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  1. Hi Could you tell me the normal / most common ways to install or use a "crack" which is downloaded with software please. Cheers Kenster
  2. Not set up port forwarding, and I take it I just add "BitComet" to the allowed programmes in the firewall. Cheers Kenster
  3. Hi Just talked my mum through setting up bitcomet over the phone, everything went fine until she clicked OK to start downloading her first movie. She had both seeds and leechers showing but zero KB's were downloading or uploading. She has a wireless sony laptop. Any ideas Thanks Kenster
  4. Thanks for that, I'll give it a try. Kenster
  5. I'm going to sound really stupid here BUT, I dont know how to set nero to 2 passes, not actually sure what that means, and I have Divx on my PC, never used it, but can I copy a film straight onto a disc using that programme if my DVD player is suitble to play it Cheers Kenster
  6. Hi all, I currently use Nero 7 to transcode films etc and copy to disc. Is there a better / quicker programme that I could use? I've used "Santa" but the quality wasn't great. Thanks for any help Kenster
  7. Is there a reason why I'm only connecting to peers but zero seeds??? How can I resolve this problem? Thanks Kenster
  8. I have 2 pc's on a home network, I have port forwarded my main pc, when i download to bitcomet on the 2nd pc I am connecting to zero seeds but lots of peers??? I am still reaching speeds of 140 kbs. why am I not connecting to seeds and how do I rectify? I would like to download "mainly" from this pc but not "only" from it. Should I port forward using the 2nd Pc's ip address? Thanks Kenster
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