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  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mataanjin.
  2. go to guide section. maybe you need forwarding your port.
  3. try using google with keyword crack "Rise and fall". or if your torrent gives you mds/iso file mount it to your virtual disc(alcohol/daemon)
  4. are the dowload complete? if not you must compelete it first. using bittorent the file will have the same size at explorer, but it's ioncompelete
  5. what version did you use? try using 0.68. are your torrent have seed&peer.
  6. mataanjin


    I have a torrent but i don't want to download all files. I just choose some of the file. for full download the size is 1GB and I only choose file that only 45MB. but now I have download more than 45 MB and the torrent still not compelete. why is it?
  7. I can't change my router setting. my router is linksys
  8. I have login to my router, but I can't change the setting there. my router is linksys BEFSR41W. is any body know why?
  9. go to preferences ==>appearance==> check auto resume task on bitcomet startup
  10. What is rubbish data droped? I have a file that has 2 MB rubbish data drop. Will it affecting my file?
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