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  1. Hi; it seems that bitcomet can't be configured to download one file at a time ( only one http download at a time AND one torrent download at a time ), can you make an option regarding the maximum simultaneous tasks, i.e: if i choose one task at a time it will not download http and torrent, but rather will download http then torrent (depending on how queued them). Best regards.
  2. Thanks for the replies, i'll keep using Bitcomet with Maxthon browser and use "monitor the clipboard" to catch urls... Regards.
  3. Hi, recently i downloaded Forefox 18 and installed Bitcomet, but when i try to download any file bitcomet doesn't start the downloads (all downloads are done by firefox). Is it a compatibility problem or something else ? i get this error when i try to download iso file:
  4. Hi; what i was saying is that i have set the scheduler to download at these times : from 3:00 AM to 9:00 AM (every day), but if i wanted to download a file when i'm using the computer (outside the 3:00 AM to 9:00 AM window and even if there are no pending downloads) it wouldn't start the download, so during the day i must disable the scheduler to download files whenever i try to download a file.
  5. Hi; why not implement an advanced scheduler (if it's possible) in which the user can schedule downloads to begin automatically, because with the current scheduler it doesn't download unless current time is whithin the time specified in the scheduler. Regards.
  6. Hi; I was wondering if next releases of Bitcomet would support maxthon 3 browser ?
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