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  1. Codecs came WITH the player when I originally downloaded it is what that means. No other codecs came with these files I'm trying to open, funny thing though, I did try to play it again a few days ago on MPCstar/tigerplayer and it DID in fact work again, but now it's back to refusing to play and instead crashing the entire computer again.
  2. Yes, I believe they came with it. I dont recall installing any codes specifically for tigerplay since this bug has occured, but maybe other codecs cross over and effect this one.
  3. I need some advice, I downloaded some videos that were in MKV format, they opened fine even the HD/Blue ray rips, but now lately whenever I try to open those higher quality files the whole computer crashes when I click open, I dont know what's caused it and it only happens with MPC Star. Anyone got any ideas?
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