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    In order to qualify for BitComet VIP Free Trial you must have 40,000 points. 1. Questions about Comments about BitComet VIP? Click HERE 2. Questions about Comet ID and Points? Click HERE 3. Learn about BitComet VIP? Click HERE 4. How many Comet ID points do I have? Click HERE 5. Questions about VIP Anonymous Downloading? Click HERE 6. I was just trying to purchase a Free Trial of VIP, why did I end up here? Click HERE 7. I have confirmed that I have the required 40,000 points, now where can I purchase the free trial? Assuming you haven't already used your free trial there will be one offered at http://vip.bitcomet.com If you are returned to this website that will indicate that you don't have enough points. You can then continue to use bitcomet and wait, or you can purchase one of the other plans offered. 8. I have purchased a VIP plan and am not happy with the performance? In most cases this is either because of a problem with the VIP servers or the tasks run do not have available resources so it's impossible to improve the download speed. You can ask for help in the forum after reading the "READ THIS before posting" topic, or if you would like a refund the fastest way is to open a dispute with PayPal and they will refund your payment. REPLY
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    Please post any Questions or Comments about the VIP free trial in this topic. Please post in English Thank You
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    Dear users, You are unable to purchase a Free Trial for VIP acceleration if your Comet ID score is below 40,000 points. Due to the vast number of free-trial users when our VIP service originally launched, the servers were becoming overloaded and unresponsive, therefore, not providing quality service for neither our free, nor our paid users. We have found it necessary to put a limit on free users until the kinks and bugs are worked out of the system, and we can provide a positive experience for all users. Currently you will need 40,000 points to activate the free trial. We have lowered this limit from 80,000 initially and hope to lower it further after VIP moves out of Beta Testing phase. Kind Regards, The BitComet Team
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    Please Note: READ THIS before posting, announcements are being added to some of the sections, with specific requirements of what info is required to assist members. We are seeing an increasing number of members asking for assistance, but not providing even the most basic of information, such as what version of Bit Comet they are using, what type of internet connection, router, modem, version of windows etc... This only wastes your time and ours, so provide as much info in your first post, and we will be glad to assist you.
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    To all new BitComet Members who have registered at our Forum: Welcome! ;) As I'm fully aware that no one here really bothers to read everything we type up, I would highly recommend you to read our Forum Rules before posting your first post. I would imagine that the reason why you have registered at our forum is mainly because you have an issue either our client, or the torrents. So please follow these steps: - Avoid sending PMs to BitComet Staff seeking for help within our client, or torrent-related issues. Such PMs will be ignored. Search for your issue by using our Forum's in-built Search Browser, alternatively click the Search at the top-right hand corner of our Forum. Place Keywords in if possible, avoid typing in your whole question. If the Search ends up with too many results, OR if you cannot find your issue there, please go to our BitComet FAQs If and only if the step above fails, then post your issue appropriately into either: BitComet General Client Help, OR Torrent Related Questions, OR General Questions (General Questions is reserved for Non-BitComet, & Non-Torrent related problems like PC Hardware, etc). For any NON-ENGLISH discussions, please head to our International Section Look around our Forum, and post your issue into the appropriate Sub-Forum. If unsure, just post your question into the closest-related sub-forum. But do not post in Guides BitComet Team Staff List If there are any issues that you feel must be dealt privately with, please PM any of our staff by clicking on their name below: - Rnysmile - Manager for developing BitComet client & Beta Releases, main administrator. wxhere - Leader of the BitComet development team. Gavin.Wang - Development and testing of BitComet client & Beta Releases. Lucy26 - Communicating with BitComet development team, administrative services The Unusual Suspect - Administrative Services, Technical Support. kluelos - Technical Support, Moderator. greywizard - Technical Support, Moderator. Non-English Moderators: - (Do not PM these moderators unless they have expressed that they wish to communicate with you via PM) Cassie - Administration of Non-English forums, Spanish Translation, Moderator. Vasy - Romanian Technical Support and Translation, Technical Support. Alternate Communication: - For Technical Support and/or bug issues, please post in forum For BitComet FORUM-Related issues ONLY i.e. Forgot Password, etc please send an e-mail to: Support@bitcomet.com . Please allow at least 2-3 working days before we reply back to you. In most cases, we will reply back ASAP. The rest of our Developers' Team are not named here unless they wish to be named. Regards, BitComet Team.
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    Post all questions about VIP Anonymous Downloading Here Thank You
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    To the original poster, I can't really comment on what your SS8 is reporting because it's not in English. To everyone concerned about CometID, yes it's down, this happens sometimes with websites just like it does with your personal computer, errors occur and need to be fixed. Large commercial websites like Google and Amazon have many backup servers running and staff on duty 24/7 to fix problems, but BitComet being a free service is maintained by volunteers and it will be fixed as soon as someone on the development team has the time to fix it. I have notified them of the outage and I expect it will be up and running by monday, if not sooner. In the mean time you can continue to use BitComet, it will still work as good as any other bittorrent client and only some of it's more advanced features like LTseed snapshots, search for mirrors etc will be effected by the outage.
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    BitComet Anonymous Download is our latest addition to our VIP service. With Anonymous Download our VIP members can download any BitTorrent task without directly connecting to the torrent tracker or any of the peers. How does Anonymous Download work? When a user enables VIP on a task, they will see an option for "anonymous download" (version 1.28 and above). When enabled, our VIP server will start the task and begin downloading the data on behalf of the BitComet VIP user. Our VIP servers are state of the art high speed servers and can download the files much faster then any user on a residential internet connection. Our servers will look for peers first in BitComet's Proprietary LTseed network. If sufficient resources are available there, then it will have no need to connect to the bittorrent swarm at all. If it is necessary to connect to bittorrent peers, it will be the VIP servers very fast upload speed that will get the fastest possible download speed*. What about seeding the files I download, I don't want to be a leech? BitComet has carefully considered this issue and we are confident that nearly all bittorrent tasks will be seeded to a ratio much higher then 1:1 (or 1.0 share ratio). Our Servers can upload extremely fast, so as soon as the VIP server downloads any part of the bittorrent task, it will offer it to all peers in the swarm. In a healthy (hungry) torrent, a typical 1gB task will upload several times the total downloaded. By using BitComet VIP service, your not only helping yourself, but also the entire swarm and general health of the torrent, after all, this is what p2p is all about. What if the torrent has no other downloaders and the VIP server is unable to seed back the torrent? Unfortunately this is a possibility, but such conditions do exist and in this rare case our VIP servers are coded to continue the upload for an additional Two Hours after the download is complete. If it is unable to upload to a share ratio greater then 1.0 in that time, it will (unfortunately) have to abandon the task. However, a 1gB task can easily be uploaded several hundred times over with our VIP servers in the time period of two hours, so we feel this is more then sufficient and will make BitComet VIP users among the best peers in any swarm. How can I be sure that the files I'm downloading cannot be traced to my IP address? Anonymous VIP downloading does not connect to any bittorrent peers, torrent trackers, dht networks, or peer exchange. Connections are only made to our VIP servers which are designed to run the task, holding the data in memory only long enough to complete the cycle of downloading and uploading, and to send the data to the VIP client. When this is complete, the task is purged along with all the data downloaded. We keep no records whatsoever in regards to what you downloaded. How can this be anonymous when we have to send payment information to purchase a VIP plan? Quite simple, VIP is a download acceleration service. We don't provide any of the data you are downloading, we only use our technology to help you get it faster and more secure. The only records kept are that you purchased a VIP plan and how much of it you may have used. There is no distinction between basic acceleration and anonymous downloading. What if I'm very concerned about privacy and don't want any Bank records showing that I purchased a plan? We accept major credit and debit cards as well as paypal. If a user is that concerned about records, they may purchase a prepaid debit card and register using any name they wish, then use the debit card directly, or though paypal, however this really is unnecessary as VIP downloading is completely legal and just as your ISP is not allowed to violate your privacy by keeping records, we too keep no records. Will there be a performance difference between VIP acceleration and Anonymous Download? With traditional VIP acceleration, BitComet will connect to trackers and obtain peer lists then the job of downloading the files is split between your local connection and BitComet's VIP servers. In some cases this may be faster then Anonymous Downloading. Users with slower connections will probably find either service equally fast, while users on extremely fast connections may find VIP acceleration to be faster then Anonymous Download. Will there be any Free Trials of this service? Yes, we offer a basic 10gB free trial to users with a score at or above 40,000 points. As mentioned in a public announcement, when VIP first begun we allowed all users access to our free trial, but the result was thousands upon thousands of free users each day, which was unexpected and our servers weren't prepared for such a heavy load. We have been upgrading and purchasing new servers in anticipation of the release of Anonymous Download, so we should be able to handle any number of users. Please note that the former limit of 80,000 points to qualify for a free trial has now been lowered to 40,000. Will I be able to share the files I downloaded with other users through the LTseed network, and if so, will that be done anonymously? Yes, anonymous tasks can be shared via LTseed and BitComet will hide your IP address on any connections you make with other peers. During these connections it could be possible for someone monitoring network traffic to discover IP addresses using 3rd party tools, but considering that the LTseed network is completely separate from the bittorrent network and that no peer can connect to more then 40-102 LTseed peers at any time, it would be extremely unlikely that sharing via LTseed could ever be a security threat to any user, but those who are overly concerned about privacy may wish to disable LTseed on anonymous downloads just to be sure they are 100% anonymous. Work In Progress: These FAQs will be added to wiki.bitcomet.com when Anonymous Download is added to BitComet stable release. *With all bittorrent downloads, the presence of sufficient resources is required to download the task. If there are no sources, then a bittorrent task cannot finish, but in some cases the task can complete from LTseed sources.
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    The latest version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it from Here. Changelog v1.37 2013.12.31 GUI Improved: add download speed/progress graph in task summary pane GUI Improved: add download size in total, upload size in total, torrent create time in task list, hidden by default GUI Improved: display new finished tasks in bold GUI Improved: display proxy server connection errors in task log GUI Improved: after hash checking, mark the banned and removed files in piece map as empty GUI Improved: improve the operation of open file, open folder and invoke anti-virus software, avoid UI not response GUI Improved: add new language: Kurdish GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of missing file extension name when start download by Magnet URI GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of not keeping selection state when switch between task list and torrent exchange list GUI Bugfix: install package supports Windows 8.1 Core Improve: improve Firefox extension to support multiple Firefox versions Core Bugfix: fix the bug in Firefox extension that unable to start BitComet from Save As dialog Core Bugfix: fix the bug of the save folder of HTTP/FTP file is not set to the desired one from remote download webpage Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here. Thank you for your support, The BitComet Team
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    If members have any account problems or questions related to your VIP plan or ability to use it, then you MUST send a PM (private message) to queeniequ. She is our representative from the Development Team and the only person who can look up your account and fix any errors you might be having. When you message her, please include your Comet ID name and, if there was a problem with the purchase, also include your transaction number. If you have any questions on how the service works or other related questions for our Support Team, then make a post in this forum and we'll do our best to help you.
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    The server is down - until the net admins fix that nobody is going to gain points. It's not that big of a deal anyway - to me the 'ranking' is just a bit of fun. I've never seen more than a handful of long term seeders anyway so it's no material benefit. It's not as though you could buy beer with them :rolleyes: <_< :)
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    Don't worry, this happens from time to time. It won't affect the bitcomet client functionality much but you won't get any points added to your score until you can login again. Bitcomet is supported by volunteers so there is no 24/7/365 team to sort it out immediately. Just be patient and it will be back soon :-)
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    Warning System + Suspension/Ban The BitComet Forum hopes that all members will their stay at our Forum, abiding by our Rules. Most members who join our forum actually read our rules before clicking the "I Agree" button within the registration field, and abide by these rules. However, there are some sad people who register at our Forum, intending to post site links to Pornographic Material, Advertising Viagra and, yes, virus-contained sites. Due to increasing number of members who fail to follow our simple rules, the Warning System of this Forum has been activated. It's going to be a very simple system, all members who've joined our forum will receive a maximum of 3 Warnings. After 3 Warnings, members will have their account suspended according to the number of offenses they've committed (i.e. If you break 5 rules, you get 5 days' worth of suspension). Should you fail to abide by our rules after this suspension, you will be banned. Don't think about registering again, for your IP & IP Range will be banned accordingly by administrators/moderators. Just think of this system like a game of Cricket, 3 warnings, you're out of here. All Moderators & Administrators have the power the Suspend & Ban as they see fit. If you believe that they have warned you inappropriately, please send an E-mail at: bitcomet.admin@gmail.com outlining your circumstances, as well as the Moderator. However, if we deem your actions to be worthy of a BAN, we will BAN you! NOTE: All users of this forum can see their "Rating" System, this is an indication of your current disciplinary status. It will be decreased accordingly, if we see that your behaviour has improved. *Warning System - ON *Bad Word Filter - ON
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    Welcome all to the new BitComet forum! You may be wondering why our previous 'discuzz' BitComet forum was offline for a while, well, it was due to Aimee's efforts that we could get this IPB forum up and running! As usual, the same rules apply here, you'll notice a copy of the rules seen in the top bar of the forum. If you have any queries regarding these rules, please do not hesitate to PM us for clarification, or an improvement of the rules. Just a quick and final reminder. In this sub-forum - 'New Members' Report!' Please avoid posting your client/torrent issues direct, otherwise it'll become really congested, and this may confuse new members into thinking that help can be asked anywhere within the forum. We thank you for your co-operation, and look forward to discussing any of your torrent/client concerns.
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    I finally reached the rank of Marshall after after almost 9 years since this system was added to bitcomet. Ranks yet to achieve are Generalissimo, and Sovereign. I know many others have reached these ranks long ago and even though I've been running these support forums for almost as long as BitComet has existed it doesn't mean I'm a huge downloader, in fact most of my activity is centered around sharing fan produced science fiction, so virtually all my activity is uploads for new releases, so growth has been sporadic. It will be interesting to see what rank everyone else is at.
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    To everyone concerned about CometID, yes it's down, this happens sometimes with websites just like it does with your personal computer, errors occur and need to be fixed. Large commercial websites like Google and Amazon have many backup servers running and staff on duty 24/7 to fix problems, but BitComet being a free service is maintained by volunteers and it will be fixed as soon as someone on the development team has the time to fix it. I have notified them of the outage and I expect it will be up and running by monday, if not sooner. In the mean time you can continue to use BitComet, it will still work as good as any other bittorrent client and only some of it's more advanced features like LTseed snapshots, search for mirrors etc will be effected by the outage.
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    To everyone concerned about CometID, yes it's down, this happens sometimes with websites just like it does with your personal computer, errors occur and need to be fixed. Large commercial websites like Google and Amazon have many backup servers running and staff on duty 24/7 to fix problems, but BitComet being a free service is maintained by volunteers and it will be fixed as soon as someone on the development team has the time to fix it. I have notified them of the outage and I expect it will be up and running by monday, if not sooner. In the mean time you can continue to use BitComet, it will still work as good as any other bittorrent client and only some of it's more advanced features like LTseed snapshots, search for mirrors etc will be effected by the outage.
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    HAY PEEPS I WAS JUST WONDERING IF ANYONE NEW OFF OR COULD INVITE ME INTO A PRIVATE TORRENT GROUP AM A GOOD SEEDER AND HATE LEECHES IF ANYONE NEW OFF OR WOULD BE WILLING TO SEND ME AN INVITE i WOULD BE VERY GRATFULL MY Email IS XXXXXXXXXXXX THANK YOU :D Staff Edit: It's not a very good idea to post your private e-mail address in a public forum... you could end up being the target of many malicious spam attacks. It's better if they send you a PM. ;)
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    How to add a screenshot to your post (simplified version) Hello to all, Here, I'll try to explain, in a very simple manner, the option of how to upload and include a screenshot in your post. Once we see the image that we wish to capture, press "Alt" and "Impr pant", at the same time. (That's the "Print Screen" key, on an English keyboard.) This will take an image of the active window and copy it to the Clipboard. Open a blank document in MSPaint and press "Ctrl" and "v" simultaneously. This will 'paste' said image from the Clipboard to your Paint document. (If MSPaint wants to resize the document, agree. ) If you wish to edit something in the image (for example, hide/smudge your IP, highlight something, crop the margins, etc.), now is the time to do so. Afterwards, under the "File" menu, press "Save as..." (choose a name for it) in .JPG format (this saves our bandwidth...), and place it wherever you like..., your Desktop, for example. When it's time for you to include your image in your post, simply follow the picture shown below: 1. Press 'Examine' and find the desired image in your computer. 2. Press ""Attach This File". Your image's file will appear, along with its corresponding size (3.). Note: Make sure that no individual file is larger than the maximum size allowed (shown in green), and that you do not exceed your personal global upload quota (shown in blue). 4. Once you have followed step 2., place and click your cursor where you want the image to appear, and press "Add to Post". Continue to finish your post and press "Preview Post" and/or "Post New Topic". It's that simple. :)
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    Welcome to the Official BitComet Forum! From the moment you register as a member of our Forum, you will be subject to the rules stated below. Please read them carefully. Failing to follow the rules may result in a ban. Hopefully, that won't be the case. So, enjoy your time on our Forum. We'll try to provide assistance here for most of your torrent or BitComet-related problems. As always, we value your feedback or any new features you'd like to see in the next BitComet release, so please post your feedback at: BitComet Client Suggestions and Feature Request. Also, do not regard this forum only as a BitTorrent technical support area, but feel welcome to stay for a while, and have a chat in our Lounge [General Discussion Board]. That being said, please read the following rules carefully: DO NOT ask for RESEEDS, SEEDS, TORRENT/FILE PASSWORDS, ANY direct download links, or make any TORRENT REQUESTS, as we do not host any downloadable file. We cannot and will not give links to direct downloads, due to the extremely complex issues related to Internet Piracy. Discussions relating to the practice of software piracy (including where to get warez), computer hacking, cracking, phreaking and anything generally illegal or immoral are forbidden. Discussions of things that are fattening are, unfortunately, still permitted. B) Direct links to warez sites, cracks, hacks (i.e. illegal hosting of applications or games) within the posts of the BitComet Forum are not allowed, nor is uploading of such files on the Forum. We emphasize that we DO NOT APPROVE of this. Should you spot any of these on this Forum feel free to report that to any member of the moderating team. Members are reminded that, if they do post direct download links, their post(s) will be deleted ASAP, without prior notice. However a PM will be sent to the user, reminding him/her of this rule and/or the warning status will be raised. Repeatedly, failing to comply to this rule will eventually end up with a BAN promptly issued to the member. Additionally, members are reminded that in posting direct links to file downloads which are in violation of copyright laws, they may be subject to International Piracy Laws, which will not be imposed upon Bitcomet or its staff, but only on the author of the post himself/herself. When posting technical support questions/answers related to a specific problem, however, feel free to send/ask for PMs containing a link to the site where you obtained the torrent file. This is sometimes quite important, since the torrent file itself could outline issues such as tracker problems, seeding, etc., helping out to find the cause of the problem. Standard Forum Manners are expected: Introducing yourself to our forum is a good thing to do! You can introduce yourself at: New Members' Report! However, please refrain from posting your technical issues directly in that section of the forum. Flaming is not welcome here. Keep it civil and polite. You reap what you sow. Post in the 'most' correct section. Posts made in a random or unrelated section may be moved or deleted without prior notice to the user. Do not double post. Your question will be answered if/when someone who knows the answer logs on, sees the issue, and replies to it. Do not post in a topic unless you have something to add/ask regarding the exact subject of discussion of the topic. Posting your own different problem/question unrelated to the discussed subject, into someone else's topic, is frowned upon, on this forum. Start your own topic instead. Do not necropost. Unless you have a very good reason for reviving an old, dead topic do not post in one. Instead start a new thread. As a thumb rule, any new post in a topic where the last post is older than 3 weeks (maximum 1 month) is usually considered necroposting. This doesn't apply, however, to pinned topics such as the discussions topic for the Port Forwarding guide or the Private Trackers topic. When replying, do not quote the post you're replying to, unless necessary. Most times, it's not necessary. It's especially not necessary when the message is immediately above yours. When you DO quote a message, there is no need to quote the whole post; keep, instead, only the line(s) to which you're referring and delete the rest, to keep the topic in an easy-to-read format. Links to other sites are permitted, provided that they are not Pornographic, Warez or Referral sites: Respect other users' bandwidth, so avoid using Direct URLs/Links (Hot-linking), especially without giving credit . Advertising is not tolerated within the BitComet Forum. Personal sites such as Blogs, Spaces, funny links, etc., are allowed. But do NOT link to "forced sign-ups or voting" links. These links will be removed immediately, without prior notice. Additional measures may be taken upon the user, depending on the severity of the advertisement. The administrators and moderators are the sole judges of what constitutes a violation of these rules. The forum is not a democracy and you don't get a vote. We expect you to use Common Sense within the Forum: (If you don't have any, at least try for courtesy) Usernames must be 'appropriate'. Pornographic or offensive names are forbidden and will be deleted. If you have been banned permanently, or temporarily, do not come and enter this Forum, nor create a new user account. Doing so, will only lead to an extended ban. If you feel that you have been banned unfairly, or feel that you should be un-banned after a period of time, e-mail us at: support@bitcomet.com. This Forum is not for trading/selling/buying items or services (including invitations to other sites), so do not create such posts or topics. They will be deleted. So will you. If you want your username changed, your account deleted, or similar issues, please send a personal message to an Administrator. The BitComet Site & BitComet Forum: Criticizing BitComet Staff, the Main Site, the Forum staff or the Forum itself, without any constructive arguments (i.e., just to rag on or b**** at us or at BitComet) will not be tolerated. Feedback or 'constructive argument' is appreciated; feedback from BitComet users is greatly appreciated. If ever in doubt regarding any issues related to our Forum or website, do not hesitate to contact an Administrator or Moderator [by e-mail or PM], or e-mail us at support@bitcomet.com [Rest assured, this e-mail can and only will be read by Administrators]. The decisions of Administrators & Moderators are final. Arguing against our decisions will coincide with our Standard Rules, since our decisions are based upon the simple 'common-sense' rules outlined so far. However, should you feel that our decision was influenced or was incorrect in some manner, please contact an Administrator. All of the Staff have non-paid positions, and give their time freely. Therefore, they are exempt from most minor rules, except for the most severe, which involve the Staff themselves. All the Staff here are human, just like all the users who've joined this forum, so we do make mistakes, although our decisions are mostly final, within reason. Should we require Staff, we will post within the Announcements for Staff openings, or, you may receive a PM from BitComet Staff, to join our ranks. Note: All of the Rules above, are subject to change without prior notice. We will try to give you advance notice of any really radical new rule changes.
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    Without an open listening port you will not receive any peer initiated requests. The only way you can connect to a peer is if you initiate the connection and most peers in a swarm already have the connections they need. As new peers enter the Swarm they will try to connect with others except they cannot reach you. You will not know they exist until you receive a Tracker update and by then they may have all the peers they need. If you cannot receive incoming connections your performance is going to be horrible on most torrents. I highly recommend you get a better internet connection and mobile broadband is never a good option when using peer-to-peer downloading. Fiber optic is usually the best option
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    Please read the thread marked server down. It's all covered there btw - 'necro-posting' (posting to a thread that's been dead for 6 YEARS) isn't a very good idea
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    VBF, I must say I don't like your tone. You are speaking to a member of development here, a team who despite the busy schedules and day jobs which pay their bills, donate time to provide you and other users with this FREE product, and producing this product is their domain, however this community forum is my domain and I will NOT allow it to become a means to attack or insult our development team using ignorance and false information. I do encourage open discussion of such serious topics as this, but you don't seem to even grasp the understanding of the basic terms, such as calling this false positive detection a "virus" and a "trojan" in the same sentence. If in fact there was an actual threat it couldn't be both, a Trojan is very different than a Virus, and your security program incorrectly detected a "trojan", defined as a program that installs without your permission or while claiming to be something different than what it actually does, and there is no evidence or any suggestion (other than yourself) that it contains any type of virus. We've also proven there is no Trojan which you can confirm using the "Total Virus" website which tests BitComet 1.44 using the top 54 anti-virus programs and 100% of them test it as clean (verified just minutes before making this post). We also had another member making the same report, he too was rude and declined to have an honest and intelligent conversation so he was removed... although his topic remains, and if you want to remain part of this community, then I will require you to speak with respect to those providing you with this great (and free) software. Please feel free to ask any questions and research any answers we give you, and feel free to redress any issues you don't agree with based on FACT, not ignorance. The FACT is your security software made a mistake and you are embarrassing yourself by ranting about it. The mature adult thing to do if you get such a detection is to ask politely in our forum, scan it with more apps to get their opinions, and most of all educate yourself as to exactly what your app claims or suspects it found. In this case it is a 100% legit app that is used to offer other software for your consideration, all of which can be easily deselected if not interested. As for "Aliexpress", it is a website similar to eBay that sells goods, mostly from Asia and I've purchased many hard to find parts from them and found them reliable and trustworthy, and you don't have to install their app to use their website, but if you do install one of the offered apps it could make the difference between bitcomet continuing development, or stopping completely. They have bills due each month to pay for the costs of running this forum, the LTseed system, CometID servers, and more, and since donations are few, the only viable method to cover the costs is to bundle apps, and as long as InstallCore is used according to the rules, it's 100% legit and not a threat of any kind, and I'm certain if your anti virus re-evaluates BitComet it will agree. This is really simple, it's not rocket science, a "trojan" is NOT a virus, it's a computer program, and in order to be considered a trojan it has to deceive you as to it's function, or install without notification or a way to opt out, and any of the 54 programs that may have previously detected it as suspect has reclassified it as safe, which proves what I told you in my first reply, so feel free to ask any questions you may have, but any further impolite or sarcastic comments and you will be removed until such time that you can behave as an adult in a civilized manner. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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    the recommended settings will vary depending on how much ram memory you have installed. The default is to assume you have a minimal amount of ram so disc cache size is very small. By increasing you prevent excessive use of harddrive, but will use more ram memory.
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    One small subtle change to a sign went unnoticed for quite some time...
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    Dear members, The new account system, CometID has been integrated with the forum, please read the following instruction carefully if you have difficulties/inquires regard to this new account system. 1. If you have not registered in this forum before: a. You can login with your CometID account, which was also known as Comet Passport. b. You can login with your social network account, namely Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. c. Or you can register for a CometID account now from http://www.cometid.com/passport/register 2. If you have registered in this forum before and you would like to login with that account: a. If the email you used to register for the forum account is the same as the one you used to register CometID, you can just insert the email instead of username to login. b. If the email you used to register for the forum account is the same as the one you used to register your Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Twitter account, you can insert the email instead username to login. c. If the email you used to register for the forum account is different from the accounts mentioned above, or you don't hold any of these social accounts; please go to http://www.cometid.com/passport/register to register for a CometID account with the email you used during the registration of your forum account. 3. If you have registered in this forum before and you would not like to login with that account: a. Please login with CometID or social network which was registered with a different email from your forum account. Any comments, questions, and feedback are welcomed, please post them here. If you have any problem with your account, please visit our account system site. Regards, The BitComet Team
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    I activate BITCOMET every day in about ten years. The rank of me fell from 0 to 1 at the time of the server down in January. ;)</p>
  33. 2 points
    There is nothing to be concerned about, it will be fixed eventually. Members seem to panic every time the server goes down and it often happens during the 9day national holiday of Chinese New Year, so just continue to download and if it troubles you to look at it trying to sign in, just sign out, or you can hide the entire left pane and you won't even see it. Happy New Year
  34. 2 points
    Three days with no connections. There are always other clients but I have come to like BitComet over the years. Hope the problems are remedied quickly.
  35. 2 points
    It's just one of those things that happen to online sites every so often - a server goes down over a weekend and, usually, it comes back sometime on Monday. You'll drop a few scoring points but it's not the end of the world - they're just a bit of fun and won't buy any beer ;) (long term seeding isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway - I've never seen more than a handful on any download I've done)
  36. 2 points
    can't login to bitcomet while downloading for the last four days. Bitcomet remains in as signing in for the whole time. In browser we can login into our cometID account , but it did not show your score. Fix IT
  37. 2 points
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    To everyone concerned about CometID, yes it's down, this happens sometimes with websites just like it does with your personal computer, errors occur and need to be fixed. Large commercial websites like Google and Amazon have many backup servers running and staff on duty 24/7 to fix problems, but BitComet being a free service is maintained by volunteers and it will be fixed as soon as someone on the development team has the time to fix it. I have notified them of the outage and I expect it will be up and running by monday, if not sooner. In the mean time you can continue to use BitComet, it will still work as good as any other bittorrent client and only some of it's more advanced features like LTseed snapshots, search for mirrors etc will be effected by the outage.
  39. 2 points
    Thanks for the update TUUS. Best bittorrent client around by a mile. Stuff happens and we just need to be patient :-)
  40. 2 points
    There are hundreds of torrent sites, tpb was the default since it's the biggest but you can try any of them, some are listed in bitcomet and there are countless others that aren't. I won't recommend any specific sites you just need to look until you find one you like.
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    BitComet will be updated when and if there is sufficient cause to warrant the work involved.
  43. 2 points
    The comet ID servers are down. We are also now "between" forum reps, the former left for a new job and the new one hasn't started yet, but I've alerted development via email so it should be fixed soon. Without comet ID you can still download via bittorrent the same as any other client, you can also still use LTseed but will be limited to 40 connections. You will also not be able to submit your upload data which is used to advance you in rank, but rest assured it will be fixed and you can still download at least as fast as any other client. Please also understand this is a volunteer project and the developers as well as our volunteer forum staff all have our day jobs so sometimes things won't get fixed as fast as we may like, but it's unavoidable and I'm sure you can understand. Thanks for your patience.
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    You do not have to pay for anything, you only need to educate yourself on how things work and refrain from trying to take shortcuts, reading a few words and proceeding and expecting large rewards with no effort then complaining that you cannot handle it. If you're serious about seeking help I advice you start reading the first topic linked in my signature so you'll know how to properly prepare a support request.
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    VIP Acceleration in private mode consistently hangs at 99%. This is unusable and I would like to request a refund. Thank you.
  48. 2 points
    You do not need to sign in. Please do not post duplicate messages about the same subject. Please search the forum before posting in order to make sure your question hasn't already been dealt with. Your client is fully functional without ever even registering with BitComet Passport, much less signing in. This is not an issue for great concern when it occurs. It will not measurably affect your speed except in very narrow, very rare circumstances which are entirely hypothetical and un-proven. When you are unable to sign in, this is not a matter for concern. Within a short time, you will be able to sign in again. This issue is getting ten times the traffic it deserves. I am beginning to believe the whole idea should just be abandoned or closed off for non-Chinese IP's again, because people seem to just panic over an utterly trivial issue.
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