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  1. Sorry to have another question , but so far , you all have not razzed me and that's appreciated ! Just wondering if this is a normal thing or possibly a setting I have wrong ? Thanks for taking the time to read , and more so if you answer . Thanks all .
  2. I completely agree . To me , this is , by far , the best client there is ! Bar none . I remember when all this started and you HAD to get utorrent or some other dl'er . I hated giving it up . Always got best speeds and up load speed too . So glad I came back . Cause when I did , they , Comcast , had just upped my speed to 30mb dl and 5mb ul , and was getting nowhere near that speed till I came back to BC
  3. Why is it so many places refuse to accept the bit comet client ? One place really said " s*** client " Right on under the tracker heading and why it was refused . What BS ! I remember when everyone banned this client but not sure why cause I loved it and always thought it was the best torrent dl'er there is . And im glad that I re-found it . Got so sick of the utorrent buds and BS . My question is Why ? Why do they still do that for ? Also , does it have anything to due with almost 0 UDP connections ? . Anything I can do better on that as well ? Thanks a lot !
  4. Hi all , appreciate any clues to this , Im getting this " DHT disabled in global options , please turn it on " . The only place I see to turn on the DHT is in the Options / Bit torrent menu . Just where can I find this " Global options " Option at ? And according to Bit Comet , I have 1322 DHT connections . By the way , im on Windows 7 pro 64bit and Bit Comet64bit 1.36 stable release . Thanks for any help you can give
  5. i certainly appreciate the info . i see you answer alot of questions around here so i know your busy . Thanks alot my friend . EDIT - without you , i would have never found the right setting . It wasnt the true -false , it was the zoom minimum percent . I just upped it till i liked it . So , as Gomer Pyle would say , " Thank you , Thank you , Thank you !! "
  6. Hello all , So glad i found this browser and even more happy to be back torrenting with my old favorite bit comet client !! I always love it most . My zoom question is how do i set it so the zoom is the same on every single page i visit without zooming in over and over everytime i go to a new page ? Is there a way to do this ? I appreciate any help what so ever . And again , So f'in glad to be back !
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