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  1. The title is the question.I have used Bitcomet for a while and it in my opinion is the best(as far as speed) out there but i get a lot of bugs like freezing every few seconds (not always but often) and refusing to stop when i stop it,then i have to force shutdown the app. Is there a real security concern using an older version because i may try that if there is no plans for an update.Its been over a year since an update so i'm thinking this is as far as the updates are going.I hope i am wrong though because it usually serves me the best.
  2. hi thanks for the quick response.I feel pretty stupid your suggestion fixed it.I was putting too much thought into it(not enough)lol. I think the cat has been messing with my keyboard again.Thanks mate.
  3. Hi, I am using version 1.37 on windows 8.1 64bit. Over the last few days when i start a torrent it immediately moves it from where it is to the bottom of the bitcomet list.This has never happened before and i haven't changed any settings recently.Also recently it appears to be downloading but after several minutes the percentage doesn't move.Also i have the client set to only run one task at a time which until a few days ago worked but now the setting doesn't seem to be working.This has all started happening over the last week. Like i said i haven't changed any settings recently.If you need an
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