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  1. I registered using the box in the bottom left corner of BitComet. Of course I can go directly to a website, but that's a cop out. I am certain that it has nothing to do with mistyped domain names or down time on the atcomet site (unless the downtime was selective and only applied to Firefox users). When I boot to a Windows 8 partition and run Firefox (which uses a different Firefox database it works OK). I have now copied my Windows 8 Firefox database to Windows 7 and it now works correctly too. All this shows is that the URL name translation of atcomet.com was screwed up. The only act act carried out between it working and it not working was registration.
  2. Sadly it is not me who has missed the point, people are not reading my postings. I SAY AGAIN. IF I START FIREFOX INDEPENDENTLY AND ENTER www.atcomcet.com IT RETURNS A URL FAILURE (all day every day), whereas IE works fine. If I set my default browser to IE that works OK either from the links in BitComet or from a directly typed URL. The fact that you don't like this doesn't stop it from being a fact. The difference between wisdom and stupidity is that the wise have learnt to listen.
  3. Thanks fo the replies. I've seen other posts with the bad links theory, but sorry, it just isn't true. If I start Firefox and type in www.atcomet.com it returns with a url failure and it keeps doing it as it tries to re-direct to the home page. THE LINKS WORKED BEFORE I REGISTERED. It was the act of registering that screwed Firefox.
  4. I installed BitComet and started looking at the Torrent Sites entries. These worked except those links which required for me to be registered. So I registered. Big mistake. Now my Firefox returns a URL error fo any atcomet.com entry, even when BitComet isn't loaded. IE seems to work OK.
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