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  1. As stated below by TuS, its best to ask in the bitcomet forum if you have any questions.

    Unfortunately my uni studies preclude me from running the forum anymore.

    Good Luck & All the best everyone!

  2. Note to all members: Soriaya is no longer on staff, nor an active member in the forum, so won't be replying to messages. Please address any questions or support requests to the proper section in the forum.

  3. hi soraiya, could u plz tell me how i can download a movie on bitcomet.

  4. Hi,Soraiya, and thanks a bundle for your post 'How to Set up Portforwarding & Static IP' and the link to Portforwarding.com. I'm running green lights now! Gawd! I beat my brains out for weeks trying to figure it out. i'm sitting behind a router and a modem, and I simply could not figure out the handshaking. thanks again, BIG time.

  5. I can't agree enough! :) Her work behind the scenes is just phenomenal!

  6. Can you answer these questions? Since, it is common for some routers not to be listed at portforward. Can you access your router page? (i.e. By default you can access your router's page by If not consult your Router's manual. Also, double-check whether you really have a Router (sometimes if it is not listed at portforward.com, then you may have a modem). Can you see a section called Virtual Servers? OR Port Channels? It may be listed under Firewall.
  7. Haha typically, the DSL users can be pictured as those who are purely leechers especially on public trackers. But the fact is, even if you're uploading i.e. 40 kb/s to say User A, User A may just well be uploading at 80 kb/s, except not to you. So, don't misinterpret these users as pure leechers. I find that in certain public torrents where you seem to upload more than you download (assuming you've already set your upload caps, portforwarded, etc), it's best to stop the torrent completely. Then start it again, this allows you to connect to new peers.
  8. This request has been made many times, and although we'd really like to encourage users to use our client rather than the other clients out there, there's not much we can do. Think of this in our shoes, even if we did make a fake client ID i.e. Fake Bitspirit, Private Torrent Communities would sooner or later recognise this, and not only that, BitComet would be used by less and less users. Our prompt fixing of version 0.59/0.60's DHT issue has still harmed our reputation even if it was just for a few days. I hope that you understand our situation... P.s. I'm sure you're aware that this forum functions with a bad-word filter, hence the reason why you used % alongside those swear words.
  9. Hi Hans, So, from my interpretation you wish to host a server for us? Or...do want us to release a linux version for BitComet? We are/will be developing the linux version for BitComet soon...
  10. If you connect to peers (that is people whom also have different parts of the file completed), it does not guarantee that you'll locate seeders (people with 100% of that file). Usually this is a problem with old/out-dated torrents or those with trackers which no longer function, it isn't a software issue. Solution? - Try another torrent / Activate DHT network (if u haven't done so) / add more trackers into the torrent. P.s. Are you seeing any peers in your peer tab though?
  11. Hm, this should mainly be an issue with your browser, rather than our forum, since I've tried accessing the pallete colour with my 4 different PCs at home, though amusingly, one of my PCs allowed the colour pallate to appear much further up, just like yours in the screenshot.
  12. Hmm true true. Thank you all for your input, perhaps we'll leave BitComet as a multi-language pack. I think the language barrier is definitely a hindering issue.
  13. Message to all Users from BitComet Team: We deeply apologise for all the latest 'unstable' releases - 0.71, 0.72, 0.73. Aimee has notified RnySmile of this serious issue, and rectifications are now underway. Thank you all for your patience & co-operation! BitComet Team. *Added this onto Don's Message*
  14. Hi there, I've PMed you with a set of steps which hopefully may assist you.
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