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  1. The install was not a clean install but one done via the Bitcomet upgrade process. In the past there was never an issue here but this time things are different. What is important here is that I can never seem to log into my account any longer. Is there a way to see if my current log in information is correct? If not, how can I contact Bitcomet to make things right?
  2. I updated to version 1.46 a few days ago and have had 2 issues since. First, I have not been able to log in at all. Secondly, I noticed that all of the torrents I have been both downloading as well as seeding on the main page have disappeared. All of those torrents appear correctly when I click on the torrent history so something has gone awry. Am I missing something here? Is the login server still dowm?
  3. I just bought a PC with windows8. In setting up BitComet I downloaded the emule plugin (ver 1.24). When i went to install, I received a box that this plugin was good for WinXP and above and would go no further. BitComet is running well except for emule. Any thoughts?
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