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  1. I also get this message everytime I close Cometbird, even though I am not playing browser games or using Flash/Shockwave content. I think the problem is that Cometbird is outdated compared to the plugins (esp. Flash and Shockwave) that it uses. I noticed that Cometbird, unlike Firefox, hasn't been updated in almost 6 months (yes, I know why; I've read the posts explaining about how CB is based off of new versions of FF). However, I've gotten so tired of this error message popping up everytime I close my browser even though I've tried every fix mentioned in this forum and others, that I decided to download FF. I no longer get this message with FF v.16 that I get with CB v.11. I really think this is a capatability issue between the outdated version of CB and the updated version of the plugins (all of my plugins on both browsers are the latest versions). I really like CB better than FF, but since CB has not been updated in so long, I really have no choice but to switch. Please fix this soon so I can have my CB back :(.
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