign. :D
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    We need a remote for Bitcomet with full interface for Android at least, almost all competitors have it since quiet long now. :/ I'd love to control my torrents via phone with the help of an app. (I know of web GUI, but that looks outdated..)
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    there is a very basic web user interface that should work on an android device that supports web browsing, but if you want to run your bitcomet computer remotely from an android app I'm sure you could write one yourself.
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    Interesting idea, but I'm not sure about how to do this with the tools you're using. If you speak Mandarin you can ask your question in Bitcomet's chinese forum and may get a response from one of the developers. You may be able to do something similar using commandline scripts like DOS batch files. You can display a list of commandline switches by opening a command prompt and going to your install folder and typing bitcomet --help There is a command for opening torrents from a link, I believe it's... bitcomet --url arg Exit Bitcomet... bitcomet --exit There is a resume command that may open bitcomet from system tray, but you'd have to confirm this... bitcomet --resume and there is a command to return it to tray bitcomet --tray Beyond this I probably cannot be much help, but I'll leave the topic open in case anyone else has a suggestion.
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    it's common for malware to use the names of genuine windows files so they don't cause alarm when noticed running. You can run a search if the file exists in more than one location. Knowledge of navigation using a command prompt either from safe-mode or a boot disc is helpful.
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    Thanks, The UnUsual Suspect, for the prompt response.
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    This is not directly related to bitcomet which requires an open connection to the internet. By installing router/s in your system you have installed a private network and you need to be able to route incoming connections to the proper computer for any p2p filesharing to work efficiently. Alternatively you can connect your computer directly to a modem and none of this would be necessary, but if you want to have a home network you'll need to learn how to administrate it or hire someone to do it for you. I can help direct you in the right direction to find the info you need, but without having access to your equipment I can't set it up for you. Here is a guide for setting up your first router... http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/BT/BTHomeHub/BitComet.htm Since you have a second router your destination IP address would be that of your BT hotspot, not that of your computer. If you get this part setup it may be possible to have bitcomet open the port on your hotspot router using uPnP, if not you'll have to log into that device and forward the connections on bitcomets port to your computers IP address, this way any incoming connection on your bitcomet port will be directed from your first router to the second router, then to your computer. It's also wise to setup a static IP address on your computer or it could be necessary to repeat these steps when your computer is restarted.
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    I formatted the HD and reinstalled BitComet (1.37), but did not save the list of download before. Wanted to continue the incomplete downloads. Does anyone know how to retrieve http download tasks?
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    Does the PC actually freeze, no mouse movement, no function at all, or is your internet connection only interrupted?
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    I'd just like to see 'rank' ######' of '########' users. I know how many are ahead of me - but I don't know how many are behind :lol:
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    Been using bitcomet for many year, but past few version seem very stable. but after upgrade to 1.37, it acting weird by constantly pushing my cpu to 13%. Even i close down the programe and the cpu fan still screaming. Only i found out that there is still a bitcomet process running. this is very strange, the bitcomet is close but the process till running. previously i had no experience any thing about like this. Plese help me fix this.
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    I agree, anyone that brands an entire group of people as bad is a loser. Enjoy this video... Blame Canada
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    Hi, With this being an English forum we will ask that you post only in English. If you wish to post in Chinese bitcomet does operate a chinese forum at a separate location.
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    Hello and welcome! :)
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    it good but I don't know how to dowload VIP mode
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    I just got word from development that the cometbird project will not be abandoned. We don't have a timetable as to when to expect any updates, but hopefully we'll see a new version posted soon.
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    There is also quite a lot of overhead associated with bittorrent, such as exchanging piecemaps with every other member of the swarm, whether or not you actually swap anything with them. It's never been clear whether any or all of this is included in the term, "downloaded".
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    No, we can't help her. She's in China. We're not. Cassie's in Spain, Vasy's in Romania, I'm in Texas. We don't have any more connection with the whole VIP thing than you do, and have exactly as much administrative control over it as you do. We're all volunteers, but our time is not yours to claim, or to tell us what we should be doing with it. We can delete your posts or flip you off the forum altogether for rudeness, but that's it. Shouldn't have been announced till it was ready? We all agree with you and have told them so. Wasn't up to us, still isn't.
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    i followed this guide and i finally got decent speeds -thanks- oh and about that patch... ...some people just need to be slapped!! and others just need to listen to people who know what they're talking about
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