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  1. Its really aweful. I feel like laughing. I must say I had exactly the same problem and i solved it. In all my posts, I've asked to disable the Windows Firewall and to ENABLE it again after configuring it. Please read carefully. Btw, I went through Bitdave's post while I was trying to understand and solve my problem. If the tracker response is ok and nothing is unusual in TRACKERS tab of the torrent, wat should we do then? lol
  2. Please read this article to understand why the device is not found. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/886257 Now, follow these steps to solve your problem: Test your port on www.canyouseeme.org If its positive then follow the next step. If its negative then u need to forward the port on your router. Please have a look at the portforwarding settings available on this forum for your router. Once ur port is successfully forwarded in ur router, follow the next step. Disable Windows Firewall & connect to BitComet again. U will definitely see a change in Windows XP UPnP status. Now, disconne
  3. Disable Windows Firewall & connect to BitComet again. U will definitely see a change in Windows XP UPnP status. Now, disconnect BitComet. Now, visit http://support.microsoft.com/kb/886257 and follow Method 2. Its more easy. Once you see the Default Gateway, close that window. Turn On Windows Firewall. Connect to BitComet and try downloading any torrent. Is your problem solved? Has your download speed increased?
  4. But I have the latest version of DivX Player (Version 6.4) & the file i'm trying to open is AVI file. The player MUST open this file, right?? I have other video files too in this single torrent which has AVI, SRT, RAR, IDX files. I can play those AVI files using this player. This torrent is a collection of 16 movies in AVI and DAT format. Yes, I have seen that "AVI to DVD format using Nero" settings. Thanks!!
  5. I downloaded a torrent which has video.avi file (713MB), video.idx file (74KB), video.srt file (102KB) and video.rar file. I tried to open the video.avi file through DivX Player. DivX Player recognizes the file and shows the length of the video (1 hr 38mins) but doesn't play the video. How do i play this video? What are these .idx, .srt files? What does .rar file has? Once the video starts playing, how can I burn the video file onto a DVD using Nero 7 Premium? Normally or I need to do anything with the additional files (.idx, .srt, .rar)????? I know how to burn a normal .avi file onto a DVD u
  6. I hope this can help. But u must connect ur pc directly to ur modem first (bypassing ur router). Now, go into the settings of ur modem by opening Internet Explorer and type in the address bar. A window will popup and u need to insert ur username and password in it. Generally, the username is "admin" and password is "admin". If ur password is not accepted, try inserting "password" as ur password. Else u can call technical support line of ur ISP or Modem supplier (from whoever u got ur modem). Once u get into the settings page of the Modem, see what kind of connection you have betwee
  7. I have Windows XP SP2 Home Edition. AVG Free Edition antivirus software, Windows Defender (antispyware), Lavasoft Adaware SE (adware) installed. I use Windows Firewall. I'm on 512kbps package. Netgear wireless router WGR 614 (version 6) is connected to ADSL modem. The result of www.canyouseeme.org is positive. Port is open. UPnP is enabled in router. I usually download at a speed b/w 30-50kbps. Health of torrent is vital though. I have followed and verified all the basic settings mentioned. Yesterday, I was downloading this torrent at a speed b/w 40-60kbps. Now, from almost 22hrs, I'm downlo
  8. I dont experience any such problems. I normally download between 50-60kbps speed. Downloading speed depends on the torrents too. Although, i downloaded 38GB (yes GB) torrent file at an average speed of 40kbps within few days. Guess what, there were hardly any seeders for that torrent due to the fact that the torrent takes long time to download (who cares to seed afterwards). Sometimes i saw 0 seeders, sometimes 1, 2 or even 3 (maximum). Believe me or not, i'm on a 512kbps package. Looks like a miracle, isn't? lol Yes, i'm aware that they have restricted the downloading speed. I should be downl
  9. I have a bridged connection using an ADSL modem and Netgear WGRv6 router. The test on www.canyouseeme.org is "Successful". It says my ISP is not blocking the port (24607). The download speed goes down from 25kbps to 3-4kbps. I'm on a 512MB package. Here are some of the details from the LOG file of a torrent i'm presently downloading. Windows XP ICF Status: Firewall TCP port is opened.[Local Area Connection] Windows XP ICF Status: Firewall UDP port is opened.[Local Area Connection] Windows XP WF Status: TCP Port is opened in Windows Firewall. Windows XP WF Status: UDP Port is opened in Wind
  10. Something is blocking the port (49160, i selected). BitComet, BitComet 49160 UDP, BitComet 49160 TCP options in Exceptions tab in Windows Firewall are checked. Exceptions are allowed. How do i find out wat's blocking the port? My download speed stays between 0-1kbps. I'm on a 512kbps package. I'm only using Windows Firewall. No third-party firewall software. I opened the port in the router (Netgear WGR 614 version 6) through their technical support. Please help!!! I posted few days ago for the same problem. Still can't solve it. Here it is: I changed the listening port to 49160 and now i can
  11. I changed the listening port to 49160 and now i can't download any torrent. I opened the port in my router (Netgear), now the speed is very very low (between 1kbps to 3kbps). It takes a long time to get tracker response for any torrent. I changed the port coz i was getting low download speed (around 7-8kbps) but it has become more worse. I uninstalled and installed BitComet 0.70 many times but still doesn't work. The test on www.canyouseeme.org reveals the following result: Error: I could not see your service on port (49160) Reason: Connection refused I emailed to BitComet staff few days ba
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