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  1. Consider making a request in appropriate sub-forum ;)
  2. caf4926 was talking about dynamic IP when he said "DNS". Dynamic IP changes with time, and static doesn't. To determine which type you own check BitComet's "Logs" section (or visit WhatIsMyIP.com every, say, hour) and notice whether last digits of it change (e.g ->
  3. Hi there. As always, newcomers like asking frequently asked questions :) I have nothing to tell them except "Read This Fine Manual!" ;) BTW, it's listed ^above^-^on^the^top^of^this^page...
  4. Double-check all your settings, especially listen port. Also, your firewall may consider .70 to be different program than .69 (and that's right) and doesn't allow it to connect.
  5. Well, BitComet is made to deliver you what you ask in the form it was intended for you to receive. Occasionally, errors when transmitting data occur, BitComet finds them, drops the part of torrent that was damaged (marking this as "rubbish data") and downloads failed part anew plus all the other parts until it's done. When it's done (100% completed), BitComet double-checks that it got all that was intended to get (if appropriate option is on), and then your file(-s) is/are up to you. Regretfully, some torrents have files that are damaged initially, and in this case BitComet can't help you. To put it simple: - stop this task in BitComet; - make "Manual Hash Check" of it; - continue downloading until you get 100% OR (if you have 100%) - "Browse Download Directory" and open your file. If it still doesn't open, your torrent was damaged initially (or at least BitComet has nothing to do with your problem) and you'll have to find it somewhere else. Be sure to report this torrent as "Damaged/Broken" on the site you got it from. Good luck next time.
  6. Pretty self-explanatory. I've never used this Norton Security Suite (or whatever), so look for needed option yourself. *edit*: this turns to be Frequently Asked Question, actually... So check this frequently given answer.
  7. Hi there and welcome! Most likley, BitComet hasn't saved info on how much of your files it had downloaded because you didn't close BC properly. In this case solution is simple: read this. If that doesn't help, post here, and you'll (most likely) get some other ideas to try.
  8. I don't think that disabling of ipfilter.dat use will improve download speeds (unless you have half of Internet there :) ) as this file is empty when you install BitComet (hence no one is blocked and no time is required to check all peers you're connected to). Could you give me a link to this discussion (PM or here)?
  9. It looks very much like your file is damaged. Mine copy is 2,58 MB (2 711 422 bytes), CRC32=0C2A1B2F. Try downloading with your BitComet BitComet's .torrent from official site. *edit*: if above fails, check your computer for virii & scandisk it.
  10. Single "bit comet finish downloading movie A" isn't enough for this task to finish; it must have "finish uploading" movie A. Only on finishing one task (DL&UL) the next one will start (if your queue is full). Check Options -> Preferences -> Task for details.
  11. I think that your game and BitComet want too much resources from your computer/network than it can give to both of them simultaneously. So I think you should try limiting BitComet - namely its traffic & number of connections. If that doesn't help, try asking in your game's forums, as it may be not (just) BitComet's problem.
  12. Check whether your task is put in queue (status icons) by Options -> Preferences -> Connection - Task shedule limit. Tell us what's going on when you click Start button. It's possible that there are no peers for your torrent anymore or tracker is down...
  13. I thought so, that's why I've added piece size. The less it is, the more pieces you have to upload, hence more ACKs & CRCs with torrent's data (not to 4%, I think, but nevertheless). Well, maybe you have something checking for updates in background (e.g.Windows Update). I don't think so, though I never tried. You may try on some small-sized task, if it's interesting for you. THAT would certainly erase your U/D ratio & all stats for your task; about saving .torrent - you can use the one from the site (if you haven't modified it since opening in BitComet - e.g.adding/removing trackers) - either directly from there or from your HDD/wherever-you-saved-this-before-opening-for-a-first-time. Making .torrent out of task was required here to save any possible changes plus you don't have to look for such .torrent in, say, C:\Program Files\BitComet\Torrents or wherever to add it back later.
  14. Hi there. Well, AFAIK, downloading while seeding is OK, as some technical info is being sent. On my estimating, this shouldn't excess 0.05% of uploaded amount (one of my torrents - seeded only, I downloaded it in parts via HTTP - now has 171.79GB up- and 288.16MB downloaded with 1MB piece size). About making BitComet use less download traffic... I don't think it's possible. Check BitTorrent Protocol Specifications if it's of any interest for you.
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