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  1. As variable as it is, this time it is extremely obvious that something is very wrong with my torrenting this time. Of course the speed is going to go up and down at times, but I've never experienced a continuous down, not even over 200kb/s download speed for ANY torrent files for nearly three weeks.
  2. Done. Not much difference, if at all really >_> but oh well. It has been going well for at least four years and now... T_T
  3. I've never had this problem until now, so just checking here. I'm using a D-Link modem, model DSL-2640B and ADSL2+ mode. It's a standard issued device by TM Net in Malaysia. My windows is Window 7 Home Premium 64-bit. So recently I've been experiencing some pretty low torrent speed as I download from my usual sources. The uploader is well known for the quality of their torrent, and I've always been able to download at maximum speed (around 500+ kb per sec) or somewhere close at least. But recently the torrenting speed is extremely low (I've tried out with many other torrents), and the best I could get was only about 200~250kb/sec. I've tried a clean install and settings reset (and even a windows firewall setting reset because there was a weird app confusion causing my listening port to be blocked, which is green now) but it doesn't work. What's weird is that my normal web surfing speed and download speed are definitely not affected. I've tried some filesharing websites, speedtest, pingtest, and watched some livestreams at best quality just to make sure my ISP isn't fooling around with a cap, but everything seemed totally fine. In fact I've just phoned them to see if they're capping my torrent and while the results aren't clear, it is at least not a normal cap (if there's one) because my line seemed fine when they checked. I've even tried Glasnot just in case but got the same results (although the detailed statistics is far from my liking). I suspected that maybe my own Windows was somehow choking the line maybe and updated it to the latest version, but the result remain the same (Do tell me if there's anything else I can do to check). Updated network adapter since there's mention that an outdated driver might cause a slow down, but still same results. At this point I'm not sure what I can do because I've tried so many things and none of them are working. However, I'm pretty sure that when I used a broadband (only two days interval before I switched back to my home modem), I have no such issues with Bitcomet and everything was downloading, well, like a broadband should. On the other hand, I can't think that any one of my family members have tampered with the modem settings because not one of them even know how to access it, but just in case, if there's a guide that I could use to comb through here I'll be grateful. Please help me out here, because I've been using BitComet for so many years and it's the only torrenting application that I'm fond of (the others rarely worked, if at all >_>).
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