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  1. i am not getting any downloads today i shut it down and even redownloaded the program what is up.
  2. found out a little more about how to fix my problem i went into the advanced sttings and found that most of the boxes were not checked that is why it was disabled
  3. i am actually having a roblem cause it is happening with mostof the trackers on the files
  4. thank you, you answered the question they must be privated cause i cant download them
  5. i am getting alot of torrent errors udp is having no response dns errors code numbers for trackers are 11001 and 1004. nd getting weird codes for trackers 10061 and 10060. i want these files and cant get them cause i am not getting anything please help me figure this out. and you say this is supposed to be faster to download i am beginning to thingk twice about this program. i have a dell 64 bit system and using 3.16 version of bit commet also using windows 7
  6. i am getting alot of torrents that are coming up with the above mentioned topic what can i do HELP
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