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  1. As a person who downloads 20 GB a day, I feel a little advice on computer safety is needed. I never expect a failure of my Torrent Client to be anything more than user error. I rotate my BitComet Client onto a different computer every year. Redundancy and training are your security. Grab an unloved and lonely notebook, install BitComent and quickly return to File Sharing. Solving hacking problems is easy compared to not being a idiot. BitComet is does not hate you, nor do hackers want to stop you watching movies. Personal Computer safety is not difficult when you do the work. Keep redundant notebooks handy and maintained. Follow mainstream advice from Microsoft about security. Make backups on spare drives. Grow and learn network skills and think about buying a NAS. It is very hard to fix a Torrent Client when you do not have another in good working order to compare. The settings and long chain of process leaves many gaps in even an expert's experience.
  2. Over a thousand Profile views and no comments?

  3. Hello Big Bird and congratulations on achieving Marshall. I am a proud BitComet user and highly recommend this torrent client. I have my projected target in maybe June 2016 for personally achieving Sovereign. Many year's effort. Thank you feathered friend. Please fix up the login soon. Regards.
  4. Tweaks Swap the 10 second Floating Window interval to 10 minutes; and check Virus Scan's Auto Detect can find Microsoft Defender; and Orphan Torrent warning in the Summery Tab. Column Suggestions (Italics to indicate context) Find good use for the Torrent Collection columns Comments, Rating, and Popular. FaceBook simplified their Rating system from '5 Star' to 'Thumbs Up / Down'. Comments can auto fill based on the Torrent. Popular can keep score of Availability FYI (Windows 10) Fine operation of BitComet with Windows 10. Microsoft Insider Program downloads a complete RTM every 1-4 weeks, then reinstalls. BitComet works without event. Michael
  5. Normally, I am looking at the Downloading, or Completed, or Active page. I do not look at the (first) All Downloads page. After a torrent is added, I am returned to All Downloads page. I would prefer to be returned to the page I came from. Also the sort columns are not custom for each different page. I would like to set the Completed page to sort by Completed On, and Downloading page to sort by Progress. I would like to remove the Progress column from the Completed page. Otherwise I will enjoy BitComet just as much as ever. Many other things could be added, but don't. BitComet works just fine. Thank you for bringing the World to my fingertips! Michael, Western Australia.
  6. I can't log in for 3 days now?????????????????? I just read the BitComet User registration is offline. Oh Dear..... Hope it gets fixed
  7. Not complaining, nor unhappy, but wondering, why only one update in "Guides and Tutorials" Forum over 7 years? Seems to be a lack of culture across the forums. I'm not looking correctly, because the millions of BitComet users and legions of register users must have a little more to say than what I've found and read. So let me start something please. What does ISP torrent caching do for our interests and how can we use such to make wickedly fast Torrent Collections? I occasionally read an article, but I wonder what the BitComet Bird has to say on the matter? Another thing. Maybe, could there be a health indication given to entries in the BitComet Torrent Exchange Collection List? Thankyou BitComet, Michael
  8. BitComet is my favourite software

  9. Marshal Mick, Computers are my life.

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