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  1. I'm confusing you. The list I'm referring to is the list of files in a particular torrent. - Click on the torrent in the Transfer window - Click on Files in the bottom subwindow to get a view of the torrents pieces. It's here that I'd like to be able to sort the entries by % done. Hope this helps to clear up my vague description of the issue. :) (BTW, thanks for the quick response) BinaryGemini
  2. This may have already been dealt with, I don't know. Couldn't find anything using forum search (using sortable as keyword.) So if it's already been dealt with...sorry. Anyway, I was wondering if a sorting feature could be added to the Files list. Some torrents I download contain many files, sometimes I'd like to keep the list sorted (e.g. 100% complete at the top) to see which files are progressing. May sound silly, but I'd really like that feature. I don't suspect it'd be too difficult to implement, but then again I'm not implementing it. :) Anyway, this is my $0.02. Have a good morning/afternoon/day/night/whatever. BinaryGemini.
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