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  1. Hi, I can read, can type but cannot write. I tested that rabbit last night and my download is like 1-5 KB/s, maybe i dont know how to do the setting. My bt getting slow now, yeterday about 30+KB/s hardly 40. Today my ip is weird begin with 60 normally begin with 218 or 219. Stop usin' BT for awhile. Good luck guys.
  2. >.<" Well i think sooner or later they gonna limit my bandwidth too. My usage also quite high. Beside TM there's another isp. http://timebroadband.time.net.my/ RM138/month for 448kbs upload and download installation RM120 <-- dont know what they wanna install. This is a good wake-up call for me. kaizzya & silverl, Thanks for all the info.
  3. 1st of all like to say sorry about the joke that sayin' tm love bitcomet And I already said what i did to get back my max downloading speed. Let me make it simple and easy 1. Setting- make sure your setting is good and usin' 0.7 2. Anti-virus, ad-ware/spy-ware scan *number 1 and 2 is very basic things u need to do* 3. Try something different- say u wanna download chinese drama, and u find it slow. Dont assume anything yet if you're not sure. Try other version. same drama, same episode, update time different about 10-15 minutes, i able to find 7 different version. Out of 7 only one version
  4. So bad! call me stupid :P chill~ *u sound like Mr. chua* didnt know that u represent the whole country to post here. sorry The 2nd pic is a chinese drama, on monday theres another new episode, maybe I send you the torrent file and try, see u can get how many KB/s. Ofcause with a proper bitcomet setting, like port forwarding...etc http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=533 Run anti-virus & adware/spyware scan. Juicy part: pls dont limit your upload, set no limit. *u goin' to call me stupid again i know but just listen to me once* Im not lucky, many thing I tried and failed you
  5. hi, Im malaysian from selangor pj, and im usin' 512kb yea half of streamyx 1m connection. 512/8 = 64KB and most of the time my downloading speed is 50-60 kb/s. So its not true that tmnet blocking bitcomet or BT, our isp love bitcomet. EDIT: Not all task can reach max downloading speed, depends on tracker and peers. some task only 1-5 KB/s, try something else. Can i post a torrent file here to let them try? 2 tasks here about 9am GTM+8 fed-up give up this is the 2nd task. And i upload a lot, contribute a lil bit
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