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  1. Dear All, i have made the video you can see it here: http://www.salloumdesign.com/MPCstar/ i am downloading the movies from dardarkom.com after installing the codec the delay is less than before and this video after i install the codec as default. best regards,
  2. about the first one, in all the .mp4 videos i have this problem. but let me clarify: when the movie or the video starts, it will start directly without any latency, but when I am trying to (Rewind / Fast Forward) then the time will continue (working fine) and the voice also is (working fine) but the image or the video will stop for 5 sec or more, and most of the time I use the right arrow and left arrow untill the video start moving. the second thing: this happened when i stretch the video or change the height and width, also sometimes while maximizing the screen. the (blinking extra part) will appear on the space that should be black. for further information i will try to record my screen in this tow problems and i will port the link here. best regards, i hope it will work :D
  3. am using MPCStar because its fast and has many options, i will not convert all my videos to avi :( but if you look at VLC playes it has no problems with mp4, so the problem is in the MPCStar itself with the mp4, and in previos version there was no problem with mp4 at all.
  4. hello all, I am using MPCStar from almost 2 years, and i have installed it on more than 30 computer. am using 5.4 with win7 / ultimate / 64bit while playing .avi .flv .divx every thing is working fine. but if i am playing .mp4 video it will start directly but if i use the (Rewind / Fast Forward) the video will stop for 10 sec i will be able to hear the sound but no video. and I should use right arrow and left arrow many times (right left right left ... etc) untill the video desplay. maybe the problem in mp4 encoding or something in the program itself. One more thing is when changing the screen dimentions the black background starts to blink like there is a video going and coming from the background and it is taking from my video. and sometimes when using the full screen it happened too. Hope that i will get a solution :(
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