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  1. 2 kluelos if u want to try with .ts files http://d.rutor.org/download/246733 or http://d.rutor.org/download/246957 but I've to warn you that the movies in Russian 2 queeniequ tnx!
  2. Did I say stop and wait? Unless I speak about a case when it is impossible? Why with avi files no any problem and why such serious problem with ts files? I request to download the first part of the avi movie, I get it. With ts I can not do the same. What's the reason? 100% agree that the preview is designed to assess the quality of the film. Size of ts files are usually 15-30 GB and what do you suggest? To download, to look and remove? So sorry, I don't know where ts movies aren't popular. On Russian torrent sites they often meet therefore asked. I only wanted to have possibility of preview for ts files. Well if no, then no. Good luck!
  3. I ask just about downloading the first part of the movie the necessary and sufficient to preview the movie with player VLC media player. VLC media player supports this type. Bug of Bitcomet: doesn't load the first part of the file with type .ts. BTW: check it out, start downloading any .ts movie and select preview and look "Piece Map". and what do U C? Please compare the same with .avi or .mkv files. Convinced now?
  4. I can preview all downloaded movies if bitcomet download first part of file, in the case of type .ts your torrent client just doesn't load the first part of movie. It's 100% bug in bitcomet, not a program for previewing.
  5. Doesn't work "download for preview". Verified in version 1.34.
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