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  1. ok let me take it from the start, i have a smal black box which is my modem (not a smal mobil looking thing that connects to the computer by USB stick!). i think the modem is called a router because i can connect my PC to it without a cable but i have used cable since i got my internet for about 2 years ago. now for 2 days ago i lost my internet connection but very quickly it came back on automatically but then i had the problem with the blocked port. why i´m describing all this is because i think the answer you gave me is for the USB STICK modems or perhaps routers. in my case i have a router but i´m not using the wireless function instead connecting with cable. could my IP adress still be changed on it´s own?? and in that case, can you give me an easy step by step explanation on how to solve the problem? please it would men alot to get rid of this problem
  2. could this happen even if i´m using wired connection? i mean i am using a internal cable between modem and computer. how can i do tht check as easy as possible? i´m not to advanced computer user, but i whish i could be :P
  3. hi, i created a port in my firewall and during the 4 month i´ve had bitcomet it has been working fine til yesterday. suddenly i lost internet connection for 1 or 2 minuts, i got connected again but since then the listen port is blocked! i´m using wired connection to my modem (although the modem is a wireless router modem). i´ve tried to create new listen ports and add the new port number to my firewall rules but still. my point is i didn´t change any settings before or after the short internet connection break, and i changed the port numer back to the number i had before still nothing helps! please what´s wrong? can it my intenet service provier that have locked me from bitcomet/bittorrent network or what is it? if it´s my ISP, than why?!
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