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  1. I know it's an old topic but since I had this problem until 5 minutes ago I'll post here my solution anyway. Kluelos' work-around is not an option because by deleting the preferences file you actually trash all the settings you've made on your Firefox addons. So I found far more simple way to fix the problem without deleting any files. First I set the browser to use BC to open magnets and torrents. Of course there was this error message, so I did this: • Set BC to be default app for magnets and torrents (there's a drop down menu which contains the words "application by default" in rounded brackets; select this). • Open BC and remove the checks from checkboxes about default torrent client and about magnet URI. Click APPLY, then OK. No need to close the settings dialog window. • Put the checks back on the checkboxes about torrents and magnets. Click APPLY again, then OK. Try to open a magnet or a torrent link. It will work. Basically what I did whas to force BitComet refresh its settings and it worked. And no files were hurt in the process. :D
  2. Why don't you add a feature "Don't ask me again" on task deletion dialog window? When I press Delete a dialog window appears which asks me what I wanna do. On that window there's enough space to add another checkbox whose function will be to save selected functions and hide that dialog forever. "What would you like to do with the chosen tasks? • Delete task only • Delete task and downloaded files ◘ Remove from torrents history" So what I'm suggesting is one more checkbox: ◘ Don't ask again / Don't show this dialog again
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