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  1. Hello everyone, Tried 3 different other clients, all kept crashing / freezing. BitComet works like a charm! In SA I have the second best ADSL connection you can get - a 512 Kb/s connection. So jealous of you overseas guys with your 5mb/s connections!! I also got a 3G cap so all it is good for is remoting to my work server so I can get some decent size files (there we have uncapped). No issues to post so I will just look around, see if I can help anyone.....nothing to taxing. Stephen
  2. Once you have finished downloading a torrent, it will automatically be seeded and you will be sharing it for other people. If you close BitComet or shut your computer down, when you open it again check that the files have "OK","Connecting" or "Uploading" and not "Stopped" under the Status column. If it does say "Stopped" then click the file and click the start button on the toolbar. You will then be sharing with others.
  3. This is data that has been corrupted on its journey to your computer. BitComet cannot use this when putting the file together so it drops it. It then requests the information again so no, it doesn't affect your file.
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