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  1. Hello, I'll try :) 1) What version of BitComet are you using? 1.37 x64 (and older) 2) What type of Internet connection do you have (ADSL, etc.)? LAN 3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port? Router (Kerio Control 8) 5) What version of Windows, Firewall and Antivirus do you use? Windows 7 x64, None, None >Moving files within the same drive only takes a second since the date itself isn't moved, only the file allocation table is edited to reference where they can be found, but if you're moving them to a different driver or partition, the actual data is copied and deleted and hash check may be part of that procedure. All files within one (same) disk. >You can try disabling the option to move the files and see if that makes a difference. You mean Move completed downloads to:? Now I have it like this: Also I have a screenshot with Perfmon (my OS is Russian ver.) At the bottom of the screenshot you can see the speed of reading from disk 3 G: (dedicated for BitComet) is 54 million bytes/s - it was a hash check :o Thank you!
  2. BitComet is running on a dedicated PC in 24/7 mode :unsure: But I have a few of categories (and folders) for my tasks so as I understood, when the job is done, BC will move the files into their own folders. That's why BC checks hash and it's impossible to disable hashcheck?
  3. Hello! I made a screenshot: I also can see the disk activity (reading from disk).
  4. Hello! Sorry, ver. 1.37 (64-bit). Now I have these settings: And if I'll change bittorrent.hash_check_if_file_changed to false the situation will be the same :(
  5. May be via config file of else? In my opinion it's inconvenient even if we have many tasks (100, 200 and more).
  6. Now I'm understand about move to folder etc. - If I will select yes (move to tag-filder) - BC will immediately move unfinished job to a tag-folder. I need to select No, and thereby BC will move files only after the completion of this job. Is it possible to disable this window (with question move or not)? The UnUsual Suspect >Why would you want to delete the torrent file immediately? To avoid confusion. Sometimes I can add a dozens of torrents and after some period of time I can add another dozens (to review and verify the downloaded jobs I can after one month or even two). So as soon as I will add torrent files, it would be nice if they could be immediately removed without any consequences. Can this client to move torrent-files to another folder (as uT)? Or is there some other solution?
  7. Thx for the answers. But I have another problem. It is impossible to turn off hash check after the job completion. I had read about it, that it's a bug, so OK. But I am concerned about deleting torrent files (*.torrent). For example, I have a folder for saving a downloaded torrent files and when I added all torrents to client - I delete them immediately. So when job is done, client will start a hash check and will say - fail to open a torrent file. How to avoid this? uT stores incomplete torrent-files in one folder and completed in another, so I can delete t-files right after adding them (from add-folder). I just got more than 1 TB of data to upload (to keep my rating) and + what I will download, so totally is up to 1,5 TB or more and 10 tags (and folders), so it's a little hard now. But BC don't have any problem with upload speed limit (uT 2.x and 3.x has it), also thx to 64-bit I can let to this client use many RAM (6+ GB) for disk operations (cache) and it helps in my situtation.
  8. Long and strange name ^_^ For several years I have used uTorrent and now using BitComet (x64, 1.34). Have a question about Tags, folders and unfinished jobs. uT can move unfinished jobs to special Tags folders (I have many) only after completion of the jobs. Now on BC I have this settings: And when I add torrent-file and selecting for it a Tag (and a folder, suppose), BC asks me whether he should to move a data to a tag-folder? I say yes and he does it immediately, so I can see in that folder an unfinished jobs :o How I have to change the settings to avoid this? I want the program to use G:\T-Temp folder for all unfinished jobs regardless of their tags. For example I have a tag MUS and this tag have a folder G:\T-Downloaded\MUS.
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