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  1. http://s4.postimage....l9/Untitled.jpg anyway as you can see from the screenshot the torrent is connected to 12 LT seeds. and its not downloading at all getting <1kbs for about 2kbs total. and its like that with all torrents that are heavy on LT seeds. i tested with about 20+ other older axxo movie torrents that are low on normal seeds but still have lots of LT seeds. i realize it depends on who are these LT seed peers. but seriously of 20+ torrents i tested with connecting to maybe 500 different LT seed peers and none of them went higher than <1kbs is pretty conclusive. i'm pretty sure my ISP doesnt block torrent traffic because when I dl the latest tv show torrents from eztv.it i consistently get the max DL possible at 500+kbs when connected to purely non LT seed peers. this problem started about 1 maybe 2 weeks ago. prior to this LT seeds were fine and contributed 4/5 of the DL speeds i was getting. example if there were no regular peers at all and just 1 or 2 LT seeds connected i could go to sleep and be sure to have the file completed when i woke up. this was the case for pretty much every torrent. i am using 1.35 64bit client on win7 64bit. with a 5mbit line.
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