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  1. I can watch all the file types I download on my computer without any problems, but if I transfer WMV, MP4, or FLV onto a memory stick to watch on my TV through my DVD player, It will only play AVI, or MPEG, is there a way I can convert these unplayable files to AVI files for free, or will I have to buy a program to solve this, as money is a bit of a problem at the moment. Thank You ALP1962
  2. bitcomet 1.27.- can i make all the movies i have on my computer avaliable for upload or do i have to put each film onto bitcomet seperatly, and then do something to make them avaliable, as i am willing to seed what ever i have, i just dont know if i am doing it yet. i have a 6 meg download connection, any help appreciated as i am sure i have spare bandwidth so i would like to do my bit to help with downloads. Thank You ALP1962
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