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  1. Forgive me but 4 days is enough looking through the forum to see about an answer. And yes I typed in every permutation to try and get an answer or topic profile. Every time I click on a torrent, a display comes up to update my Google Chrome. I have the latest version, I have deleted history and cookies, I have uninstalled and reinstalled G-Chrome and still the pop up. I have Windows 7 (latest update). Everything is of the latest updates as of 9/7/2013.
  2. Is there a BitComet for dummies manual? I would appreciate even a link to a site that is a great deal more (lay man terms) comprehensive. I do not mean introductory I mean more explanatory.
  3. There is probably a forum topic that discusses this issue but I am damned if I can find it and after two hours of looking. I downloaded something and then wanted to leave a comment on it, but I can not sign in. I keep getting a message, " The e-mail address you supplied does not match the one listed for that username. So I will just guess that I have the correct user name but since I change email services and don't even use the old yahoo account I am at a bit of a loss as what to do next. First I do not remember the name of my email account I originally registered with much less the password. So going back to the original email provider is not an option. I go to just enter a new registration persona and there I get really stuck. I enter all the information but when I get to the spot where I have to enter a two word verification/confirmation code all I see is a pale blue block with no entry box and absolutely no cryptic looking words to retype and prove I am not a typical spammer. So exactly what am I to do? Now I am hoping that the people who help me with this understand a very important concept; I am not a high tech 24/7 computer IT capable of doing complicated mouse moves with my sphincter muscles. That being said if you are going to explain this to me then explain it not as if to a child but as if to an amoeba. If this is beneath any of you then please just move on and frustrate someone else. Not that any of this matters but here it is: Asus w/ OS 7 64, 8gb RAM, Aquarius w/ brown eyes.Very frustrated with this problem...if you didn't get the full impression from the preceding sentences. And yes I restarted everything, did log outs from everything the whole sha-bang. Never mind I found a different way. The problem was not with Comet but rather with ISOhunt log in...who cares about that!! ha ha
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