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  1. Thanks for the answers, I thought it might have been the case but just wanted to make sure.
  2. Doesn't seem to work. It doesn't work manually or via hotkeys. Only thing related to this that works is they play back speed (ctrl+, and ctrl+.) and also the "z,x" frame skipping seems to work but only forward. I'm playing it through actual disc instead of just a file also. The options for rewind and forward and are just grayed out in the options. Dragging the "timeline" also does nothing. Well mostly I'm just looking a way to just rewind somehow.
  3. Hi! So I have this problem with MpcStar where I can't rewind or forward any video that's been played from dvd. I can't even find a way to move back in the video in anyway and can only go forward faster by increasing the play speed (6400x or something like that). I tried to google it but all I found was that a few versions back there was a fix for this (MpcStar v5.3 [PLAYER] fix the bug of unable to fast forwards/rewind when playing DVD (this was in the changelog)). I would appreciate any kind of answer, like if there was even some other way to forward/rewind (especially rewind) a dvd.
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