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  1. I cant sent a private message to you for some reason, but my dl wont go past enable, I'm under the impression the check mark is  supposed to go to preparing and then accelerating? the account name is davidphilipwebb

    1. shami


      vip Acceleration don' t work

      comet ID : shami


  2. I dont know what happen with VIP but every time i try to get it i cant

  3. hello i keep getting a server error message when attempting V.I.P.. we both know that this is time sensitive so will i be getting an extention on my days after exspiration date? ..........rbrums Transaction ID: 00F588562B040490E

  4. Leave a message...

  5. Hi, we are sorry but I'm afraid you have to leave it alone. It won't be so much a problem. Sorry for all inconvenience may caused you by this change.
  6. I remember it had been solved weeks before. Unluckily it happened again. I'll have someone look into it. But we're already on our holidays. Hope he can manage to solve it from home.
  7. Please read this http://www.cometforums.com/topic/12793482-how-to-add-a-screenshot-to-your-post-simplified-version/page__gopid__72212#entry72212
  8. The latest version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it from Here. Changelog v1.37 2013.12.31 GUI Improved: add download speed/progress graph in task summary pane GUI Improved: add download size in total, upload size in total, torrent create time in task list, hidden by default GUI Improved: display new finished tasks in bold GUI Improved: display proxy server connection errors in task log GUI Improved: after hash checking, mark the banned and removed files in piece map as empty GUI Improved: improve the operation of open file, open fol
  9. I've conveyed this issue to dev team. And we'll think about it in next version.
  10. Hi, Please provide us with your scheduler screenshot. According to our test we didn't find any problem.
  11. It could be caused by your hardware problem. Suggest have a check on your hardware.
  12. Dear all, The latest beta version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it from Here. Changelog [2013.12.26] 1.37 beta4 GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of the Apply button in Options dialog does not work Core Bugfix: fix the bug in Firefox extension that unable to start BitComet from Save As dialog [2013.12.9] 1.37 beta3 GUI Bugfix: fix crash when adding folder to candidate directory list in Options dialog GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of unable to run under Windows XP SP3 [2013.12.4] 1.37 beta2 GUI Bugfix: install package supports
  13. It's an English forum. Please leave your comments here in English.
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