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  1. Now the situation has become stable after a few days. I think the difficulty could have been due to problems with the site where the up / download came from and not from Bitcomet. Possible?
  2. Thanks for your answer. If I manually update the tracker, the peers are updated, but the connection does not always restart, so I have to close Bitcomet and relaunch it and then the files resume uploading at full bandwidth. The phenomenon is more marked in http and DHT connections, rare in udp ones.
  3. I have had the same problem for some time, but not always. It seemed fixed with version 1.74, but after a while it reappeared. The files in up / download are fine and generally restart spontaneously at the end of the download, but after about 30 min they reset and restart (almost always) only after manual update of the tracker. The same problem does not occur with other clients such as Utorrent, Deluge or eMule. I have checked and as far as possible ruled out the presence of malware. I also did the tests on the router IP, in line with your advice, but without success. It just seems t
  4. I have the same problem. I access the forum, but not from the program. I think it's due to the server.
  5. Thanks for your reply and congratulations for your speed. The problem of accessing CometId has been solved, only a modest difficulty remains in maintaining access to seeds and peers.
  6. I have installed BitComet 1.72. After launching the program I cannot log in with my username and password, even if I repeat the login attempts. At https://members.bitcomet.com/en/login he offers me the correct username and if I enter the password, 500 server error appears. The same if I select "you forgot your password". If I connect to this forum I am automatically recognized and can access all options. I hope the problem can be resolved soon. I have been connected for 13 years next week (Rank 8, Score 541965) and I hope to be able to continue the connection for a long time. I mus
  7. Thanks for your reply, always courteous and punctual. Now the peer rating seems more correct. Perhaps it was a problem of the ability to update my PC.
  8. Version 1.62 is better than 1.61, but the page showing connected peers and their progress does not work. Sometimes at the beginning it reports correct data, but after a while it disappears or gets stuck on random data.
  9. Grazie BitComet. Sono membro da 12 anni (dal 17/11/2007) e voglio ringraziare tutto lo staff perché in tutto questo tempo hanno funzionato bene e nonostante alcune difficoltà non mi ha mai deluso. Attualmente il mio punteggio è 501294 (Titolo: Sovereign) Classifica 10 e questo significa che il programma è rimasto sempre ottimamente attivo. Buoni tecnici e tutto lo staff. Thank you BitComet. I've been a member for 12 years (since Nov., 17, 2007) and would like to thank the entire staff because, in all this time, they have worked well and, even though there has been some diffi
  10. Problem solved (BitComet 1.58). All works. I am connected and my score is updated (486487 Ranking 10). Tanks for Your work and your patience with my problems. LOL BitComet.
  11. I have the same problem with BitComet 1.57 and with 1.58. "CometId does not exist." If I send a wrong password replays wrong user and password doesn't fit. Ihave had the same problem last year.
  12. Same problem. Today he had resumed recognizing Id. It worked until I closed BitComet. When I raised it and re-inserted the Id, it blocked itself by asking for "ENTER". Accept the Id but do not reassign the profile. Previously I had updated the profile, but giving an increase of 95 instead of 120. Also I have an account for 11 years and my score is 463546. What to do? I am waiting with the hope that a solution will be found.
  13. Now the problem seems solved. I had left the program running and the words "ENTER" remained. After about 8 hours, relaunching my Id and password BitComet 1.52 recognized me and reassigned me the correct profile. So good. Problem (solved) of the server or my local? I have a doubt. What happens if I use version 1.53 or 1.54, that I had previously created similar problems?
  14. I have almost the same problem with BitComet 1.52 and 1.53. Starting program it launch the Comet Id and is locked on ENTER. The same if I launch Comet Id again. This forums recognises my Id and password. The same thing happens on all my PCs, suddenly from today at 2:00 PM (GMT). Until then he recognized the Id and had correctly updated my score. What to do?
  15. I thought that the score and then the rank improved the speed of the connection and so it was useful, even for me that I do not drink beer. Try reinstalling BitComet 1.52. To me he restored the score and its progression, with only a few mistakes. Then I try to understand what the problems may be. I also find it difficult to connect with "https://members.bitcomet.com/cn/login? ..." because it often gives me an error: NET :: ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID Subject: search.dnsadvantage.com Issuer: RapidSSL SHA256 CA - G3 Expires on: 18 Sep 2017 Current date: 10 Dec 2018 Thanks for your attention
  16. Thank you. I will try on another PC. I feel good with version 1.52 for which I wait for 1.54 to change. The score update is improved so that only 3/4 times a month is given a lower score with random values and the ranking rises to 17 to return after a few days to 16. A curiosity: I have reached the last level (62), but I am reporting the percentage of the increase in the score, as if there were a new level with another 50,000 points. Is there a level 63? Thanks again and congratulations for all your work.
  17. Yes, I do and I can install the program, but the problem is that I lose my score. If I use for at most one day my score grows from 0 to 120, and if I reinstall version 1.52 my score comes again to the exact value. What can I do?
  18. Symantec finds Heur.AdvMLB in the installer. If I install BitComet 1.53 my level, score, title and rank are lost and set to 0 and disappear my Id in the info panel but I am recognised inserting Id and password. If I reinstall BitComet 1.52 the problem is solved (level, score, title, rank and Id). With this problem I can not use BitComet 1.53.
  19. After reboot with private trackers no reconnection to tracker (the same, with BitComet 1.52 and 1.53). I have to delete the connession (not the downloaded file) and restart it. After hash ceck it works.
  20. I installed BitComet 1.53 (64). It recognised my account and password, but it cleared my score. Level, Score, Title and Ranking become null and the account name disappeared. I reinstalled BitComet 1.52 and all returned to values I had before (Level, Score, Title and Ranking). No problem with up/download. Is it a BitComet 1.53 bug or a problem of my PC?
  21. I've reinstalled BitComet 1.52 and all returned to normality. Title Sovreign, score 459213 rank 17. There is a bug in 1.53 or it is a my problem? A curiosity: it marks EXP 3%, there is another level over 62? Thanks.
  22. I've installed BitComet 1.53 Now it recognise my account and my password but I result rcruit with no score (0) and no ranking. I can't send the images of my past and actual score because if I try to send an image it is not accepted and the message is There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance. What happens and can I do?
  23. I use BitComet from november 01 2007. In 10 years and 357 days I've reached the TOP score. Level 62 - Score 457653 - Ranking 17 I'm a private user and I started with the first versions, (now 1.52) and I never had big problems. It always worked well. Thanks to all the staff.
  24. Tanks. No problem if scroring has been crazy. My problem is to know if my PC is crazy.
  25. What happen? Every day I receive the new score, but it is very strange. Normally iI have 120 points/day, but sometimes I receive a lower score and I am connected 24 hours and send more than 100 Tbite/day. I am connected with 2 or 3 PC with my id. Today my score is not the same on my PC, and it is not the first time. First PC Second PC Yesterday it was 443521. In many cases in some hours the score is adiusted to the lower one. What happens? No problem, I don't by beer with the amount of my score, but I woud like know where is the bug.
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