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  1. Forgive me but 4 days is enough looking through the forum to see about an answer. And yes I typed in every permutation to try and get an answer or topic profile. Every time I click on a torrent, a display comes up to update my Google Chrome. I have the latest version, I have deleted history and cookies, I have uninstalled and reinstalled G-Chrome and still the pop up. I have Windows 7 (latest update). Everything is of the latest updates as of 9/7/2013.
  2. Is there a BitComet for dummies manual? I would appreciate even a link to a site that is a great deal more (lay man terms) comprehensive. I do not mean introductory I mean more explanatory.
  3. There is probably a forum topic that discusses this issue but I am damned if I can find it and after two hours of looking. I downloaded something and then wanted to leave a comment on it, but I can not sign in. I keep getting a message, " The e-mail address you supplied does not match the one listed for that username. So I will just guess that I have the correct user name but since I change email services and don't even use the old yahoo account I am at a bit of a loss as what to do next. First I do not remember the name of my email account I originally registered with much less the password.
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