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  1. ok guys the topic can be closed! For whatever reason the url resolves to the right one now and not giving me that error and i did not change anything. Thank you for the replies!
  2. Alright! My idea is to remove traces of bitcomet and re install. I tried disabling all addons and plugins without difference. Tried uninstalling with "Your Unin-staller!" removing all registry traces but upon installing again same thing. Any tip? I realize this should be in another thread now but before closing i will wait your feedback. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for your response! I went through the WikiFaq and google! Where i found how to reset bitcomet to default settings by deleting BitComet.xml but that did not sort the issue. I know i can use chrome and that will sove the issue but i want firefox the default browser. Is there a way to delete every trace of bitcomet to re-install? So that i can try to resolve the issue cause this seems to be on my machine only. 1.34 Stable Release Cable Internet TP Link, model no: TL- WR740N Windows 7 64bit, default firewall, Avast Antivirus Thanks!
  4. hey guys, bitcomet built in "thepiratebay" search with firefox returns https://thepiratebay.se//search/ as you can see //search has an extra / the result is Not Found (aka 404). You can search within the website itself but getting this error all the time is annoying. Making chrome as default broswer this does not happen. I tried uninstalling and re isntalling bitcomet but same problem. As anyone experienced this and is there a fix for firefox 18.0? Pedro
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