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  1. Add more understandable to translate Google, then the player is the only one that fits the touch screen tablet running Windows. Convenient to pass the time the film finger gestures. Thank you and recommend to owners of tablets. And the authors to promote in this position your product
  2. The UnUsual Suspect Sorry. Text messages are not really plausible. Ask for tools to make the video settings that are saved to all video files. As requested REPROVADO. Tablet or netbook it would be wonderful.
  3. Sorry srazu.Ne know English and I write using Google Translate. Kluelos you say that to all the window function of demand is not very populyarna.I because there is no need to do. You should not think so. I have a tablet Acer Iconia Tab W500 Windows 7, and your player is perfect for a tablet. Because I'm on the touch screen can not move in time. Move it with two fingers, toes, Vpered.Razdvigayu Nazad.Pyat seconds ago and five seconds ahead. Mpcstar ideal for a tablet! Modeled on the player for tablets on Android. Others do not. I wrote about this on the forums. But the window of the tablet is s
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