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  1. I signed up with vpnsecureme I did lots of speed test before I picked my dedicated ip server took them about 10 mins to setup the 2 ips. so far bitcomet is liking this vpn I have know problems with the listening ports!! and I haven't had a single disconnect. the prices are fair for the level of support you get! B) *banner removed to conform with forum rules* ~staff~
  2. well it was a dirty install works fine now been watching it for a few days everything is good!!!
  3. that's awesome news thank you for the input!!
  4. I did not know that bitcomet had one. I too hope it becomes more stable!!! do you know if it will allow uploading of is it going to be like most vpn's and block the ports?
  5. awesome thanks for the update. When I was talking to them they said to go to a share ip and do a speed test on the servers and then pick the 1 you would like to have dedicated I am going to sign up for the service since it a cheap price and they offer more then 1 server for dedicated but the as you saw the price increases but you can have all the pc's on all at the same time!!! since they will have there own ip to the dedicated line. down side you cannot switch out the dedicated server till your payment term is done. when you do your speed test use www.speedtest.net or if they have a speed test use that. its sucks that they don't have a server in Spain since you can download and upload so long as you don't profit from it!!! I will be bring this to there attention!! may I ask you where you are connecting too.
  6. What is the word on BitComet coming out with a VPN for the users?? is this even in the making?? I hope this is coming out soon!!!
  7. awesome im glad I could help you find one let me no how you like the service!! im most likely going to sign with them too but its abit harder for me since im looking for a multi account so I can have a max of 3 pc on at once with different ips.!.!
  8. that's wat im thinking too thank you for the reply
  9. here is another good place it is cheaper the only down side is that they keep only a connection log but it gets deleted after 24 hours and will only create a new log when you reconnect! link http://www.vpnsecure.me (they block incoming but will do port forwarding for you only with a dedicated ip (Static not shared) )
  10. Here is another vpn this is what we both need!! http://safe-inet.com/en/price?drgn=1 they sell a Open VPN (dedicated IP) & PPTP VPN (dedicated IP) 0 logging :wub: its pricey $20 a month but they really do have a live chat I think this is the best choice for a vpn
  11. So ever since I updated to BitComet 1.35 I have had the problem with UPnP NAT port mapping - Failed. since I went back to 1.34 the problem has stopped since this port mapping problem happened it was saying TCP Listening Port was blocked/Firewalled I hope others have this problem or I may have had a bad install of the file.
  12. Dude I just spoke with FoxyVPN on the phone yes I got a live body!!!! :) and I have been trying there demo for a few days now and not once has it been messy with bitcomet. FoxyVPN does not block any ports (all ports open) so this lets bitcomet see others and others see you with a fake ip B) and they keep NO LOGS of your connection times like I mean they don't keep anything they don't even know who you are you just pay them that's it!! ;) its a little bit pricey but u get what you pay for that's for sure!! BTW when you torrent you want others to see you that's the only way for speed ;) Link to Foxy Click Here also if you want the best speeds you need to connect to a server that is closest to you!! it wont matter who see that fake ip if they search it, it will show them some other place where ever the ip server is. my number 1 rule is never go with companies that keep logs of there customers!!!
  13. Well BT stands for BitTorrent Guard that's where its fake advert and I messaged them before I signed up and asked if I was able to upload on p2p they said yes! Also every time I reopened BitComet I had to fight with it to give me a green light oh and search the open port and my download speeds dropped big time and I wasn't connecting in another country. right now im searching for VPN's I think I may have found a good one but im not sure yet you can have a look at there services http://www.vpnsecure.me/compare/ they say they don't keep logs they only keep a log of your connection time and after 24h its deleted and its says in that link that it works with p2p im waiting till the live chat is open so I can speak with them. what VPN do/did you have? I only look at vpns that only ask for a user name and password then only credit info with no loggers stay away from loggers they will bite you in the butt!! (im still using FoxyVPN Free Demo)
  14. Do Not Sign up for BTGuard dude they block all incoming connections so you will be unable to upload or seed I did some VPN findings and the best one that I see is foxyvpn they do not block any ports and the ip's go over proxy's you can try the free demo version to see if it will work for your torrents im using it right now. also btguards support sucks sometimes they don't even help you I got my money back from them because of fake advertising. foxy's support team is very good in fast replies to your questions and they get answered by a person not a bot!!!! before you signup with a vpn ask question first then sign the deal btguard will bs u all the way trust me!!! I have support tickets with them and I had to wait at least almost a week for replys. I hope this comment to your topic was helpful
  15. I just found this link in one of the forums http://www.canyouseeme.org it lets you check witch ports are open from the VPN address.
  16. have you tried connecting your vpn after bitcomet has made a connection? or you can try this vpn out it works for free Foxyvpn.com its a trial so you can only connect to 1 ip all the time!
  17. Ok so for the past week the UDP trackers are not working for me is this happening to everyone else?? Since this is happening I cannot connect to everyone that's on the torrent only the http trackers work. I will post more pictures if I have too. (VPN running (BTGuard) & Green light)
  18. both those pictures are with a VPN on (BTGuard)
  19. in bitcomet it keeps failing to find my firewall I will post screen shots for you I am running version 1.35 stable I have a vpn but when ever bitcomet see my firewall the green light in on so my connection is good but when it cant find the firewall it is yellow witch hurts everyone that torrents. I have gone into the firewall (Kaspersky Internet Security 2013) and put my port in so its not blocked and still wont work. I will try very hard to get a screen shot of a green light with my vpn its all up to bitcomet tho if it wants to find my firewall. I have all the settings in bitcomet setup to add windows firewall exception and UPnP mapping on. I never had this problem in the last version 1.34 & 1.35Beta.
  20. Im just wondering if there has been any word on this topic??
  21. Oh just wainting around to see myself grow!!!

  22. I think its time for an update to the Scheduler as everyone knows it only has 3 settings high speed, low speed, & off. I suggest that it should have: high speed, Medium speed, low speed, & off. This would help users that have multiple computers and have phones over the internet!!
  23. I think its time for an update to the Scheduler as everyone knows it only has 3 settings high speed, low speed, & off. I suggest that it should have: high speed, Medium speed, low speed, & off. This would help users that have multiple computers and have phones over the internet!!
  24. Thanks i hope to see it in the next version!!
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