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  1. Re: no one sharing the files... On torrents that the site says 4000+ are sharing the file I would expect something (But still get no tracker response) . But I agree it appears for some reason I am not getting tracker info. But, on a low seed torrent I have been trying to get (<20) with 1 LT-Seed (very slow speed) I replaced the tracker list in the torrent with you list above and DID get some tracker responses and was able to finish it in a few seconds. Hurrah! (had gotten to 90% on that 1 LT seed after 3 days of connection) The next time I download one of those "new popular" torrents I will try swapping out the torrent list in the torrent and see if that fixes the problem. I would not think it has been the Listening port, as I have been using BC for 10 years? with out a listen port. When I first started using BC I had a listen port, moved to a new location and did not and spent quite a bit of time occasionaly over the years trying to tweak firewalls and routers to open one but never could. However just saw your responce on another topic about the "not using DHCP" and when I checked I am, so thats probably my problem. I will work on changing that.
  2. I have been using BC for Years, and other than not being able to open a listen port, I have never had any trouble. But starting about 6-8 months ago (Maybe after updating to a new version of BC but cant be remember for sure, I only do updates about once a year or so.) I noticed that I could only connect to long term seeds. However since usually I am only getting popular torrents (1K+ seeds), there are usually lots of LT-seeds, so it was not really a problem. But when I am trying to get less popular seeds, (50-200 seeds) sometimes there are no LT-Seeds and sometimes after a few days trying 1 might come online and I can get it, but usually I am out of luck. and if its an older torrent with <20 seeds forget it. All the trackers say either "Tracker No Response, or DNS Resolve Failed. Even on "new popular" torrents with 5000+ seeds listed on the torrent sites Any ideas? Win 8.1 laptop, with McAFee firewall/virus program.
  3. I have the same problem now. Working fine just a couple days ago, but this morning it says "CometID not exist" Have had ID for 9 years.. using BC 1.5.3
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