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  1. I can't agree enough! :) Her work behind the scenes is just phenomenal!

  2. Can you answer these questions? Since, it is common for some routers not to be listed at portforward. Can you access your router page? (i.e. By default you can access your router's page by If not consult your Router's manual. Also, double-check whether you really have a Router (sometimes if it is not listed at portforward.com, then you may have a modem). Can you see a section called Virtual Servers? OR Port Channels? It may be listed under Firewall.
  3. Haha typically, the DSL users can be pictured as those who are purely leechers especially on public trackers. But the fact is, even if you're uploading i.e. 40 kb/s to say User A, User A may just well be uploading at 80 kb/s, except not to you. So, don't misinterpret these users as pure leechers. I find that in certain public torrents where you seem to upload more than you download (assuming you've already set your upload caps, portforwarded, etc), it's best to stop the torrent completely. Then start it again, this allows you to connect to new peers.
  4. This request has been made many times, and although we'd really like to encourage users to use our client rather than the other clients out there, there's not much we can do. Think of this in our shoes, even if we did make a fake client ID i.e. Fake Bitspirit, Private Torrent Communities would sooner or later recognise this, and not only that, BitComet would be used by less and less users. Our prompt fixing of version 0.59/0.60's DHT issue has still harmed our reputation even if it was just for a few days. I hope that you understand our situation... P.s. I'm sure you're aware that this forum functions with a bad-word filter, hence the reason why you used % alongside those swear words.
  5. Hi Hans, So, from my interpretation you wish to host a server for us? Or...do want us to release a linux version for BitComet? We are/will be developing the linux version for BitComet soon...
  6. If you connect to peers (that is people whom also have different parts of the file completed), it does not guarantee that you'll locate seeders (people with 100% of that file). Usually this is a problem with old/out-dated torrents or those with trackers which no longer function, it isn't a software issue. Solution? - Try another torrent / Activate DHT network (if u haven't done so) / add more trackers into the torrent. P.s. Are you seeing any peers in your peer tab though?
  7. Hm, this should mainly be an issue with your browser, rather than our forum, since I've tried accessing the pallete colour with my 4 different PCs at home, though amusingly, one of my PCs allowed the colour pallate to appear much further up, just like yours in the screenshot.
  8. Hmm true true. Thank you all for your input, perhaps we'll leave BitComet as a multi-language pack. I think the language barrier is definitely a hindering issue.
  9. Message to all Users from BitComet Team: We deeply apologise for all the latest 'unstable' releases - 0.71, 0.72, 0.73. Aimee has notified RnySmile of this serious issue, and rectifications are now underway. Thank you all for your patience & co-operation! BitComet Team. *Added this onto Don's Message*
  10. Hi there, I've PMed you with a set of steps which hopefully may assist you.
  11. Hi BTDemon, Yup I have previously created a guide on opening 'most' files including .bin files with an appropriate software. Have a look in Guides Section ^_^ *Topic Closed*
  12. Dear all BitComet + about-to-be BitComet users, I would like your views + suggestions on the following amendments on BitComet: - Remove all the Language Files (.xml files within 'lang' & 'fav' folder) except for English. In doing so, this removes approximately 1.7 mbs off any new BitComet Releases in the future. Include a README or Note to direct all Non-English Users to this "Translations" forum to download their preferred language. 2 Users will be assigned to translating 1 language. With every new BitComet release, all translators will be e-mailed, and a new xml file will be issued for translators to translate. Most features will be the same, but new features will need to be translated. Users no longer self-translate and send their translated xml file to our Yahoo BitComet E-mail, when this Translation Project initiates. Everyone is encouraged to comment on this, as soon as I gather enough support I'll advise RnySmile to amend these changes. Although we are abit behind other clients in creating an organized language release, it isn't too late. Regards Soraiya
  13. Lol, this war between us & Utorrent has been waging on quite a while. Though, I won't deny Utorrent's good use of connections. The difference between Utorrent & BitComet is the number of upload slots given for each torrent.
  14. Hi Vecna, Ahh thank you, you must familiar with xml alterations already. I was planning on either providing a raw xml template for users to manually translate everything (i.e. similar to your format), but I wasn't sure if it would be convenient. Still um, I'll try and reach Aimee, this Project should start soon. Translators will be placed in a special group.
  15. Thank you all for your support, I've added all your names into the above list. Thanks Rainier for the advice, that's exactly what I was thinking as well, since languages may incorporate slang, etc. @barlet: Yes, most people do indeed speak English, however in Asia & the Middle East, English isn't really considered a pre-requisite to communicating. Our client being one of the first to translate Japanese + our own Japanese BitComet support Forum, we were able to gain alot of Japanese torrent users. When we iniatiate this Project I'll send an E-mail to all users with instructions.
  16. Nice! Thanks ahmad_hania for your interest within this Project! For now we're gathering support for this project, as soon as RnySmile has time on his hands, he'll initiate this Project. Regards Soraiya
  17. Welcome to the BitComet Forum! Enjoy your stay ^_^ Thanks for your continued support, and faith with our Team! Hopefully Private torrent sites will re-allow BitComet to become part of the 'accepted clients' list.
  18. Welcome to the BitComet Forum! Enjoy your stay ^_^ Ah nice, planning to become a solicitor or barrister in the near future?
  19. Soraiya


    Welcome to the BitComet Forum! Enjoy your stay ^_^
  20. Thanks for your participation within this upcoming Project, I've noted your username.
  21. Soraiya


    As Demonoid is slowly becoming a closed community it's harder to give out free invites, the best way to get an account is to join up on other 'less-popular' but rare Torrent sites like TorrentLeech or Filelist, then ask for an exchange.
  22. Dear staindrocks, If you wish you can forward this message to your site administrator (This is what I've typed): I'm no official Spokesperson here for our Client. But what most Private Torrent Site Administrators should be aware of is that, we have done the most to rectify the DHT Issue, and from versions 0.63 onwards, the DHT issue no longer poses as a threat to Private Torrent communitites. Torrent Administrators should also be aware of the fact that Cheating within Private Communities can be done with any client, not only BitComet. Since I do not want your Private Community to have users who love to cheat their stats, I won't state the "ways" users can cheat within such communities. Although we were one of the first clients to implement DHT Technology, and perhaps one of the first to allow the DHT to go out of control, we have fine-tuned this technology.
  23. Hm, I'll talk to Rnysmile & aimee about this. Sorry about not thoroughly checking the whole coding out before releasing. Yes, we're planning to implement it almost like BitComet Lite. Haha and yes that should be "Not Logged In"
  24. Your designated Upload Speed should remain at 80% of your max upload. If you lower the speed, then proportionately you'll also receive lower download capability. If you do wish to share a connection with your brother (while i.e. your brother plays an Online PC game like CounterStrike), then you can either try a traffic-shaping software, one known as cFos Speed - Site But either way, it's best if your brother finishes playing his online game, then turn on your torrent downloads/uploads, because ultimately both you and him are sharing a common bandwidth pool.
  25. Which version of BitComet are you using? Also, this appears to be Firewall Issue, ensure that you have allowed BitComet to access your Network through your firewall(s) - In your case: ZoneAlarm Pro. If you are sure that you've already allowed access for BitComet through your Zonealarm firewall, try disabling it for a split second and see whether BitComet begins to download.
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