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  1. Thankyou for your help vasy it worked perfectly :) Yes kluelos i do realize that, we alternate our usage wherever possible. thanks fellas :)
  2. Hi, 1. I'm running Bitcomet 1.32 2. I have an Adsl connection 3. I'm using a Netgear Wireless N300 Adsl +2 Modem Router DGN2200v3 4. Windows 7, Windows Firewall, Avast Free Antivirus I opened bit comet the other day to find that my listen port has randomly blocked (or so it seems) it was green.... I'm quite sure its not the modem/router because my brother is using the same wireless as me and he has the green light. I've made an exception in windows firewall. Also i've made a program exception in avast for bit comet. My brother is using bit torrent so i installed that and still no light which makes me think theres no point in reinstalling bit comet. I also tried using the same port as him and no joy. Please help me, Max :)
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