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  1. yeah i made sure that bitcomet is alllowed on firewall, and i turned off pop up blocker from IE and i went to manage add on and made sure that bitcomet is enabled last night i installed a new windows in case .. but the same thing happening ! i don't use any ip filtering programes
  2. i don't make u confuse am tyring to describe well, 1st of all i installed a new windows then i installed bitcomet 1.32 x86 , clicked on sign in and typed my username and password then i clicked sigin in the window disappeared and it shows me that it's connetcting to the server then like the pic above the bitcomet logo still flashing and under it it shows me to sign in now and when i click sign in now it start to show me that it's trying to connect to the server and after while it shows me again to sign in now .. it's happening like that 4 days till nw i did uninstall it and installed it again, i installed bitcomet 1.32 x64 and it bring me the same result i hope i made my self clear and sorry for making u a little confused and btw i don't install any toolbars , and i checked that bitcomet add on is enabled in my IE9
  3. yeah i get the window and i typed my username and password and signed in but nothing happens i tried to reinstall it and once it starts it shows me the same before i try to type my info
  4. nothing happens it still looks like that even if i clicked sign in now
  5. i installed a new windows 2 days ago And since this i am trying to login to my account in vitcomet but no reason It's just taking too much time and it stucked like that for 2 days until now i tried resrtarting my pc , restarting bitcomet and i tried to reinstall bitcomet again but the same problem I am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and the pic shows what does it exactly look
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