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  1. hI: I am connected to a cisco 871w router and my internet provider is Time Warner cable. I have a static ip address, in fact I have 5 of them. It looks like the program is accessing my static ip address. Is there a way to open the port in the router? I am not sure whether or not Time Warner is blocking the port however, I don't believe that they are. I have setup a rule to allow the port to be opened but after doing that and restarting Bitcomet it says the port is still blocked.
  2. Hello All: I am new to bitcomet and have a few of questions. How can I tell if I am seeding downloaded bit torrent files. When I look in the task list I see that no bytes are being uploaded and I was wondering whether or not I am seeding the files that I have downloaded. I leave bitcomet running all the time. Please advise me how to tell if I am seeding files or not. Another issue I have is that when I look at the summary of files that I have downloaded, I see that the listen port for tcp is blocked by a firewall/router and the udp port is opened in the firewall/router and they are both using the same listening port. Is the proper or should both ports be opened? Lastly, when I select one of the torrent sites on the list, sometimes it will go to the site and sometimes the site will not open and I get a error message saying that atacomet cannot be opened. How can I fix this problem? Thank for any and all responses to these questions.
  3. Hello All: I am new to Bitcomet and I am enjoying the program. I previously used Vuze for all obtaining programs. However, I am getting used to bitcomet. I hope to be here a long time and thank you for making such a good torrent client.
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