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  1. Yes, you are correct. It's funny, but even after re-hashing it is not recognized as 100% completed files! :angry: And rollsback to previous status... I don't get it... New files are REALLY completed and correct. I know it because checksum with sfv says all files are ok. Any ideas? Many thanks.
  2. Actually I'm not using !bc extension for incomplete files. It seems that client is storing torrent progress and other run-time data somewhere else. Maybe by clearing it, client will restore progress status from downloaded files using hash info?
  3. There is a torrent with availability 99.9%, because one file isn't completed and some are missing. I have downloaded those files from different source (FTP) and I would like to make BitComet to see them as finished, so that I could seed those missing part. How can I do this? Overwritting and copying missing files doesn't help, BitComet still see it like incompleted. :unsure:
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