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  1. It will be fixed soon so Don't worry about this \it happens from time to time :)
  2. yes you are right Sir I have 4 GB Ram and my windows 64 bit 8.1 pro and I use Bitcomt 64 bit what the steps I can do to Using a larger disc cache in bitcomet ? And the think that make me crazy that the download my torrent to my NAS was 50% and I stop it than when I resume It again without do any think in the bc! files the bitcomt check it and it return 30 % ???? How this happen so I decided to download to a local drive and then move the files to your NAS device ^_^ Thank you very much :lol: and I hope If you find any information you can tell me please :rolleyes:
  3. but opps there is problem happened the bitcomet stopped responding and some times disconnect from downloading and not reconnect automatic I leave the program downloading and after 2 hour it downloaded only 50MB :blink: and the Green Arrow (⤵) become disconnected (✖) very bad I hope If there is option make torrent scan connection and connect automatic to resume downloading :blink: oh I am so cry please help me :wacko:
  4. yes sir thank you very much I map a network and it downloading now :) :rolleyes: :D
  5. excuse me sir there is something I not understand that is bittorrent = bitcomt ? is they are the same program for torrent ? and thank you for replying me :lol:
  6. Hello I have server Hardware (WD MY Cloud ) connected to my router and when I try to download from my computer to My cloud it stop and not downloading :( So Is there is any tutorial about How I can download torrents to servers with Bitcomet ? And How I can make torrent resume automatic downloading when connection is miss ?
  7. download is too slow and tracker error 2014-05-12 13:07:47 Tracker connection error: 10053 An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine and solution ?
  8. Welcome to best CometForums:D and Guardian Eagle is best Administrator ever hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D
  9. Hi every one and thanks for every one try to help me :D I solve this problem by install anew windows the problem is from my windows 8.1 it is very stuipid system :( I install windows 8 is better than 8.1 :) ♥
  10. First I want to say to you Thank you very much :) but How I can try bypassing the router until the torrent can complete. ? can you give me example or any thing to show me How ?
  11. Hi everyone :) I hope any one here can help me please ? I have alread finsh my download but it still downloading ??????? Bitcomet say size left 8 MB and It start to finsh this 8 MB I downlad about 1 GB and there is no respond :( the time of finshing download not Limited and the download not finsh but the problem not there is no seed the torrent downloading and not finsh at all :( this is the name of torrent Avatar.2009.3D.Blu-Ray.1080p.H-SBS.DTS.x264 . you can find it in the attach files . so any one please can help me ♥ Avatar.2009.3D.Blu-Ray.1080p.H-SBS.DTS.x264.torrent
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